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    I’ve loved past films that I’ve run on this fascinating topic and this one is really good.

    Experimental plant ecologist JC Cahill from the University of Alberta is part of a group of scientists who are advancing the idea that plants have “behaviors” and that they lead anything but solitary and sedentary lives.

    This high quality film produced for PBS’ Nature shows us how plants are smarter and much more interactive than we thought!

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Pieter Kaan,

      yes, old information of the past is a trap and that is why human beings are trapped in the past time/space.
      I am a void, a quest for receiving new information.
      I found this void by a breathing process.

    • I agree that the living nature of planet earth and the vast cosmos it is part of is entirely connected. If, we weren’t here to interfere with its balance, I wonder what the environment would be like. One thought I have about our presence here is that perhaps our physical bodies are connected with this nature suggesting that the human is bodily derived from the earth in its origin. On a spiritual plane however, it may be that it is in this light that we might just be the aliens here. Perhaps it is in this sense the meaning of the written words Hebrew, “Adam (breath), formed from the earth (Son of Dust)… and became a living soul” Maybe it is the physical body we were clothed with, that was the transformation from Spirit Being to Human Being.
      In suggesting this thought, our knowledge of things is limited in a logical sense to the physical reality and that our inner vision and intuition that comes from our original condition. I must add that I am being rather bold with this suggestion because I am not confined to established and acceptable knowledge. I chose not to be institutionalised and trapped into logical definition.

      • I recognise a nature of nature, what could be seen as a super nature.
        In a spiritual way, the spiritual beings on earth are at one “hand” bipolar, dual, split and on the other hand singular.
        Waves of bipolarity and massive gravitational points are present inside any spiritual being on earth. The scientific attantion on these gravitational points is very less.
        This will change, because of the evolving interest for dark energy and dark matter inside spiritual plant beings, animal beings and humans beings.
        How relates a monopol with a bipole???
        The question than is:
        What is a plant, an animal, a human being?
        By finding the truth of what a human being is, live on earth will not be anymore in a survival mood.
        Adam = breath.
        Aham = I.
        Aham works with Adam, by breath exercises, ever since 1980.
        Here I found the center of my being, by a “cosmic orgasm” and felt being finally at home inside the core of my being.

      • In my perception spiritual life came on earth for being embodied as plants, animals and human beings. So in fact plants, animals and human beings are……….aliens, coming out of space. I perceive inside all these beings a bipolarity, of male/female, yang/yin.
        Because of this bipolarity/duality I say: we came from dark matter inside flat universe, on earth.

        I perceive also a spiritual/biological evolution, where the spiritual bipolarity can become transformed into oneness/singularity. So instead of gender fight, now appears gender harmony and a presence without gender.

        Inside my biolocial body, there is present an emptiness, a void, a vacuum. Here I perceive my spirit of oneness, which now is present as a massive being of feeling.
        This inner being is entangled with dark energy, which is basic energy of flat universe.
        Said in a religious way: The energy of godly presence, without a material body and gender after leaving the body behind.

        Asking who/what am I?, urged me to find this being.
        I am spiritual energy……….., present inside a biological body.

    • Thank you for presenting this video Alexandra. A most interesting study to say the least. My main living area in my home is filled with Tropical Plants that I do my best to provide water as well as nutrients. I also have mt music production studio in the midst of this environment and the music I most commonly play is pleasant relaxing enharmonically rich tones that come from certain electronic ambient and lounge chill out styles. I also listen to classical music. When I was a teenager I read a book written by a Dr Lyal Watson titled Supernature. I remember reading about the effects of sound waves on plants. Though this is not a specific study for me, I do believe my plants are “Happy” in this environment. everyday I open the doors and windows to allow the air in the house the freshen. Even during winter I will always have a window slightly open at two opposite ends of the house to allow circulation of fresh air. Our air here in Perth Western Australia is not so bad. It does not appear to have any serious air pollution issues. The plants provide me with a pleasant inspirational scene within which I feel happy to be creative in. Perhaps this is a sort of handshake agreement as they are looking great and growing very well.

    • General relativity means nothing else as…….all and everything is connected, related, interelating in aligment and/or entanglement. Special realtitivity happens inside bipolratity/duality/gender.
      This happens as well on the atomic as on the sub-atomic level inside flat spiritual universe.

      Plants, animals, persons, human and spiritual beings act by intelligence and react by intellect, where emotions and feelings are realized.
      These emotions/feelings are meeting, merging by “eating” each other as gender partners (survival of the fittest).
      Consciousness eats all emotions and transform them into a mass of feeling, where a genderless being appears.
      Spiritual evolution allows this process.

      Lightening aliens can become transformed into “dark” aliens of feeling, which I say is felt light and is not visible light by the human eyes.

      There is more to say……..

    • Hi,
      On 4/5/17 at approx., 7:30am I recorded an unidentified sound coming from the sky. I couldn’t see anything, but the sound infiltrated the whole area above, and I couldn’t pin point exactly where the sound was coming from.

      I would like to upload this recording so you can have a listen. It’s nothing I’ve ever heard before and it’s mesmerising. 🙂 I forgot to mention this was on the Gold Coast of Australia!

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