Graham Hancock explains that his and Rupert Sheldrake’s TEDTalks were infamously banned not because they were “unscientific” but because they challenged a “Dogma of a particular faction of science,” the materialist reductionists, who control the official scientific narrative of the UK and of TED; ; people, like Sir Richard Dawkins, who believe that consciousness is a random series of chemical reactions in the brain, etc.

Graham says that Rupert and he received loads of support from members of the scientific community in response to their talks being banned and that TED was ultimately forced to re-post their talks to their website and to embarrassingly explain, line-by-line, their own failures and inaccuracies in this fracas.

Banned TedTalk: The War on Consciousness: Graham Hancock

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  • Hancock is right-on in his assessment. It’s very clear. I stopped listening to TEDx a long time ago when they proved to every awake individual that their franchise was firmly in the MSM (Deep State) narrative category with the denials of Hancock and Rupert. Non-scientific? What a load of crap.

  • LOVE the Hancock! Just finished his “Fingerprints” masterpiece, and now into “Magicians” And calling Hancock a “pseudoscientist” is blasphemy! His work on the comet triggering the Younger Dyas Ice Age has been recently (2017) archeologically validated at Gobekli Tepe on the Vulture Stone carvings. Graham, a champagne on me when we meet!

    Hancock should join us Proud Truthers in the realization that “Quackademics” practice “Psyence” (courtesy Robert Otay: Seriously, many academics seem to lose their curiosity (and imaginations) when considering new ideas. They forget the adage “One step up and two steps back” (although Springsteen is no scientist, where it can be one step back and two steps up..). They cannot imagine any way but the current way. It will be curious to see how Egyptologists will have to readjust their thinking in Giza, as they epitomize the closed-minded psyentist..

  • Orthodox Scientists are worried.
    They have degenerated into technicians with no inspiring vision.
    The logic of their position is that they are simply robots, so they
    thrash out at people like Hancock who have expanded our views
    on the world.
    Keep up the good work, Graham & Rupert. May the Truth be with you.

  • The one thing that is needed to learn is an open mind. I’ve known for years that Ted is a little too restricted about having an open mind. Or maybe just a “feel” about them.

  • It must be possible to recognise there is a bipolar consciousness, by waves and there is a singular conscious by points.
    Feeling/thinking brings all to the point of intelligence. and now is singular/spirtiual.
    Sensing/thinking stays present inside the waves of intellect and now is bipolar/matter.

    I wonder, wheter my statement could reach the speaker………….


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