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I admit that I’m late to the party with this one. I’ve seen the word “Adulting” out of the corner of my eye but I’ve avoided it. I instinctively knew what it meant and didn’t want to go there. Now, looking at this vast genre of “Adulting” videos with millions of views, I realize that it’s time I showed you this.

I looked at dozens from India, some from Ireland and Italy. What I generally found is that “Adulting” videos from developed countries, like the US are quite depressing but those made in developing countries have an optimistic, upwardly-mobile flair.

Adulting videos from the US teach people in their late 20s the most basic skills, like, “Do your dishes, do your laundry, separate light clothes from dark clothes.” Like, very pathetic stuff that makes you wonder whether tens of millions of Americans are basically living in rabbit warrens made out of piles of dirty clothes. And that is probably what’s happening, so it’s pretty depressing.

There’s been a concerted push in Western culture toward infantilization. This worship of youth culture on overdrive means that nobody’s supposed to grow up and become engaged in the fullness of life as mature adults. I wonder if it’s an Agenda 21 thing?

American “Adulting” videos are geared towards the human fallout from the Financial Crisis of 2008. A generation of Millennials still lives with their parents and hasn’t reached these Industrial Era milestones, like paying your bills and cleaning your toilet.

A recent video posted by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shows her puzzling over a garbage disposal system in her new apartment’s kitchen sink, in which she prattles schizophrenically about the alien mystery thing in her sink and how she has no idea what it’s for. It’s quite scary, actually and it provoked a lot of snarky comments on MAGA Twitter.

In the West, “Adulting” videos bespeak collapse. Not so of the “Adulting” genre out of India, where it’s more about about navigating modern office culture and discothèques while living in an ancient society. Indian “Adulting” is aspirational and glamorous. This is also quite the case with YouTuber, Nancie Mwai, who does “Adulting” from her Nairobi, Kenya suburb of Eastleigh.

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