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    The populist Brexit Party was founded less than 4 months ago, yet two polls released last week show that it is on track to receive more votes in the European Parliament elections later this month than the Labour Party and the Conservative Party, put together.

    In the next General Election to be held in May 2022, the Brexit Party is currently on rack to beat the Tory Party, to become the 2nd largest political party in the UK, with 49 seats, behind Labour, which has 137.

    The BBC, a mouthpiece of the Globalists is not happy about this, one bit. In this interview with Brexit Party leader, Niel Farage, host Andrew Marr makes an absolute ass out of himself, attempting to disparage Farage with incendiary Liberal “gotcha” questions, rather than to pursue a line of questioning that would explore why Britain is voting this way.

    “I’ve never in my life seen a more ridiculous interview than this!” Farage tells Marr. “You are not prepared to talk about what is going on in this country today. You’re in denial. The BBC’s in denial. The Tory and Labour Parties are in denial. I think you’re all in for a bigger surprise next Thursday than you can even imagine.”

    Something is happening, Folks. Globalism is being repudiated everywhere.

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    • Here in the UK, the Globalist Agenda does not exist apparently! Trump is Evil along with Putin, and as this interview clearly demonstrates, the Globalists cheerleaders i.e. the BBC and the Media are starting to panic, albeit out of sight of most UK inhabitants. On the streets Hilary should have won the Presidential Election, because she is apparently a lovely woman, but nevertheless those whom voted in favour of Brexit, like myself are deemed stupid and racists, because we are not prepared to allow our Nationalistic fervour to be destroyed by the Globalist Elites in the EU, including the jumped-up little Hitler, Macron; in the quest for a one world government ruled by them.
      Yes, Marr, looked absolutely stupid, and I am certain he gave The Brexit Party a huge boost, with his shallow, pathetic performance. Of course, the Broadcaster will not admit that it is so politically biased, or that the 5,000 odd people that work for it, all lean way to the left in their political views.
      In many respects, the dreadful performance of Theresa May, whom thinks all she has to do is drag her Withdrawal Agreement over the line, leaving us a vassal state of the EU, has done this country and perhaps the whole of Europe a huge big favour. For whilst I am certain the Conservative Party will survive with a new energetic PM, too many of our useless MP’s just want a cosy life, and as the previous comment observed, are scared S********! at the prospect of having to actually run our Country! The fact that we, the electorate, pay them to do just that, and expected them to implement Brexit, as the democratic will of the country, seems not to even cross their minds. Why should it! When they have other important issues to occupy their time, such as fiddling their expenses!!

    • Sadly, the truth is that the determined push to remain in the EU is becoming more and more obvious, regardless of the lip service MPs blather about “The will of the people”. It saddens me to know that politicians fear the prospect of governing the UK without the ever-present supervision and rulings of the EU. Personally, I shall vote for Nigel Farage’s new party on any EUMP elections, any second referendum, and UK general elections. All the dismal rest give me the creeps.

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