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People who know a thing or two about artificial intelligence believe this term is a misnomer and that the field will never progress beyond the machine learning that defines most of it in use today.

This may be with the possible exception of the DeepMind, an artificial intelligence program developed by kids in the UK and acquired by Google (now Alphabet) in 2014, with research centers in London, Canada, France and the United States.

If you’ve ever wondered why YouTube bothers to host billions of hours of video (an insanely expensive proposition) and how Facebook and Google can break even in a weak advertising market, recall mantra that, “Data is the new currency.”

In what kind of reality could data ever be the new currency? In a Virtual Reality that is a simulation of meatspace, all the better to control the latter, once every last person and object becomes a node on their digital facsimile called the Internet of Things.

This brings us to DeepDream, which gives a visualization of how AI works, using a convolutional neural network to find and enhance patterns in images via algorithmic pareidolia aka facial recognition. The program was originally trained on animals and still heavily favors the visualization of dogs and birds.

The resemblance of the imagery to LSD- and psilocybin-induced hallucinations suggests the artificial neural networks may be mimicking certain layers of the visual cortex.

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  • Our privacy & existence just keeps going down, down, down the hole like Alice in Wonderland.
    Wonderland…..that’s a real oxymoron!
    I read the article about Novartis adding microchips to patients after organ transplanting…..of course with their consent…. cough, cough!
    This entire trip and I do mean that literally shows how close to the”edge” we are seeping or perhaps the “end”.
    Not too far off base figuring who is reaping the data benefits here and basically who & what they are.

  • I have heated up coffee daily for 2 minutes for the last month. Today however I was distracted by friend and left the room to come back finding coffee Everywhere! Couldn’t help but think about double slot experiment lol

  • Seems to go to organic representations of the Mandelbrot set, fractals, golden ratio pattern. Very cool I dig it Alex gray and the band tool esque

  • I C or so I.T. said. Do you believe I.T.? Or so the data says. What is I.T. not saying? Now what did I mean when I typed I.T.? More fun and games from the internet of things from googlebet.

    As he was showing, goolge, nsa, has eyes everywhere in the world watching, and learning, collecting data. And with the data will come predictability. and with manipulation of such with a little programing , control is established. Remember, everything, everything we put into type on the internet is saved by the NSA, and who has access to that? A.I. Yeah, that thing called 911 put that in place. TO many laws restricting freedom from the people. Now who wrote “those” laws and put them in place to restrict our movement? >>> I know, I’m connecting to many dots, or am I? Remember, everything IS connected. <<< Are we still looking for Osama ? Terrorists? Look no farther then the CIA and the Five Eyes, that control group that played with humans with Mind Kontrol Ultra, then burned the evidence of what they found. Maybe I am just seeing shadows on the wall.

    • Ever here of remote viewing? Or the double slit experiment? How does it work? As I stated earlier, everything is connected, even if we can’t see it, or figure it out, we have seen the evidence of both of those tests, and it can only be the the mind is a lot more connected, and disconnected at the same time. Figure that one out. But I can see the evidence of it, can you?

  • Pathetic…these ‘big brain’ JUVENILES are so weak willed, in fear of themselves and sadly in abeyance to some belief that AI can ever exceed the potential of humanity’s gift of having a brain/being which is DIRECTLY connected to, I hesitate to name the unnameable, but suffice to note that one oar in the water and one wing flappin’ only leads to goin’ round in snerkulz…no right brain, no intuition, no inspired creativity.

  • Anybody who is yet to be convinced that the end game is enslavement of the human race, please show the integrity to watch this video on you tube, about connecting your body to the Internet of Things, with your enslavement as its primary goal. This system is current deployed by UN and US military in this country, together with 3rd party contractors and police. They use acoustic sound weapons, along with directed energy weapons to cull a victim into submission.

    Infractions for being nominated by the CIA or FBI can be as simple as free speech to activism.

    The country is sick and being run by satanists. Trump is changing some things but is totally outmatched. It is estimated that 500,000 Americans are currently targeted by (BAN) Body Area Network including myself.

    Citizens Against Harmful Technology has done a very thorough job of researching this crime against humanity.

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