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At least seven news organizations have sued the LVPD for not releasing all of the information from the night of the Las Vegas shootings, including the New York Times, the Associated Press, ABC, the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times.

Stephen Stubbs, an attorney representing some of the victims in the largest mass shooting in US history is interviewed in this micro-documentary, claiming that Stephen Paddock was able to kill so many people that night because he was a high roller and was therefore treated differently. Instead of calling 911 when the shooting began, Stubbs says the casino called their private hotline to the LVPD, enabling them to maintain control their liability. Stubbs suggests that as their main campaign contributor, MGM has been able to buy the LVPD’s silence.

As for Paddock’s motive, Stubbs shares his flimsy opinion but I think it’s Stubbs’ motive that should be examined, since his legal case only make sense if we believe the LVPD’s story that nearly 600 people were shot and nearly 60 killed by the single shooter whom they identified so rapidly, despite dozens of witnesses reporting multiple shooters.

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  • What horseshit! The EVIDENCE proves PAddock 2as a patsy, and there were multiple shooters – probably ex-Seal black ops Blackwater.

    Stop the disinfo from these sources. Paddock had a 13 tattooed on his neck, but the man they killed DID NOT.

    Acoustical analysis proves multiple weapons from multiple locations simultaneously, just as the eye witnesses did.

    Where is the video surveillance of Paddock bringing in all these bags? THERE IS NONE!

    Fuck this shill in the video – fuck them all to hell!

  • This just goes to show just how corrupt our government is. And what they can, and do get away with. Maybe, it was done to show Trump that he had better stay away from the swamp, or he might fall in. Also heard that it was CIA target practice.

    • But, as shone, no ballistics from the bullets matching the guns has been given either. Just another place for the lies from the FBI.

      • It’s not just the police “boon1”. There are so many other components which we KNOW occurred and play into evidence against the official narrative that the police are the least of the equation. That assertion makes this piece total BS. The police had to be involved in a cover-up OR completely duped by the criminals they are now currently protecting to save face and body. Apparently, the LV cops see it as having no choice but to play ball. What does that tell you? Deep State involvement possibly using members of local syndicated crime group(s); big agenda(s) focused on several outcomes but moving funds from one place/person to another was clearly one; pushing to get the public to demand gun control (Constitutional change), and the list goes on. There is NEVER only one agenda or desired outcome when these events occur. That’s the programming of the narrative (the Big Lie) talking. The public has been trained to believe one thing is true, to focus on one easy answer. Don’t do it. Don’t believe it.

    • Elle, I wish I could give you a thumbs up like on you-tube, you see through most all of the lies we are being fed by our “governments”. Thank You!

      • I’ve been well trained by an expert and I’m now “mature”. I could not have said that 17-yrs ago. We all have to wake-up sometime no matter how painful the process or how long it takes. And, as luck would have it, the bad guys awakened me, personally. They did not guess what a Pandora’s Box I was going to become.

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