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    Douglas Gabriel speaks with Michael McKibben, CEO of Leader Technologies. First, as a bit of background, McKibben claims that his company developed the source code for what became the foundation of all social media, which is not what we think it is.

    The two claim that this code was quite simply stolen from McKibben by the US Government in 2000 and that it was weaponized into a scalable way to control the entire Internet and before being handed over to what would become their controlled social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and Google.

    Gabriel and McKibben claim that this source code will be implemented in the Internet of Things (IOT), which seeks to create a complete simulation of our reality by digitizing everything and making all things into nodes on the soon-to-be-launched 5G network as part of the Global Information Grid (GIG).

    Gabriel insists that this network will not be a passive simulation that merely tracks and surveils everything but that the ultimate outcome of all of this is that humans will become controllable “wetware”, which is actually the specific word used in the 2,000-page “Big Brother” patent, known as the PPFNTRACFACT, “The Protected Primary Focal Node Trusted Activity Controller Federal Access Control Technology.”

    This control grid has been decades in the making, with many familiar players involved. Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital financed several related technologies (Gabriel claims that “Unfit Mitt” is a deeply corrupt agent of the Bush crime family). Hillary Clinton’s Rose Law firm managed the patents involved (Gabriel describes Hillary, an infringement lawyer as the “Original Patent Troll”) and James Comey also represented some of these technologies as a lawyer.

    I won’t get into all of the head-spinning labyrinthine details here, watch the clip.

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    • When there is a search for all connecting, here I found this video.
      The godly information is found within the own individual organism.

      When love is within, now pain is without.
      When pain is within in the DNA, as old stories, now love is without the organism and present inside the aura of an organism.

      Still, I miss the information of the RNA, where I presume that here is found oneness, called singularity. Where the DNA is bipolar, by two waves connected, here the RNA is also singular, transferring the information to the DNA by a bipolar wave.

    • If humans have no freedom, how is one man, in this instance Trump, going to change anything? Trump is just a paid puppet on an infomercial. He is owned and controlled by the oligarch banking families just as Romney, just as Clinton, just as the rest. Most of Congress and the Pentagon is controlled by their own demented desires; no need to ‘brown stone’ them. Nothing will change, until people realize their own autonomy and that which is in place to replace autonomy with enslavement. These people discussed in this video are demented, they are part of the kakistocracy, willingly. What I call the Triad or Trident of the Kakistocracy are: religion, corporation, and government. The single most controlling mechanism on the planet is what? What controls everyone and everything more than any one thing or anything or everything else? Once one figures out what that is which is rather simple looking at the hierarchical power structure, the question emerges: why do I HAVE to have that, that which essentially enslaves me?

      • John,

        is this the same question as I have: Why must I survive inside the power structure of separation?
        I know there is an other framework, however it is not so easy to leave the power structure of separation.

    • I buy this completely. My faith and optimism contends with this frame from the standpoint of history, humanity’s growing mass consciousness and the perpetuation of sinister activity.

      Historically, humans have always risen against dominating powers and to my mind the evidence is expounded by the principles which, after, what, six or seven thousand years, catalyzed the founding of OUR COUNTRY, under the Declaration of Independence. THAT is the slow pace of the growth of human civilization.

      So, concomitant with the release of the profundity of this Library of Alexandria (the internet as a whole) and it’s first ever unifying of human consciousness around individual and group liberating ideas cannot be underestimated. Every culture on Earth is affected and experiencing similar awareness expansion.

      I’m neither internally inclined to do a belly-up give up, nor do I see a large proportion of us humans doing so. This video outlining the drive of domination is NOT part of the universal energy we must adhere to. These fools are attempting to replace the intentions of a Unity that has been adhered to by humans across eons and it ain’t going away, and it is based upon cooperation with the forces to which these goofs give no consideration…THAT is a big mistake, based in arrogant egocentricity…not the path required by the universe.

      The universe requires cooperation, not domination…shrug.

      • I completely agree with you. But, those whom seek power, born to ‘privilege’ and power, will fight to keep their ‘social standing’. It is a primitive mind set, animalistic, but animals react instinctually not intellectually. That is why most of us refer to their thoughts and actions as psychotic or psychopathic. It isn’t natural. I also agree that not enough people are awakened to what is actually going on, and will not until it is too late. Can this Agenda the oligarchs are engineering continue for ages to come? I don’t see it, but who knows? It seems like a snake eating it’s own tail to me, as they will destroy one of their own in a heartbeat. We have already extinguished 55% of all life forms on this planet, the rate we are going, we will be done in a century. I’m not sure if their underground bases/cities/facilities will save them or not. Perhaps pockets of humanity can survive here and there, and I want this to be so..but perhaps not. Not very optimistic, but I don’t see enlightenment happening quickly enough. Great comment Joe Doaks.

        • Mack,

          I wrote an article over the trinity of science.
          I wrote over the human moment, where the male and female souls merge into the one soul, aligned with the one.
          Without having read the book you refer to, I guess this must be somehow the same.
          Yes, it is true that such a trinity inside humanity will destroy all religious beliefs and will put upside down the entire humanity.
          This is just a matter of time to come.

          The path is to become fulfilled beyond enlightenment.
          By fulfilment human time is gone.

    • What a bunch of Bull Shit!!!…Drink your kool aid and get off the air waves. OMG GET OVER HILARY YOU STUPID FUCKS! People will believe anything, those who have no common sense and brains that is.. You say anything you want, with NO PROOF WHAT SO EVER> I facted check your info that you stated. WRONG AND FAKE …..How much m,oiney are you making with the sight? It’s people like you that ruin our Democracy and insult our intelligence.

      • Are you referring to American Intelligence Report platform? I’m not a fan. But yeah, Romney, Clinton, Trump, etc and et al are ALL just stooges to the hierarchical oligarchy kakistocracy.

    • Anything what grows need some kind of a womb.
      The growing impact of controling comes out of the womb of pain.
      Well, I know a mother womb. Is this the womb of pain or is there some other kind of womb.
      Is the mind a womb?
      For sure there must be a womb where a human mind nourishes himself from pain, out of which control appears. Is this a universal womb of dark matter, where still bipolarity is active?

      Is our earth the only planet inside entire universe, where such a survival structure is present?
      When there is a spiritual organism, which directs this on earth, this organism should be ashamed of itself.
      When it is Hilary Clinton organizing this on earth, well now the womb is clear.
      I still hope there are some wombs for love.

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