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Mouthy Buddha amazes again with his audiovisual savvy in this piece about Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), culling highlights from the most shocking videos posted to YouTube over the past decade.

The piece is geared toward a skeptical audience dubious about SRA. He ultimately defers to the gentle authority of an old BBC documentary which confirms its existence.

I’m guessing that the majority of those reading this don’t need any such convincing but there’s still much to appreciate in seeing so many of these classic accounts in one place and pieced together with such editorial aplomb. To me, the most jarring is the footage of a 20-something Demi Moore forcing herself on an 11-year-old boy, intercut with the testimony about child sex trafficking before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee of her significantly younger ex-husband, Ashton Kutcher.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Hi ,For some reason this has been blocked in London U.K ..It says blocked due to containing content from WMG…Any ideas what this means..? The video contains very important info that needs to be shown. Hope it’s unblocked soon, Thank you

  • There is plenty of information that SRA exists, and there are gov’ts connected to it all over the world. So many people are attempting to come forward. And in the McMartin case, the tunnels were found. But the MSM didn’t want people to know…just like now. I spoke privately with Noreen Gosch about her son Johnny’s kidnapping and now deceased Ted Gunderson in 2002 about SRA and more. I work with people who this happened to. There is no doubt in my mind that Podesta and Hillary are Satanists, with Hillary also practicing black witchcraft (they aren’t the same in programming and entities worshipped). And Marina Abramovic…well so under MC herself as well as being a perpetrator. The video had some good clips but the lack of real understanding around this topic showed through.

  • So much disinfo out there … it is easy to get sucked in sometimes (I’ve been too)……. Just revealed on Jason Goodmans’ youtube channel : Jake Morphonios (& Blackstone Intelligence youtube channel) — just exposed John Cullens’ use of documented research combined with disinformation and diversion related to the Las Vegas Mandala Bay shootings …..

  • The information is good, but this sounds like Tyler from one of the ufo youtube channels. His diminishing of the evidence against Podesta shows that he doesn’t understand human nature very well. I reviewed the FBI pedo hanky code (was released in 2007 if I recall), and the Wikileaks emails, and if I was an FBI agent, I would’ve had him under investigation since last year.

    That oversight proves the corruption of the FBI. The bureau needs an entire makeover, as does DHS, NSA, CIA,….

  • At about 8:00 minute mark, you see the black and white checks. Also a sign. Michelle (or Michael) Obama’s new painting of herself has those black and white checks. Go figure.

  • I suppose the author is down playing John Podesta’s roll in satanism and negating the fact that Marina Abramovic is an Illuminati High Priestess out of fear of consequences to himself. The statement that these rape and Human Sacrifice rituals are rare is also misleading. The Satanist eat most of the body’s they sacrifice and the remains are dissolved way in acid to sludge. The cover up is easy because so many police, medical doctors and media people are members of this satanic organization. And the fact that the author would believe Anton LaVey Church of Satan spokesman saying they no longer do these animal sacrifice and blood rituals is ridiculous. They worship the prince of Lies. It’s obvious that he only wanted to go so far out of personal fear for his own life which is understandable but leaves us with only part of the truth.

  • I found this hard to watch, however, the truth MUST come out. As well as these, “people” to be punished for their continued crimes against humanity.

  • By searching for truth, I found experiences which does not have antything to do with violence.
    Therefore I have much difficulties, by finding the truth about violent experiences.
    Why call this truth, when it is told how much pain has happened??
    I only can find truth in love ans harmony.

    I guess it is also possible to say: yes, she described how it happened and how much pain has been done.
    Such pains are repeated all over the millions of years. It is a repeating lie.

    I think that first after no more using this word truth inside any court, would wake up humanity.

  • demi was married when she was like 15, her first husband was just as young.
    this looks like him in the vid.
    plus her mother was a 70’s skin mag model.
    which really has nothing to do with anything

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