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    Clif High’s Web Bots don’t normally enter the fray of politics but his Asymmetrical Linguistics program couldn’t help but to pick up the massive volume of subconscious chatter throughout the Internet indicating that Hillary Clinton would drop out of the Presidential race, near the end of September and that her replacement would lose to Trump. So he made an announcement on Twitter on August 9th, willing to make himself a laughingstock or to prove his Web Bots right – which remains to be seen.

    His Web Bots, which sweep the web for sites rich in posted language have been routinely picking up and prognosticating trends since the 1990s in a noticeable trend, whereby he’s found that people begin making posts in the present tense about events which take place in reality between 6 to 10 weeks afterwards. This tells him that mass consciousness is unconsciously psychic.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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