This uploader claims to have noticed, starting two and a half months ago that the site had suddenly begun displaying what he believes to be the true value of gold and silver, in relation to the US Dollar. Experts, like James Rickards believe that gold is currently worth almost another $1,000 more per ounce than shown on that website.

The price of gold and silver are being manipulated by big banks to a very low level at this time, by institutions like Deutsche Bank, which was recently fined by an international regulatory body for doing exactly this. However, Deutsche Bank is just one of many of the biggest banks in the world engaging in this same activity (other banks have been similarly-fined).

This is being done so that the biggest players (the banks) can scoop up as much of these assets as possible, while simultaneously inflating the value of the cash which they have on deposit, as well as securing the stability of the measuring stick by which their non-monetary holdings are valued. This juggling act can only continue for so long before a ball drops, which is a cute-sounding metaphor for a global economic collapse.

By introducing gold and silver prices (and copper and iron), alongside the number of US Food Stamp recipients, etc. the uploader asks whether US Debt Clock isn’t accessing information from The Powers that Shouldn’t Be and may not be giving its visitors a hint about what’s on the horizon?

It’s hard to say but it’s certainly a very interesting development – and especially encouraging to holders of precious metals. The site has been steadily adding newly-tracked metrics since it was founded around 2009 but the recent addition of gold and silver tracking is a new thing we can keep our eyes on. What is undeniably fascinating is that the gold- and silver-to-dollar ratios reflected on this site are 8 to 40 times higher (depending on the metal) than the current market rates.

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