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I’ve been trying to stay away from this dreadful topic but this technical breakdown is impossible to ignore.

If the Mainstream Media weren’t already in a free-fall collapse, in terms of its credibility, it should have a crash landing once people analyze this video and understand what’s going on.

This is the “pool camera” feed that went out to the TV networks on September 15th, covering Hillary Clinton’s alleged campaign rally in Greensboro, North Carolina. It comes from from the official YouTube account of the ABC affiliate station, ABC15 Arizona.

Anyone can verify this. Take the original YouTube URL: // and put it into the field at //, a website which enables you to watch videos at various speeds. Scroll up to just before minute 20:51 in the video and play back at 0.25 speed.

You will see very clearly that this shot is a composite of two video feeds and one or more graphics feeds.

This becomes very clear, because the video feed of Hillary’s angle drops out completely for a second and all we see is the background.

If you look at the beginning of the clip, you will also see cellphone cameras recording a totally different background, which strongly suggests that the “crowd” is yet another composited element of this video production.

Other feeds of this same event, such as that of FOXNEWS appear to have had a good connection with the pool video feed and do not show this disruption of elements, which are so easily distinguishable in the composite that went out to ABC’s Arizona affiliate station.

Apparently, ABC15 Arizona had a dodgy satellite connection.

These observations are not partisan. The implications are very disturbing. That a presidential nominee is staging false rallies with paid attendees with the collusion of the big television news networks needs to be outed. This criminal nonsense must stop now.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Wow! Outrageous, but considering the lengths these criminals will go to, in order to fulfill their lust for power.. and how they’ll do ANYTHING (even Killary), of course, they’re ALL liars. Why don’t we ALL go to D.C. and tear the place down? It’s certainly not MY government. Is it yours? Or are we being “taxed without representation”, like our forefathers were (which is why the revolted). Time for a new revolt.

  • Outstanding detective work, I also watched the whole event first, and thought it odd that only Hillary or her podium faded out. I knew nothing about composite broadcasting till I saw you blog today. Thank you for a very informative education.

  • Welllll….I viewed this in it’s entirety without reading the write up first, so I was not aware of Alexandria’s point, but what I noticed was it sounded like a bunch of high school kids, yelling on prompt cards, every time a new political chocolate was identified and promised. Same ole box of political chocolates as usual. The only view of the yellers was at first immediately behind the podium and they were kids. Judging by the sound, there probably was less than a hundred kids. This stinks!

  • Does this mean she’s dead? Or just that she’s CGI altogether, Kind of like the planes fling into the towers. This is the holographic universe, isn’t it? No? I must have made a wrong turn somewhere. I know, this is the George Soro universe.

    • It’s doubtful this was recorded weeks ago because otherwise, all of the different elements would have been married and finalized in postproduction. There is no other explanation for this signal dropout other than a heavily-composited video being broadcast live. These are the hazards of broadcasting a composite, where all of the elements have not been married/saved in post-production and the different elements were still on separate tracks.

      And yes, the audio literally screams “fake”. I didn’t dwell on the other obvious problems because her camera’s signal dropping out like that was enough to prove that this was a live composite. How desperate must they be? What on Earth is driving everyone involved in this hoax?

      That she did this with such confidence this time suggests that she’s done it before.

      Towards the end of the original, Hillary waves at the American flag behind her, as if there are people there. This is evident in the cleanest versions of the feed, like FOXNEWS’. So, they were totally winging it.

      Other people have noted this waving gaffe from the better versions of the pool feed – but they would really freak out, if they saw the feed received by ABC15 Arizona, which is full of signal dropout on all tracks.

      We saw a similar kind of thing with Anderson Cooper in the aftermath of Sandy Hook, when the matte from the green screen was not “pulled” properly, due to insufficient lighting and where his nose began to disappear. He was allegedly consoling a mother who’d lost her child at a funeral home in CT. He and she were likely at CNN studios in NYC.

      If the networks should have learned anything, it’s that they should “can” such composited videos and make sure they’re up to speck and completed in postproduction before broadcasting such things. Composites should not be broadcast live.

      • Come to think of it, Her element may have been shot months ago but the other elements were broadcast live, on separate tracks – which was a bad decision. They should have finished it in post before broadcasting, seeing as everything else was fake.

        The illusion worked pretty well, on the other networks, where the connection didn’t get broken up – but her waving and pointing at the non-existent crowd behind her at the end and the way the matte started to break up as she was walking down the stairs, the abrupt ending of the music track when she stopped to talk to her rent-a-crowd, the cellphones not recording the American Flag backdrop were all sloppy clues this event was phony.

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