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    Bodycam footage of police officers entering Stephen Paddock’s hotel room, with the body of the deceased on the floor blurred-out, shows them loudly confirming that no windows in his room were broken, contrary to the official narrative of the Las Vegas shooting.

    Following the April 27th ruling by the Nevada Supreme Court that the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department must release the footage plus the 911 phone audio recordings from the night of October 1st, these have finally started to be published, seven months after the fact.

    The LVMPD has been aggressively stalling the release of this evidence, citing “privacy issues” following the publication of autopsy records and search warrant records last January, which the Las Vegas Review-Journal and other media organizations had successfully sued to obtain.

    At the time of the April 27th ruling, Glenn Cook, Executive Editor of the Las Vegas Review-Journal said, “It is my personal hope that every other Southern Nevada government entity that is flagrantly violating the Nevada Public Records Act will see this decision — and so many others that have preceded it — and finally understand the futility of their embrace of secrecy.”

    So far, roughly three hours of footage has been released and what the mainstream news networks have chosen to highlight is being presented in such a way to preserve the official LVMPD-FBI narrative.

    This footage shoots a hole in the official story.

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    • Has anyone tracked whether new replacement glass was purchased by the hotel and if anything was claimed on their insurance policy?

      • That’s a good question but I think that big hotels like this always have an inventory of replacement windows and furniture on hand.

    • Anyone seeking the truth of this false flag/2nd Amendment incident should view the work of Shepard Umbellas @ Intellihub. Also, go to youtube and search for “Vegas Attack Helicopter Shooting.” Multiple helicopters videos shooting live rounds at concert at the same time as incident.

      CIA/FBI 2nd amendment action precipitated by Soros shorting MGM stock; stock buy back of MGM stock. Lastly, Hopsicker’s investigation led to some enlightening facts as well:

    • If in fact no windows were broken the official narrative is completely false. Paddock could not have been the shooter. So who was the shooter. Or shooters?

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