The Soviet Union was the first country to adopt a planned economy, where the production and distribution of goods were centralized, owned and directed by the government. When we look back at Soviet-Era Pravda, which was then the official newspaper of the Communist Party, we laugh at what a naked propaganda rag it was.

Many don’t realize that the situation in the US today is very similar to that of the Soviet Union, only drastically optimized for control where it counts. In our current Technocratic Corporatocracy, massive multinational conglomerates like Exxon-Mobile, Lockheed-Martin and are melded with the Government in the Military-Industrial Complex.

In today’s Mainstream Media version of Pravda, the “news” is presented as if it were independent free speech, whereas it is utterly controlled by the Central Intelligence Agency, whose job it is to protect the interests of the Corporatocracy.

In other words, perception management in the West is effected covertly. This tactic is germane to the Fourth Industrial Revolution that’s occurring right now, which is about the merging of the real world with the technological world through the 5G network and the Internet of Things – with all the Total Information Awareness and controlling algorithms that these imply.

Diamond & Silk testified before Congress last week to describe how their Facebook account, with 1.2 million followers was filtered, shadow-banned and demonetized, without warning and without recourse, in a tale you’ve heard me and others tell for a couple of years now. I’m really glad they stood up for our rights and I’m revolted by how they were treated by Facebook’s smarmy technocrats.

The two say the restrictions on their site were lifted briefly while Mark Zuckerberg testified before Congress a couple of weeks ago but then the financial clampdown on their online presence resumed.

So we’re allowed to have different opinions in our technocratic dystopia, but if they don’t align with the CIA’s ham-handed and patently bogus narratives about Assad’s “gassing his own people” or Russian bots “hacking” the US Presidential Election, our revenues will be snuffed out by a Snopes-wielding AI. Because Snopes is such a paragon of unbiased honesty

In his film, America: From Freedom to Fascism, Aaron Russo talked about the microchipping agenda and the plan to “turn off” the chips of dissidents so they could no longer financially transact. That day has arrived and RFIDs aren’t required.

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  • I would take this theater more serious if they would let real alternative news sites testify like Natural News or We are Change or journalists like Eva Bartlett but we know that “ain’t happenin'”. If you, by some miracle was allowed to show up, then I’d be really impressed. Feels like reality TV to me.


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