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    Greg Hunter has an unending desire to deliver an accurate prediction of the impending financial market implosion to his followers, such that my friend Daniel Liszt jokes that the primary theme of Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog podcast is, “But When Is It *Really* Going to Crash?”

    Hunter’s favorite person to ask this question is HalfPastHuman’s Clif High, whose Web Bots have seemingly proven that human beings are unconsciously psychic. Clif’s research shows that people routinely begin speaking in the present tense about real-world events 8-to-10 weeks before they actually come to pass, although there are datasets which are fulfilled in the longer term. Clif’s Web Bots have been datamining Internet sites rich in posted language to create these trend forecasts based on his Predictive Linguistics Analyses since the 1990s.

    It’s finally on, according to Clif who says, “We are crashing now.” He explains that the recently increased cosmic radiation hitting Earth, which he’s been predicting for years is manifesting in the political chaos that we’re seeing in the US and all over the world.

    Clif says that the movement on the prices of cryptocurrencies is inversely proportionate to the unspoken Dollar Death. For example, last January, Bitcoin was trading at around $1,000 USD and as of this writing, it has soared to over $3,265 USD.

    There’s a lot more covered here. I love the work of Clif High and always find his finely-detailed analyses to be fascinating.

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    • Clif High came storming back to life a year or so ago with his “My fellow Americans” video where he forecast all hell breaking loose on the planet of the hairless monkeys. He followed that up with a stream of forecasts and interviews all of which foretold horrific events lurking just beyond the fringe of time in future’s dark realm where High’s hoary web toed bots report that ‘A great wind will lay low the mountains of the Earth’ Thus the word of Bot was spread wide and the High Profit’s profits multiplied from out of the vibrating materium. The Profit’s Inter-tube videos went boffo box office double plus viral and He promptly followed it up with similar blockbuster video interviews. The Vague Notions and Conjecture Industry had found it’s new Mohammed. The money must have been rolling in because His Highness went out and bought the Stripes motorhome which he alleges is now his mobile video studio from which he will survive in style in the coming post-Apocalypse Mad Max wasteland. He has also apparently bought a bigger better newer house smack dab in the middle of the area he had previously forecast was going to washed away by tsunamis, leveled by earthquakes, smothered in volcanic eruptions, plagued by ill winds, sun disease, fire storms, or nasty coastal events. The money tsunami seems to be rolling along nicely thanks to all of those mysterious little bots toiling away harvesting bushels of raw ‘data sets’ down on the next week’s bad news plantation that are then sorted and chopped up and sold back to the gullible. When Russell Targ and Hal Puthof et all were developing the protocols for remote viewing they realized they had a major problem with some of their viewers supplying what they called ‘analytical overlay’ to their psychic impressions. In other words they started interpreting what they were seeing using their own pre-conceived ideas or beliefs instead of just succinctly describing the characteristics of the target. I have always felt that The High One is too quick to analytically overlay his collected bot shit with his own nutty notions. He tends to leap off the “data” cliff when he gets caught up in his own imagination and is swept along in the stampede of chatter kicked up by the lemming like horde of bots he’s sent out hunting for words. Has anyone actually seen any of the so called “Data Sets” he talks of ? He speaks in a mysterious ‘code’ much like the high priests of a cult called Catholicism spoke in Latin so as to confuse and impress their followers or subscribers, it being a lucrative pay to prey racket. ‘I tell ya that’s gotta be true D-Wayne cause its a data set dude and those fucker never lie’. Has anyone ever seen the so called “Server Farm” he apparently possesses and does anyone know what Clif High’s actual real name might be. Don’t get me wrong I too religiously listen to High sermons. He can talk the hair off of a dog’s butt. Now he has sailed off on a new tack and he seems to be a spokesman, a sales rep for crypto-currencies which some doubting Thomas suspects may be an invention of the CIA. Who knows ? I’ll stick with tulip bulbs, a tried and true investment, that is guaranteed to make me a fortune when they are once again marketed to those people who want to make money from nothing. How about starting a Dutch crypto-tulips Ponzi scheme. Fertilize them with some of Jim Willie’s Golden Jackass’s Organic Bullshit to help them bloom and trust Gentleman Jim to tell me what might happen when all the paper money looses it’s magic and it will take a sack of spuds will buy a cold beer.

      • Which one is it? Clif = sux or “Don’t get me wrong I too religiously listen to High sermons”?

        The “ill wind” was interpreted to be Fukushima, which continues to rain hot particles on the Northern Hemisphere. It was considered to be a “hit” by many including me.

    • This all fine and dandy and over my head! What I’d like to know is once I buy a bit coin what do I do with it? Who accepts bit coins for goods and services? I can’t find any here where I live and in fact when I go online I only find a handful of no name retailers in the entire country, like Dans Donut shop. So what am I to do, drive half way across the nation for a cup of coffee and a donut? What will Danny boy give me in change? It’s hard to take crypto currency seriously as anything other than a casino.

      • You can do online searches for airlines, hotels, etc. that accept BTC but yes, it’s not yet widely accepted.

        • I spent more time than I care to admit online searching for “I bought a (blank) with bitcoin”, and have yet to find any straightforward claim. It’s all iffy sorta kinda fiction. One guy claims he bought a house then launched into a kind of novel which I merely skimmed through as he was beating around the bush so much. I found an online retailer, a sort of schlock house Amazon knock off with very limited merchandize, about a half dozen auto dealers in the entire US that this bitcoin site says accepts bitcoin and Lord knows what the terms and conditions are. On the other hand there must be thousands of get rich quick with bitcoin novels on the internet, like “if you bought a hundred bucks of bitcoin it would now be worth a hundred trillion”. It’s mostly incitement to come on in and roll the dice. Doubtless there are some high rollers making a fast buck, but like I said it’s a casino.

    • I do not understand cryptocurrencies. I DO WISH someone could explain them from the bottom up. The originating value has to come from somewhere. If that is from fiat currency then how is a cryptocurrency safe and how is it going to rise to 13,800 ?dollars?, I assume, by next Feb 2018? And if a single Bitcoins will rise to 1/2 million dollars before long how will any average person be able to buy and use them? A single Bitcoin is now almost out of most people’s reach anyway. Are we not right back to the few holding the buying power and therefore power and influence over the rest even if Bitcoin is not able to be “found or taxed” as are the fiat currencies he notes?

      I’ve asked this again and again–Please give me an understandable explanation of how Bitcoin works from the concept to the buying and the using but I get no where in the asking. I’ve found no one, even the people who sell Bitcoin, who are interested (or knowledgeable enough) to explain how Bitcoin works and why we should be using it. I’m all for going around the present banking system but I need an understandable explanation. Cryptocurrencies appear to my eye as investment model which at subject to crash like any other.

      I would love to use Bitcoin for alt-sites I want to support so I do not have to go through the current systems. But I do not understand the investment enough to do so. The volatility factor of an “investment” leaps to the fore.

      Clif gave an excellent encapsulation of the currently failing system of corruption in the last 6 minutes of this interview. I wish he’d explain Bitcoin/cryptocurrencies to me.

      • As a coder himself, Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptos make all the sense in the world to Clif, so he doesn’t feel a need to explain them to absolute beginners and that’s not really his job, although he does share insights here which are useful to intermediate beginners.

        I don’t know very much about Bitcoin but one thing that I learned here is that Bitcoin’s primary function may end up being to serve as a gateway to the other cryptos, which I know even less about. I think that some (not all) of the others are derivatives of Bitcoin. Like any market, their value is in the eye of the beholders. The value has to do with its architecture and the benefits of having a currency that’s out of the control of the Central Banking System. The value also comes from the inherent scarcity that’s built in to Bitcoin. There will be a limited amount of Bitcoin, once all of the calculations are complete in about one hundred years.

        This is a pretty good explanation of Bitcoin:

        Bitcoin are largely traded in decimal fractions. You don’t have to trade in whole Bitcoin units, at all. You can back up your wallet (aka account) by printing it: // or back up your wallet/s offline, aka “Cold storage” any number of ways, each with its own risks and benefits. This becomes more important if Bitcoin does become insanely valuable:

        It is not recommended to store your wallet/s in an exchange account.

        Jeff Berwick recommends to hold an *exchange* account that’s being actively traded, as it has the most sophisticated platform. However, Bitfinex recently had a security breach where $120k was stolen. Coinbase hasn’t had a theft to my knowledge but I moved my wallet away from there because they were not supporting the fork which happened in Bitcoin last week, where a new BTC currency was created called Bitcash. Here is a discussion of how to move Bitcoin off of an exchange account:

        As an experiment, I bought $500 worth 2 years ago, which was more than 1 Bitcoin at the time. It was an amount that I could afford to lose at the time. Today, it’s worth over 10x as much – and it’s almost doubled in value since last week. It’s volatile. There was a 25% downturn in recent months, which was still well above what I paid for it.

        I haven’t had the time to really study it. I’ve never bought any more. I paid one of my suppliers in Eastern Europe with Bitcoin a few times and I’ve received I think 2 medium-sized donations, which are worth a lot more now than when the donations were made.

        Here’s a list of larger companies that accept Bitcoin:

        Here’s a list of travel sites that accept Bitcoin, best practices when paying with Bitcoin, and the pros and cons of using digital currency versus a traditional form of payment, like a credit card:

        Here is a link to our guide:

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