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This is a very clear-eyed interview about the nature of reality and the ultimate bid to control reality, which many believe is the intent of the soon-to-be-rolled-out 5G network. Sean at the SGTReport of Australian radio host Max Igan of, who is extremely conversant in the proposed applications of 5G. Happily for us, Sean is completely up to the task of carrying on this sophisticated technological, economic, security, philosophical and spiritual discourse, which starts to get really good at around the 18 minute mark.

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  • Interesting. Very recently I was speaking with a woman about the connectivity at her home in the mountains of Colorado–wondering if there was any. She said, “Oh yes, we have a HughesNet satellite connection on the roof. It’s the new 5G system. I was struck by her enthusiasm for the technology as the knowledge of 5G ran across my eyes like a ticker tape, I’m sure. I thought Wheeler with his nefarious dealings (yikes!), AI developing it’s own mind, the weaponization of the airwaves, surveillance and all the rest. She looked at me intently and asked if I was ok? I didn’t know her at all. She was a passing person. Consequently, a 5G conversation would have been moot. But no, I’m not ok.

    • That’s the worry, making small talk about these big issues is fraught with difficulty. People do respond to the dangers of cancer and things like smart meters bursting into flames though I’ve found.

  • I think about this problem too. I suspect there’s a grass roots movement already, its not linked up yet but it’s there. Maybe contribute however you can. Think about all the people you know. There’s probably at least one person who will hear you out. Have you seen the story about the ‘legal name fraud posters’? Someone has funded billboard posters all over the UK with this slogan. There was one in my city for at least a month. Below is a link to an article about it. Ok it’s not about 5G but it’s an example of how someone tried to do some truth telling on a ambitious scale. Who knows how many people saw it and started to look into what it means like the author of this article did. Who knows how many conversations are now taking place about this subject as a result.

    • Edge Media used to run a number or presentations regarding the actual meanings of the legalise used on official forms to create your strawman legal fiction. We only need two laws as Common Law – Do no harm and cause no loss. As the Magna Carta we grant our sovrienty to the king or queen. This means we must be sovriegn in our own right in the first place to be able to grant it to another. One very interesting point is that a statute is by consent. Therefore as a person I can ignore a statute such as requiring a driving licence by not consenting to the statute but must insist that I am travelling by car and not driving it. The Magna Carta is still valid as a document of law because it has never been repealled. We the people are trapped into the Marine Law of the Powers That Be without knowing the real meaning of words or letter case used on forms and in law to which we entrap ourseves. But saying all this who has the nerve to declare themselves a ‘Freeman’?

      • That’s the issue isn’t it, ordinary people are going to need to wake up. Its a transformation we need. So how to bring this about?

        • I forgot another major instrument of control – debt. Students leave university in debt, nurses now end up in debt to qualify because the Tories have cancelled their busary. People are now forced to live see-sawing in and out of debt. As to when the people will seek the return of their power? I suspect it will not be until the 1% have retreated to their gated communities protected by miltarylised police dressed in black. First they have got to wake up and ignore the planted opinions, perceptions and aspirations of the Power That Be’s media and realised they are debt slaves who have been lived in a construct of lies.

  • I have been looking at 5G the past few months with an ever growing sence of trepidation. The nature of the associated filed patents should be warning enough. The most worrying aspect is how oblivious the masses are. They are fed with the fact that their iphones will be even more capable not that an ever growing control grid is being put in place drip by drip. Peopled are hailed as being tech savvy if they embrace this technology which in truth is the classic Trojan Horse.
    Now we come to the ever recurring question….. How the hell do we stop them? We must all endeavor to spread the truth even in the face of being ridiculed as a conspiracy theorist.

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