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    This is a great little piece by Truthstream Media’s Melissa Dykes about the curious story of Aron Ranen, who was commissioned by the State of Ohio to create the film, ‘Did We Go?’, that was supposed to definitively prove that the United States landed on the Moon in 1969.

    Like every other American of his generation, Ranen had no doubt that this was true. However, during the course of hunting down all of the disappeared documents and equipment, Ranen was forced to conclude that the Lunar Landings were faked, the Space Race was a psychological operation of the Cold War and total propaganda.

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      • Hi Aaron, thanks for the link to your film, the perspective about racism at NASA and Armstrong’s home town was new to me. As was the specific nature of Von Braun’s war crimes. Interesting how convinced the technical staff were that the Apollo missions were genuine. If it is a hoax it must be a secret shared by very few.

    • Hard to imagine anybody still believes NASA really did achieve a Lunatic Landing in ’69…. not even some Russian kid in darkest Siberia….

    • My dad worked for NASA, and knew Neil & Buzz. Pretty sure we landed there – my dad told me on his deathbed that Neil told him he & Buzz saw lighted cities on the dark side of the moon.

    • I find it strange that the most basic question is not asked regarding this project.

      “In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue”. This is taught in elementary schools along with the names of three (3) ships, La Nina, La Pinta, and La Santa Maria.

      Though it has been suggested by Ivan Van Sertima that Moorish scholars and mariners may have imparted some information of voyages to the “New World” by individuals such as Kankan Musa and others, the distance, the waters, weather conditions, and perils were all unknown to Admiral Colon. The voyage was a mystery that risk (ROI) return of investment of the mercantile class of Spain.

      What was the the main purpose of sailing out into the “unknown” with the three ships instead of one”?

      For all his faults as indicated in history through his letters and ships logs, at least Christobol Colon, (Columbus) had the sense to have “back up” in case something went wrong.

      I always thought it strange that such a project as the manned moon landing did not use the support of manned and automated back up. A few extra manned spacecraft supporting the mission would have been wise and the extra company would have been a nice touch as well. Also it would have been wise to have “back up for the back up”, by having spacecraft ready for launch if needed.

      Furthermore, if the Hubble and other telescopes can supposedly see across vast vast distances
      farther than the moon, approximately 240,000 miles and the coordinates of the landing sites of the various Apollos missions are known, then is should be easy to see the details by directing the telescopes to those coordinates.

      If Hubble Telescope can do all they say it can do such things as see stratospheres of other planets in other solar systems, outside our solar system, and across the Universe, so the claim.

      Why is it that the same technology that clams to be able to see if your shoe is tied, is not employed or differentiate one individual from another, is not used to obtain detailed pictures of these various moon landings?

      When there are too many inconsistencies, somebody is lying somewhere for some agenda.

      Technology can advance knowledge, intellect, and understanding. I also advances the lies of the crime syndicates of con artist whose agenda is oppression through deception of the gullible intentionally indoctrinated, misinformed and uneducated oppressed, who are conditioned to think themselves helplessly unworthy of thinking or contributing to history.

      I suggest the movie “Capricorn One”, even if you have O.J.P. (O.J. Phobia).

      • The reason they didn’t have such a back-up as you describe , CHZ, was due to money. Of course, NASA was used as a second-tier space program – the military used NASA to boondoggle money into the Air Force & Navy Space Programs.

    • It’s been so long that I investigated this on YT mostly, that I’ve forgotten all the anomalies, but do remember having all kinds of lighting and depth conflicts, and no stars in the lunar sky, wow! I think at least one astronaut even said no stars could be seen. Interesting. Also glommed onto everything I could about the Van Allen belt. All told, concluded the human moon landings were faked but all the coverage was real. Real entertaining, that is.

    • I agree with that last line wholeheartedly. I mean why would they have honoured this particular JFK project? Unless to stick it to the Russians. Also a good way to make some money disappear. This one if it is a lie is particularly unfair on people. It really would be heartbreaking to find it didn’t happen.

      Aren’t there all sorts of anomalies about the moon that make it a bit of a mystery anyway?

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