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    Amy Goodman from Democracy Now! is joined by two Native American leaders, Dallas Goldtooth of the Indigenous Environmental Network and by Chase Iron Eyes of the Lakota Peoples’ Law Project and member of the Standing Rock Tribe about the facts on the ground.

    On Tuesday, February 7th, the US Army Corps of Engineers said it will greenlight the final phase of construction of the $3.8 billion Dakota Access Pipeline.

    This was called “an unlawful and appalling violation of human rights” by Amnesty International.

    It will make you cry.

    At least 20 million suburbanite, everyday Americans’ water will also be imperiled by the now-approved plan to drill beneath the Missouri River.

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    • This is false News. If you Google info on it the opposite of this story comes to light..
      This article should be removed, in this form.



      • Typical merchant of doubt slander about undeniable truths.

        Lodewyk Botha’s comment is as factitious as the statements that can be googled that are in opposition to this particular story.

        • I just received this email [redacted to protect his identity] from a North Dakota resident (it’s a very small place and he doesn’t want his house burnt down).

          “I just opened and watch your program today regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline issue. Being a resident of Bismarck, ND want you to know the Nation has been fed this PROPAGANDA for several months now, and your story today with ‘Honest Amy’ really shores things up for me.

          “The Police and Soldiers have restrained themselves more than I ever could. The Morton County Sheriff got stuck with this battle in his County and has done everything he could and can to maintain peace. The demonstrators have burned vehicles, blocked a State Highway for several months, marched and blocked traffic in Bismarck and Mandan for several months, and I thought this bullshit was about over – only to watch your program with Honest Amy and Chase Iron Eyes (he ran against Congressman Kevin Kramer in November and got his ass kicked – likely due to his series of FELONIES from years ago). To get people to mobilize for this “cause” is the WRONG. So far, the cost to our State has been about 22 Million and cuts are being made throughout Government because of the oil production situation.

          “Although I have not personally witnessed this, I am told by a reliable source that the Prairie Knights Indian Casino located several miles south of this protest camp has sewer issues and is allowing sewage discharge go right into the river these folks are “trying to protect”. Many tribe members are AGAINST this protest, and many protesters are paid idiots without real jobs nd don’t even know what the hell they are protesting for.

          “If I were the Sheriff of Morton County, there would have been hell to pay, and the news would have been accurate when showing ambulatory protesters piled up after a short war. The stuff they have thrown at Officers, Fired at Officers, Broken through (cut) Constantine wire, made drivers take another State Highway for months on end, and have repeatedly been violent.

          “One of my best friends is a Petro-Chemical engineer in Houston. I contacted him and discussed the pipeline under the river and was advised that is the SAFEST manner in which to move this Bakken Crude Oil. He would not lie to me. Further, a map came on the internet that shows the pipelines all over the US and it looks like spaghetti.

          “So the National News has been unfair (CROOKED) regarding this matter, and Honest Amy will certainly stir up all she can, and now that you have more information from the specific area, I hope would remover her ass from your video program.

          “If you want to do a great story on this and the serious environmental issues that arose, do a program on the sewage flowing into the river they are so concerned about then take video of their camp (pay loaders; dozers. dump trucks) cleaning up HUNDREDS OF YARDS OF TRASH these environmentalists have “forgotten” to pick up themselves. It is a true horror story.”

          • The whole ruckus around DAPL has uncovered a lot of bad recent spill incidents and accidents even worse waiting to happen, with the rotting pipes at the bottom of the Great Lakes. The issue of water safety is *not a non-issue*.

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