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    Yesterday, my friend Daniel Liszt called me up and asked me to look into WikiLeaks’ mystifying series of posts to their Twitter account about “Vault 7”. He wanted to know if I could augur as to what these might portend.

    My initial reaction was that WikiLeaks never seemed to have finished unloading their trove of seamy Podesta emails and that they’d recently announced that their revelations in 2017 would make 2016 look like child’s play. I assumed this meant that incriminating evidence of child sex-trafficking, involving senior members of the US Government might soon explode into the mediasphere.

    Today, a subscriber and friend who’s had a private investigation business for several decades called me up, so I took the opportunity to ask him if he’d heard anything about “Vault 7”. He offered some very interesting insights and his forensic accountant had just sent him today’s video by Press for Truth’s Dan Dicks, which does a great job of interpreting these cryptic posts by WikiLeaks.

    I didn’t watch this clip until after having a very involved discussion about the hunches of my friend and his investigative network. What they expect to be leaked soon, which is similar to Dan Dicks’ conclusion, here is that “Vault 7” might have more to do with revelations about who was behind 9/11 than pedophilia rings. In addition, he believes that the information about to come out might reveal the identities of the 30 Top members of the “Committee” that controls the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), aka “The Central Bank of Central Banks” – as well as information about the tightly-controlled bloodlines that are in charge of the global Central Banking System. This information is apparently more secret than UFOs.

    800 top US military brass were fired from their posts, starting in Bill Clinton’s term through that of Barack Obama. I was told that many of these fired military commanders are strongly behind Trump. Some reading this may have heard past rumors of a “Litmus Test” being presented to US military commanders in recent years, as to whether they would obey the Commander-in-Chief or the Constitution – and how the Constitutionalists were allegedly the ones fired.

    According to one such Admiral (who’s name I can’t reveal), he believes “#Vault 7” involves the 9/11 data stolen from the Pentagon and that it contains information about those behind the attacks.

    I was told that all of these findings would bring down the Central Banking System. Allegedly, the BIS, along with the 30 largest banks in the world were given foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks. This enabled them to front-run the stock market. In addition, these entities embezzled and stole $5 trillion worth of black budget- and dirty (drug) money from within the SWIFT code transaction processing system, during the chaos of the 9/11 attacks.

    Some information about this has leaked out, since the very beginning. Many of us have heard about the infamous “put options” that shorted American Airlines’ and United Airlines’ stock. I don’t think these earnings have ever been claimed, as any such claimants could face jail for Conspiracy in the 9/11 attacks, as clearly, their trades weren’t protected in the same way as those who heisted $5 trillion.

    More recently, in 2012, the UK’s House of Commons conducted a partial investigation of these banks, which led to indictments of Barclays, HSBC and others for “improper banking practices”. The banks were fined but further investigations were shut down by Britain’s then Commercial Secretary to the Treasury under David Cameron, James Meyer Sassoon. Around the same time, a US Congressional Investigation of these banks was also blocked.

    Sassoon is a British Baron and former member of the House of Lords. He had previously been President of the UK’s Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (!!!). Looks like the fox guarding the henhouse!

    Sassoon’s family background is absolutely fascinating. Besides being a member of the trillionaire Rothschild banking family, his family were also major players in the Chinese-Indian opium trade, during the 19th century, adding to their already-immense fortune, from trading throughout Asia.

    Barclays and HSBC are the world’s largest money laundering banks, according to my source. He says that the Barclays branch in Nassau, Bahamas will very happily and knowingly send dirty money to accounts in Liechtenstein, Geneva and Austria and POOF! It’s laundered.

    Exactly where these dirty banks put the $5 trillion stolen during 9/11 is a matter of speculation but my investigator friend says that he’s seen the contents of a thumb drive, containing the SWIFT transaction forms that contained bank account information relating to a trust named “Pure Heart Investments”.

    Attached to the Pure Heart Investments trust were the names of several members of the US Senate, Tim Geithner (serving as Undersecretary of the Treasury for International Affairs in 2001), the Bushes and the Clintons. This stolen $5 trillion has allegedly been used for bribing people, it’s been put into trading programs to earn money, it’s been used in special projects and in the construction of buildings.

    My source said that he could see the details about the buildings but not about what was going on inside those buildings. He and his team believe that Trump, through his Attorney General Jeff Sessions will eventually expose all of this.

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    • The strange looking building at the beginning of the video is the Svalbard Global Seed Vault. That’s when you lost me. I would like to know more about CIA lies and scandals but you need to up your research or lose followers

    • The only video of the first plane that was next to the fire fighters on the ground shows no plane before the building is hit. It does have the plane but if you slow it down or pause it at the right time the plane is gone before the explosion or any damage was done,

    • If this really is about 9/11, would telegraphing disclosure in advance really be the smartest move? It’s seems all a little showbiz and contrived, with a little personality cult promotion thrown in too. On the other hand, this might be an attempt at some misdirection. We’ll see. Personally, I would just put the stuff out there; the mainstream media will ignore it anyway. They have ignored Pizzagate, and the Podesta emails, and not one word about Eric Braverman. Trump won’t be on the right side of the argument on this either. Genuine news is fake news these days..

    • Very nice explanation of Vault 7 . I believe that this information the FBI needs to release is only going to be the tip of the iceberg of all the information dating back before President Bush. The masses are going to finally understand how much the big banks run our government and how much our government funded terror especially with the 911 business.i’d also like to find out about Larry Silverstein’s involvement in 911 considering he told them to pull it. We need to know what they were hiding in those buildings especially World Trade Center building seven. It was like “bleach bit” by pulling that building down. Maybe this will be the year all the elites will be exposed and the riches of the world will be evenly distributed so we can all have our dreams realized. I know that sounds far-fetched but one can only hope

    • If you want to know about Vault 7 – not in cryptic nuances, but in facts, see a new indie movie called “SEEDS.” I saw it last night.” You will see the connection to Monsanto, one of the most fascist corporate entities on the planet.

      Monsanto would love to see Vault 7 disappear. Think back to Kissinger’s comments about owning the food supply and you control the world’s population. Monsanto. NWO. Fourth Reich in the US at this time. Plain and simple.

      This “mystery” from Wikileaks could easily be the footsoldiers for Monsanto, the CIA, following orders to create absurd FUD about the real Vault 7.


      It could, as the narrator points out, be a symbolic reference, e.g. “somebody” (Wikileaks?) has duplicate copies of revalatory information and it may or may not be released. That said, please recall that in the final days of the election, it *appeared* that Wikileaks was compromised. I think at this point Wikileaks is just as suspect as the CIA for putting out disinformation.

      Wikileaks may, indeed, be the CIA’s method of disseminating (dis)information. Not that original docs won’t show up on Wikileaks. It’s more about WHICH docs and why. For example, the CIA used NSA email intercepts and provided them to Wikileaks, throwing Hillary under the bus.

      Look at Dr. Steve Pieczenik’s 11/2/16 YouTube on the Clinton Counter Coup. He explains it all right there. Even brags about it. That’s right, “some” members of the intelligence community threw Hillary under the bus so they could install the Fourth Reich and call it a legitimate election.

      So, please leave Vault 7 alone, and watch out for the bastards now in command.

      • There is intelligence to your comments that I certainly appreciate–when cryptic messages are issued anyone could be writing them. Although I love what JA has done to forward truth, since the “where is JA” episode I’m not all-in with his site any longer. I am suspicious of who is actually controlling it and am always suspicious about cryptic messages.

    • We might want to keep in mind the words of Steve Pieczenik on the matter of the intelligence counter coup, namely that Wikipedia got the leaks from the intelligence community which makes sense when you think about it. Keep in mind here, that FKTV subscribers and a few other like info conduits are like a micro neo-intelligence community and that the greater population doesn’t know anything useful about any of this. Everything is hidden in plain view and only the patient and persistent see through all the disinfo. The greater population wouldn’t have a clue even if hit by a Mack truck because their minds are suckling on the government mass mind control teat that feeds them a steady stream of entertaining propaganda milk. Whatever we are hoping for we are hoping on behalf of the greater population, not ourselves because we already know who, what, why and how 911 was executed. If God himself spoke audibly in the sky over NYC, the rest of the nation would never hear of it if the MSM was either silent or misrepresented it.

      Everything is a rich man’s trick and we know who they are. What is missing is popular support for bringing them to justice which isn’t reliable due to the rich man’s control of MSM. Freedom of the press is a myth to make people believe lies.

      Like it or not our nation is in a race to the finish line, human trafficking and child exploitation are the rich man’s self funding leverage, but also his Achilles heel. One has to think big concerning this because both are much larger than we are willing to admit. Waves if illegal immigration are a form of human trafficking and we see how this battle is shaping up. Behind the scenes another form of human trafficking is simultaniously talking place to ensnare generally morally weak politicians in honey traps to control them, making sure they don’t interfere with the larger part of their trafficking operations.

      Wikileaks has already provided the wedge we need, lets not waste time and effort looking for another. If it comes, it comes, meanwhile use what we got.

      • I appreciate your post and bringing up the connection between immigration and human trafficking. Very insightful. Do younhave a blog? Id like to read more of your writing.

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