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In this week’s installment of Luke Rudkowski’s increasingly popular weekly segment, ‘What the Hell Happened Last Week’, he leads with a direct message chat log between Romanian hacker, Guccifer 2.0 and a Playboy model, in which the former confides that his primary leaker for the DNC emails was 27-year-old DNC staffer, Seth Rich, found murdered under mysterious circumstances last July.

Luke also covers a story blacked-out by the Mainstream Media about the 80,000 people who demonstrated last weekend in Belgrade, Serbia to protest their repressive government. He notes that a major bombing campaign by Saudi Arabia of Yemen last week was similarly overlooked by the Mainstream Media (MSM), as these events are not aligned with the US State Department’s narrative – as the only function of the MSM is to forward the narrative of the US Deep State.

An example of the most shameless and pathetic Deep State shill currently employed by CNN today is Jake Tapper, who last week urged his Twitter followers to follow the tweets of @AlabedBana, an alleged 7-year-old girl in Syria, who posts US State Department-friendly messages in perfect, grammatical English.

Images of the carnage of innocent civilians during the Vietnam War were pivotal to the creation of the 1960s anti-war movement, which is why we no longer see such images of US-backed aggression, unless these serve the official narrative.

The Stockholm jihadi terror attack last week, which killed 4 people, using the latest trendy technique of running people over in the streets with a truck, received scant coverage, perhaps overshadowed by the story of the week, which was Trump’s unilateral and illegal bombing of a Syrian airfield, during the State Visit of Chinese leader, Xi Jinping at the former’s extravagant Florida resort, Mar-a-Lago.

There are more stories covered here from last week’s firehose of shady goings-on and Luke’s sharp analysis, including North Korea, Kim Jong-un, U.S.-Russia relations, Putin and more.

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  • Nazi Germany experimented on their prisoners, too. There’s no difference between the Nazi Deep State CIA actors, et al and the WWII German Nazis, except exposure. The monsters are worldwide with the West and Israel leading the pack.

    So many times over the last few years I’ve thought that something has got to give. And, nothing did. About 10-days ago there was a change. Did you notice? Did you feel it? There was a surge, a change in resonance. For me the result was a calm ‘knowing’ as if lifting one’s face to a soft warm sun on a perfect day. I do not have the science behind the change but I felt it happen. Whether it’s being imposed on us from afar by our sun or it is celestial interactions with our planet the change has come. My hope is that it represents that ‘tipping point’ on which we’ve all been waiting–eradication of the Deep State worldwide and all their networks. The fallout will be chaos, of course, especially for those who take/make sides.

    THERE ARE NO SIDES. It’s manipulation and it’s artificial. Luke–good work. Keep it up.

  • Trump; Just swimming in the swamp, and has acreage for sale, with free swamp gas. So, nothing has changed, wow, big surprise. CIA wins again, we louse again, no change….

  • When Trump hypocritically uttered the words; Beautiful babies were cruelly murdered in this very barbaric attack. No child of God should ever suffer such horror, I wanted to gag. It was so obvious that Assad had nothing to do with it and that it was’t Sarin gas, that even a nine year old could see through the lie. It was sickening to realize that Trump had either been deceiving us all along or else he had been co-opted by the neocon and the Ziocon war mongers.

    Thousands of Christians are murdered in cold blood in the name of regime change in Syria by USG mercenaries and not one tear is shed for them by these self righteous war mongers.

    May they be snared in their own wicked devices!

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