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    Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt interviews Dr. Joseph Farrell about the ongoing saga of the Deep State vs the US Presidency, in the wake of the shock bombing of a Syrian airbase by the Trump Administration.

    President Trump now finds himself basking in the praise of the same media that had days earlier been unrelentingly accusing him of being a ‘Russian Agent’. Trump went from “zero to hero”, in his portrayals by the Corporate Media and by Bilderberg journalists like Fareed Zakaria, who proclaimed, ‘Trump just became President’ and by reinstated MSNBC anchor, Brian Williams calling the airstrikes ‘Beautiful.’ Farrell’s contends that this dramatic change in press rhetoric is evidence that the Deep State is taking control of the Trump White House.

    Just prior to the Syrian bombing, Trump campaign strategist, Steve Bannon was removed from the National Security Council. Previous to this, the CIA had assisted the media in the downfall of General Flynn by leaking damaging information that was used to again promote the bogus, ‘Putin-Trump-Russia are in Collusion’ narrative as a means to further the World War III they seem intent on having.

    Almost all of President Trump’s major campaign strategists are nowhere to be seen, while his policies are reversed, one after another.

    Suddenly, Neocon General ‘Strangelove’ McMaster has become the face of military operations, superseding Defense Secretary ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis.

    Hardcore Trump supporters that all of this is just so much “3D Chess” but Farrell sees the Deep State challenging the Presidency in ways not seen since the JFK Assassination. He sees the false narrative of the “chemical attack” on a Syrian village being used to drive the US into another war.

    Timely and unnerving, you don’t want to miss Part 1 of this Dark Journalist episode.

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    • “Deep state coup,” my ass.

      The Corporate Fascist MI Complex of the Fourth Reich put Trump in power and it was just a matter of time before they took him out behind the shed and explained to him how things work in DC.

      You suckers who thought anything was anything different are now scrambling to make excuses for getting snookered by the carnival barker from CNY who has lied from his first word as an infant.

      What hypocrisy!

      • You are right-on in your assessment. We all had some hope in the beginning. However, when he began loading his cabinet with the same actors any critical thought applied to the scenario would have had to assess the move as nothing less than the usual suspects in the usual positions of authority–so no change, likely worse. AND here we are.

        The excuse machine is in full swing now, just like Obummer supporters for eight long years. However, I don’t think the general populace is suffering from hypocrisy but rather desperate hope combined with an equally desperate need to worship an almighty leader/authority/god and be saved by ‘someone’ else, rather than recognizing they must save themselves. Apparently, you didn’t get those genes. Nor did I. Be thankful. Being devoid of them allows you to see the truth (not that doing so is winning any prizes).

        • And Joseph, loss the hat inside. (We all know your hair is falling out, honey.) The hat is huge, obscures the camera and is distracting when you lean forward. Feels like you’re about to poke us all in the eye with a stick.

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