As this footage from a Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) drone shows, only 23 missiles from US destroyers reached the targeted Syrian airfield and it is still unclear where the other 36 missiles landed, according to Russian MoD spokesman, Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov.

“On April 7, at the time between 3:42 and 3:56 a.m. Moscow time, a massive missile attack by 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles was carried out from two destroyers of the US Navy [Ross and Porter], from the Mediterranean Sea, near the island of Crete, targeting the Syrian airfield Ash Sha’irat [in Homs Province]…The strike did destroy many facilities and equipment, including six planes.”

Konashenkov continued, “According to the information from the leadership of the Syrian airbase, two Syrian servicemen went missing, four were killed and six received burn injuries while fighting the fire at the base.”

The Russian Defense Ministry further concluded that the US missile attack on a Syrian airbase has been in preparation for a long time. “A large system of measures of reconnaissance, planning, preparation of flight tasks and bringing the missiles to launch-readiness was required to carry out such an attack.” Konashenkov continued, the Idlib chemical attack “Served only as a formal pretext, while the demonstration of military force took place exclusively due to domestic political reasons.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin described the attack as an “Aggression against a sovereign state,” with Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov stating, “We assess such actions of the US side as a gross violations of the memorandum on incident prevention and ensuring security in operations in the Syrian airspace signed in 2015. The Russian Defense Ministry is suspending cooperation with the Pentagon within the framework of this memorandum.”

The Russian Defense Ministry added, “The administrations of the United States have changed but the methods of unleashing wars have remained the same since Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya. And again, the pretext of aggression is not an objective investigation, but allegations, fact-manipulation, showing photos and pseudo-vials at international organizations.”

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