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    I love Luke Rudkowski’s What the Hell Really Happened series and I’ve been meaning to run it again for some time. He’s always amusing and this is a good episode.

    It emerged last week that all of Donald Trump’s emails during the transition period were stolen by Robert Mueller. Meanwhile, the FBI’s subpoena of Hillary’s homebrew server and those at the center of the DNC’s claims of Russian Hacking were ignored without consequences. I wonder how you or I would fare if we disobeyed an FBI subpoena?

    Luke gets into the New York Times’/DOD’s recent soft disclosure about UFOs, which I covered with Dark Journalist last Sunday evening and more in this punchy segment.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Luke speaks quite eloquently on the “news”. His insightful analysis is clearly more accurate than ANYTHING from th MSM.

      When are we gonna take the power greed perverts out of power? We need a real world war like a hole in the head, and these traitors are trying to start one…so we Must overthrow all power perverts now.

    • Mueller’s investigative team didn’t “steal” Trump’s transition emails. All those emails were managed by the General Services Administration, a government agency. The emails were obtained lawfully.

      “When we have obtained emails in the course of our ongoing criminal investigation, we have secured either the account owner’s consent or appropriate criminal process,” Peter Carr, a spokesman for the special counsel’s office said. – The Hill, 12/17/17

      • This Russiagate nonsense is not about law enforcement or lawful due process, it’s a very scary, partisan abuse of power. The law was weaponized against Trump to investigate a crime he didn’t commit (on top of weaponizing the MSM & Antifa against him), meanwhile Hillary was pronounced by the head of the investigation, Comey to not have Mens rea about her crimes so was not charged. It was not Comey’s job to exonerate her. He was not the prosecutor or the judge.

        I was lifelong Democrat until this garbage happened.

    • Totally agree that the war in Yemen and the blockade of its port is outrageous, as is the blame being made on Iran. Likewise, the creeping annexation of the West Bank, its illegal settlements and continued destruction of Palestinian homes is only allowed by support from successive US administrations. Every time a resolution is proposed in the UN to curtail Israel’s deplorable oppression and its disregard for International Law, it is cynically vetoed by the US. The civilised world should be ashamed that this appalling situation is allowed to continue and nothing done about it. The Zionist claim that the land is theirs from 3,000 years ago is nor more valid than the First Nation or Native Americans claiming the same thing. What would be the reaction if the White House, the Senate and State Department were bull-dozed to enable tepees to be erected?

    • The population is SHOCKED!!!! OMG! Where the hell have these ‘shocked’ people been all their lives? Apparently, the mass of humanity puts their heads in the sand like a flock of ostriches at birth and never pulls it out again until they die or the MSM tells them that flying objects exist which are ‘seemingly’ not terrestrial. (That’s another story.) GOD! Even if a person has never experienced/sighted a UFO or whatever the vehicles are being termed this year that same individual can belly-up to the information bar and do a little research. It doesn’t take much. DUH! I grow more and more frustrated with humanity on this point. GET A LIFE PEOPLE!!! You actually think/believe you are the only intelligent beings in the multi-verse? What arrogance and stupidity! GOD!!!

      Humanity is all FEED ME, FEED ME NOW, I DIDN’T HEAR ANYTHING BEFORE THIS VERY MOMENT, like so many corporate CEOs I’ve had the unfortunate opportunity to encounter in life. Geez!

      …and that’s my rant for today. GOD!

    • Thank You for introducing me to Luke and his work. To be so young and so aware.
      Luke’s insights and bursts of information keep me focused on today’s issues.
      At this time I find myself digging into Jordan Maxwell’s and Manly P. Hall’s work to the point I am listening and watching more than reading. The need to watch and listen while the info is still available drives me.
      I look forward to your daily newsletter to keep me current. Thank You.

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