Similarly to the way he looked in his official To the Stars presentation video, Tom DeLonge often seems nervous and insecure during this interview on the Joe Rogan Experience that was posted late last October. It left me uncomfortable and deeply skeptical of his new entertainment and space technology venture which, in partnership with several military/intelligence advisors is crowdsourcing investment from among his fans.

In light of the UFO disclosure articles published in the New York Times and in the Washington Post last weekend, which featured some members of DeLonge’s team but which studiously ignored DeLonge, himself I think this interview deserves a closer look.

DeLonge does reveal some things that I’ve never heard before – like his belief that what crashed at Roswell were Nazis from Argentina (!) or the details of how an ET craft folds space and time around it but he spends an awful lot of time telling his host that he can’t discuss this or that. At least he’s honest about how he’s working with members of the government to release information that’s been kept secret for ages and that they by no means intend to release it all.

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  • at the beginning; people laugh and make fun of the truth; in the end; the truthteller laughs last. Rogan is a damned fool.

  • Who is this guy and why is he talking about things he knows nothing about? More disinformation from the MIC secret space program.

  • I think Mulder and Skully would have been more believable intermediaries. Tom’s ability to articulate the concepts is limited at best. I guess the Hidden government has resorted to a third grade vocabulary to reach the dumbed down populace in order to go to war with intergalactic beings. The Star Nations pose no threat or we would have been toast by now. All Tom will do is play into war mongering agendas

  • This is shill on shill ! How much is the Deep Gov. paying for this dis-information or no information elaborate propaganda scheme?

  • This is a very focused interview despite all the shiftiness, backtracking, double talking, attempts at redirecting by the “guest”. It was uncomfortable watching the body language antics of the “guest”. The interviewer who was cool calm and collected would not let the “guest” off the hook.

  • I have not hard evidence but still DeLonge looks like a tool. Rock stars and movie stars are the perfect people deluded about their own importance; perfect to be used to run an op.

    Joe Farrell talks about Nazis at Roswell. Admiral Byrd’s statement that we face an enemy who can fly pole to pole was an indication that “someone” had such flight ability. UFOs had free reign over the skies, outflying our planes, so reaching Roswell or Washington DC to show what they had is hardly unlikely.

    Now if you really want to go into uncharted territory try Douglas Dietrich who claims the Japs never really lost the war, =had advanced tech, and that the “saucers” over Roswell were really part of the Empires long range dirigible fleet, which was manned by extra short Japanese who shaved their bodies of all hair (due to static electricity concerns in super-sized fleet sized hydrogen lifted warship. He says when crashed and burned the small hairless men were mistaken at first for “aliens.”

    I figure all three are possible: Nazis claimed help from offworld peeps, so maybe they found bases on Antarctica (despite Farrell’s opinion) or at least made further earthly contact. SOMETHING is going on down there! Then the Japs: Dietrich seems to have extensive knowledge of just how much further the Jap WWII tech was than we “victors” want to let on. Not to mention he brings in the occult mode which military wanted, anything or being they could weaponize. And… all the disclosure history seems pretty clear, including latest JFK info, that indeed, various groups of aliens, off-worlders, Earth Elders returned, or Older Earth civilization remnants (think survivors of Atlantis, etc.), though small in number but very influential behind the scenes, … they are now coming out of the closet as the rest of humanity might finally be getting mature enough to embrace a much richer and stranger earth history, without slaughtering the strangers like we did with the giants, and probably the elongaged skulled ones.


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