The New York Times ran two UFO stories this past Saturday which relate directly to Tom DeLonge’s To the Stars venture, to his military/intelligence team and to the associated 2004 UFO sighting from the supercarrier USS Nimitz. Tom DeLonge himself was conspicuously absent from the New York Times’ reports, where we learn that former Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) funneled “Dark money” into the aerospace company of his billionaire friend, Robert Bigelow.

During the 2016 Presidential campaign, we saw Hillary Clinton on the Jimmy Kimmel Show talking about the new term for UFOs, “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” and we know that her campaign manager, John Podesta is a big fan of whatever “Disclosure” means to him. Despite their not getting into the White House, “Disclosure” appears to be on track.

I joined Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt and the New Energy Movement’s Susan Manewich to discuss this calculated UFO acclimatization operation.

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  • I have alerted the Canadian and Northern Ireland MPs etc.

    Note: Werner von Braun, on his death bed (1977), warned all people that the USA SHADOW government (cabal), that the Cabal [ Military Industrial Complex & The Money Mafia (The FED), etc.] were planning, first a War against Terrorism { this has taken place starting with the ‘False Flag’ of 9/11 }, to be followed by a ‘False Flag’ War on the World, to be carried out by American Pilots using American built UFOs with the intention of initially killing 50 million people (i.e. culling the heard!), forcing the people to ALLOW the Military Cabal to set up a One World Government with NO freedoms for the remaining people!!! Note how our FREEDOM has decreased after 9/11 for example! (Lineups at Airports and border check points etc.,)

    My worry about the above OFFERING CIRCULAR DATED SEPTEMBER 29, 2017 of, The Stars Academy of Arts and Science Inc. is that they may also plan to get peoples money (by false pretense) as part of the proposed War Against the World Campaign! to be blamed on Aliens. Perhaps the USA and World governments are coming-clean with respect to UFOs, Flying Saucers, and the fact that we are not alone in the Universe. The once, dragged in the mud name, UFO, has now been changed to UAP !!! Why?
    Reason: you have to let the PUBLIC know that UFOs exist, before attacking them with UFOs otherwise the public would believe that they were a new type of American Aircraft now designated as UAPs !!!! Note: The USA has built UFO looking and operating craft, see pages 36 to 39 for details. They are of all shapes and sizes!

    Please note Paul T Hellyer’s comments as included in the following statement:
    The message of Paul T Hellyer’s applies to EVERYBODY. The USA claims to be the World Leader but their example of leadership is in doubt. The FED should be replaced by a BANK owned by the People of America !!! The FED keeps the US People in DEBT.

  • The aholes released this ufo footage before Christmas so WE WOULD forget about it.

    Fire them all, imprison many, and liquidate the corrupt.

    I’ll weigh each case and make the hard decisions, based on fact. Step on up – the Doctor (Judge) is IN!

  • I like what the blonde said about caring for Earth and each other – SUPER SALIENT POINT!

    But we need to not just point to the 1%; we need to decapitate them all.

  • The shitternet has jumped the shark. The gov’t is OUT OF CONTROL, from the covert theft of taxpayer money, to the Goebbels-esque security state, to the douchebag in the oval orifice.

    Folks, we have to take our guns to DC and throw all these motherfuckers into jail.

  • The latest piece shared some comments from a cute long haired blonde that is totally not credible of credentialed. She has blinders on as ALL the technologies that she says are being suppressed are not in the least. Timing is everything, plus the slice of truth seekers in our US society is so full of Media redundancy, it is obvious she is a victim of such stories and such. She is a plant by an agenda to keep the masses confused and spoon fed tired repeating recordings.
    I am surprised you did not thoroughly vet her background…….tsk tsk…

  • I PRAY this “Crack in the door” leads to full disclosure; I saw one up close and personal in a Kansas Cornfield in 1961; when i was 14. I KNOW they are REAL; the Government has destroyed so many Lives making FOOLS out of people who reported these sightings. I PRAY these sightings have the “Powers to be” looking over their shoulders…I am a Christuan; and pray the Catholic Church follows suit….

      • Yes indeed, and unsurprisingly it looks like many of the dangerous puppet masters are British. I’m on the last chapter of the committee of 300. Are there any other books you’d recommend about this group?

      • Sometime in the 90’s, I believe. The Arabs bid to buy the U.S. East coast sea ports and the Fake News Media slipped up and showed a picture of the U.S. East coast sea ports. They all had British flags at each port.
        Someone, who pulls strings, had it stopped and I have never seen it again. I call it blacked out.
        So much for defeating King George.
        Richard Sharp

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