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By Cullen McCue

Surging GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy issued a heartfelt rebuke of the Biden DOJ’s latest four-count indictment against former President Trump in connection with his objections to the 2020 election. Ramaswamy has arguably been the most vocal Trump challenger in the GOP primary field when it comes to pushing back against the DOJ’s politically motivated indictments and has repeatedly pledged to pardon Trump if elected.

“It would be easier for me if Donald Trump were eliminated from competition. That’s not how I wanna win. This is not about politics. To me, this is about first principles,” Ramaswamy began. “We do not want to become a country where the party in power is able to use Banana Republic like tactics to eliminate its political opponents.”

“And I’m sad to say that’s exactly where we are. The allegations in this indictment fall flat. It is wrong, and incorrect, and inaccurate to place blame for what happened on January 6 at the feet of Donald Trump,” he continued.

Ramaswamy — who has surged to third place in a number of recent polls after entering the race as a political unknown — went on to say that he may have made different decisions if he were in office at the time. The GOP contender went on to stress that Trump did not commit a crime, however. “He specifically told the protesters that day to behave peacefully,” Ramaswamy said.

“The First Amendment in this country gives political protesters the ability to express themselves and their opinions freely,” he continued.

Ramaswamy went on to reiterate his belief that “pervasive, systematic censorship” led to the minor rioting on January 6. Throughout his campaign, Ramaswamy has repeatedly pointed to glowing endorsements of the months-long, violent BLM riots from elected Democrats and the mainstream media as contributing factors to the climate that led to the protests.

“That was after a year, where we had told people across this nation, that you had to stay locked down in your house, in your basement. And shut up, sit down, do what you’re told. If you question that, you’re racist, you’re anti science,” Ramaswamy continued. “You had to stay home and locked down, unless you were part of BLM or Antifa, in which case it was perfectly fine to roam the streets of this country and burn many of them down.”

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  • It’s All part of a Show.
    The indictment is Phony.
    It is Not properly addressed “The United States of America”
    Article I. The Stile of this Confederacy shall be….

  • The January 6th riot was instigated by FBI and CIA operatives on orders from Nasty Pelosi and Schmuck Schumer IMHO. The Democrats can’t win fair elections anymore they are using the deep state to “win” elections forever and rule over us slaves.

  • He is running for the Office of President of privately owned commercial municipal corporation. Everybody WTFU! If you are not an employee (paycheck – military or civil servant), dependent (government handout), volunteer (withholding agent) or Franchisee (U.S. Citizen) then turn in your Voter Registration and exit the contract. Join your State Assembly and learn to self-govern! It is hard work but you will have the correct status, standing and capacity to tell our sub-contractor commercial corporations (United States Inc) what they can and can’t do according to their service contract called a “Constitution”. Time to rethink how our Federal Government is organized. Are you ware 1824 Webster’s defines the word Federal as a synonym for contract? Those alive back then sure did! Federal Government means “contract government”. Correct your status now and perform as the actual factual EMPLOYER! of these out of control municipal corporations that only exist in “Commerce” as registered paper entities…foreign jurisdiction international registered CROWN paper entities. Americans are not subject to foreign law! Are you an American or are you a U.S. Citizen?
    No American is subject to foreign law –Amendment XI – Correct you effing status now!

  • It’s very apparent that we have race haters running the country and the media. If I’m Rich & White then I’m a problem. If I’m something other I’m free to do anything I want. The DOJ will cover for me. Same with politicians if your RNC your mud, the media interviews will be sharply biased and blazing hot. If you’re a DNC operative the media will always have your back. They use old school politics left for the people right for the corporations. Well gang I think the pendulum has swung the other way. Biden and family has a monopoly on corruption and kickbacks. Maybe Trump is a little greedy and sells too many tee shirts. The reality is we can’t trust any of them. We can’t trust the corporate media or even the public safety or intelligence agencies. Now we have to wonder how far the medical community is involved in this elite power grab.

  • The view from my part of the world saw Trump as responsible for inciting his followers to go to the capital, leading them to think he would do so as well, but not only did he not show up, he had apparently failed to see to it that those supporters had adequate field marshals to keep them orderly and lawful.

    This is why I have long been critical of Trump because he habitually failed to deliver what his big mouth promised. He likely loves America, but he’s an actor and not a good judge of character. That’s what did him in. He surrounded himself with a bunch of snakes.

    People remarked at the time how smart he was to keep his enemies close so he could keep an eye on them. How did that work out?

    Concerning his indictment, it reads more like a propaganda hit piece than and indictment. It sounds like it was written by thought police who somehow got into Trumps head and divined his intentions. It is loaded with conspiracy theories. Worse it sets a very dangerous precedent, not only for Presidents in the future, but for ANYONE who seriously questions election results!

    • I agree 100%.
      Trump hugs the flag, and talk big against wars. When he got in office he hired ALL WAR MONGERS NEOCONS, who hates his got….he gave away the store to Israel, yet he was toppled by mostly communist Ashkenazi cabal. A leader of an honorable world power cannot say we have to take the oil of conquered nations like Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Syria, …Such translates its highway robberies rather than honorable military that is “combating terrorism”???

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