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    This interview was banned by YouTube last week…

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • I wish Robert Kennedy would Stop praising Franklin Roosevelt, when it was Franklin Roosevelt that operated out of “Fear” & brought The United States of America into WW2 by putting Fear into the People. It was All Propagated Nonsense!

    • RFK is saying most of the right things except his view on carbon which is not only the lynch pin of global dominionist, it’s the current lynch pin of the Commiecrat Party to which he is a party.

      How he overcomes that dead weight remains a mystery! If he intends to.

      It is impossible for humanity to exist on the scale it now does without low cost energy and any energy comes with a price tag. THERE AIN’T NO FREE LUNCH!

      What his party has been trying to sell everybody, is nonsense, addle brained nonsense for which there is a flourishing market. Its being sold by retailers in the dis-education establishment, the false visual reality shows and entertainment nooze shows to which hundreds of millions of trained monkeys are addicted. But the monkeys are waking up out of the illusion now all over the world and the feudal landlords are becoming desperate.

      What could have been more desperate than what they did to a sitting president and what they are doing now to a presidential candidate, the leading presidential candidate!

      All this has happened before. Humans keep making the same mistakes because they forget what their ancestors experienced at the hand of them that holds the gold.

      Americans have forgotten that it was the US State Department that facilitated the rise of the CCP under Mao and that it was the Democrat Clinton who opened the door for the monopoly corporations to move their production to China, thus cutting the legs out from under Americans who had grown up around those corporations which overnight left town and left them bagging groceries for a living. Look at those cities today! Many in ruin with the flight of the middle class! But not to worry, foreign invaders are filling the gap.

      The Republicans were then and now no help to their home town constituency at all, because they were and are beholden to their principle donors – the monopoly corporation principals who benefitted from offshoring! Does the reader remember? This writer has not forgotten and is observing the blowback rise of the eastern sun – a modernized powerful industrial state of China doing in America what Americans used to do!

      RFK gets this much, but does he get the big plan to resize consumption and resized consumers from the top of America down and from the bottom up all at the same time giving American voters the bum’s rush to global dominion??

      • JD, your certainly right about “foreign invaders filling the gap from the Middle Class flight.”
        Also “He that Holds the Gold” is Russia, Romanov Dynasty & Prussia Empire. Both still exist.
        Tsar Nicholas & Kaiser Wilhelm II, deposited Ten Billion Metric Tons of Gold into the Bank of England before the Red Terror Bolshevik took over. The 100 year Bonds have expired, and the Gold returned to the rightful owners.
        Nothing frightens the American Establishment more than the specter of a Union between Russia & Germany. It’s a historical fear dating back to the rise of Papal Power of Constatine the Great. “Them as Holds the Gold, makes the Rules.”

    • That was great! Thank You FKTN.
      To have no fear means to not fear the physical death. Maybe frequently connected to the experience of loosing somebody extremely important, like family member.

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