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This clip, entitled “Marciano” (“Martian”) appeared on the UNICEF Chile Facebook page at the end of July 2015 and they are the owners this video.

It does a great job of causing you to develop empathy for a new student in a school who is mercilessly picked on and rejected by his peers because he is “different”. In this case, his difference is that he looks like a hybrid between a human and reptilian – or alternately, a human hybrid with a classic, cable TV “Grey” alien.

The young boy’s classic, pop-cultural ET appearance could be seen as a metaphor for “difference” and this piece could simply be a message of acceptance of “others” directed towards children but I tend to disagree that this is the only way to see this video.

First of all, Chile is not an extremely diverse society, such as that of the US, where in the households of New York City alone, over 800 languages are spoken every day. In Chile, Spanish is spoken by 99.5% of the population, which is composed of 89% European and 11% Indigenous South Americans – and a few Polynesians from Easter Island, which is part of Chile.

Secondly, details here point to this being a strong message specifically about aliens and/or alien hybrids: We see him at home, lying in bed with flying saucer print sheets, as he looks wistfully at the glow-in-the dark starfield on the bedroom ceiling.

During a school play where, onstage, we see young children playing the roles of a sorcerer and a Monarch butterfly-winged girl, the young outcast reveals his superpower skills in telekinesis to levitate the children onstage, thus adding more “magic” and drama to the magically-themed set-piece.

Suddenly, our green-skinned friend becomes the most popular boy in his class, as UNICEF urges us (in Spanish), “Don’t miss the opportunity to accept somebody different. Don’t miss the opportunity to for them to change your life.”

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  • This would be impossible because they would be carrying germs that we would be susceptible to and there would be a plague like effect across the Globe and Millions would be killed off. and that is just number one thing that will happen.

  • Remember Him and He will not forget You when your time comes..
    Selah and let it be through the power of the Most High in Jesus name.

  • You know, when we think of an ideal place we would love to be in.. We think of pure creeks with crystal clear running fresh water, forests and mountains with lots of trees, rivers with plenty of clean un polluted fish with no heavy metals and dioxides in them, no cars no acid rain no holes in the ozone layer etc etc..
    Strangely enough, this is the exact place the Most High has planned for us after all this that is coming has been completed. It is exactly the same earth our race was given prior to all the murder destruction greed and wickedness which has overtaken this poor earth we live on, spinning on its axis travelling through time and space as it was meant to before it was overtaken by all of this greed and evil..

  • “Even the devil lucifer himself dresses himself as an angel of light”.
    Instead accept Yeshua (Jesus) and then when the poo hits the fan He will not forget you as you have accepted Him already even if it is just through blind faith that you do it, he will not turn you away when your time comes..
    The best bit?? Those who He takes with Him. Will get to see the “New Earth” where the lion will lay down with the lamb. A child can put its hand into a vipers nest but not be bitten. A person will have the lifespan greater than a tree ( there are trees on this earth still living over 3000 years old plus and still going). There will be no wars, no gnashing of teeth and no tears of pain no money..

  • They have desicrated the natural beauty with pollution and stolen the heritage which was created for us humans by our Heavenly Father.
    Whether you believe in Him or not He is real. He is alive and there is only so much He will take as He sees the Mother Earth destroyed.
    It is NOT too late to accept Yeshua rather than these evil beings who have already been exploiting us and our planet and using the church and these world leaders as puppets. The world leaders are NOT the head of the system in each respective country.
    They are only about number 6 down in the chain. They are being lead by these evil beings.
    We are born into this earth but our spirits will live forever.
    Don’t be fooled by any world announcements you hear about these beings coming in peace.

  • Man will destroy the earth and no amount of seed banks in the ice caps, no amount of underground cities or world heritage parks (which have been arranged for the world elite the heads of the one world system and all of its evils, for a period of forcast growth AFTER they have wiped out two thirds of the earth population, complete control of the rest with a mark on the forehead or the hand which will allow you only to buy and sell if you have this mark. These beings and world illuminati leaders desire to have the whole world for themselves after everyone else is gone/killed off as dissenters) this will not succeed. They will all be brought to ruin and justice and will have to bow before the Most High. They will beg for their mercy but it will NOT be granted as they have taken the life of Mother Earth.

  • n conclusion. The Great and Most High Yawah and his son Yehua will crush and burn these beings in a Great War which will be carried out in the heavens (the skies and space around earth) Micheal the arch angel will be wounded and defeated however then the big game will be played out by Yeshua (Jesus) and he will bing the enemy evil angels (grey or reptilian or other alien beings) and will throw them into the lake of eternal fire. This will bring the rise of the new earth ( the meek will inherit the earth) made by the Most High and all evil will be bound and burning in the pit..
    I pray, He who has an Ear let him hear. He who has eyes, let him see mighty God, that this deception has nothing to do with you and these beings are not wise council.

  • these are the faceless beings behind these world organisations that no one ever actually see’s.
    They will tell you that it has been kept a secret because they didn’t want to panic everybody ( like any brilliant deception there is an element of truth to this) but “we have had contact with and a peace treaty with these beings for many years, we have had dealings with them and find them to be honest, trustworthy and we want you to accept them as we already have. ( I mean this has been going on since 1954 and we are all still here aren’t we?? The world didn’t. Turn upside down did it??) we believe they could teach us a lot, we want the people of earth to accept them, they mean us no harm and after all they are our for fathers anyway they love us we are their children)

  • There was the evil greys and also a reptilian race as well.
    It does not take any real stretch of the imagination to realise that the Jesuit Catholic Church which is accepting and perpetuating this change is NOT a representative of Yawah nor a representative of Christ his son.
    The head of the Catholic Church in the U.S was also at the meeting with these Nordics and most likely the meetings with the greys as well. The Catholic Church ( the Pontif) was informed of the outcomes many years ago and like the Majestic 12 Comms and CIA cleansing of all known opponents and information, or those who may wish to expose this treaty ( rest in peace John F Kennedy) Church and its cronies on this earth will accept and give their blessings to these evil star children ( who I might add have already started ruling the world with their hybrid humanoid beings already in the top positions in the world bank and the UN

  • Many people will accept this rubbish and go along their merry ways thinking” yeah it makes sense, I always wondered about that stuff. Wow they have such advanced technology and most likely are gods.”
    The fact is that this great deception will obviously deceive many. It is what we were also warned about by the Nordics who described they greys as evil deceitful. In other words evil liars.
    We could make the observation that evil liars and the enemy of God (Yawah) are the same entity.
    It has been said that there was more than one meeting with these entities ( star children) as described by the previous comment’s author. Who is obviously either a sympathiser of the deceivers or a part of the desentisation team which is being referred to in the video you just watched.

    It should be known that not only were the Nordics human like in there appearance, there was another race of Aliens who looked almost identical to humans.

  • They will talk of peace!, peace.. But their intention is evil
    They will also say that we have been coming here for many years, thousands of years. And that intact the reason we turned from Neanderthal to Homo Sapian was because of them ( that they are the missing link we could never find). They will also say that the Angels described in Holy books are actually them….. The next step?? Well of course it is to tell us that they are actually the reason Mary had a child without actually having laid with Joseph. In other words the immaculate conception was because of them and that in fact they are what we know as GOD.
    The fact however is that this has been for -told thousands of years ago and has been named “The Great Deception”. Many people will accept this rubbish

  • This was because Eisenhower and his advisors were duped into
    believing that these experiments were necessary to save them ( the greys) and allow them to survive on their planet (in the Orian constellation) which was slowly dying.. Orson Wells was actually really close to the mark with war of the worlds.
    Interestingly since these experiments began, we have had Aids epidemic ( an immune system cancer) our immune system and DNA including growth hormones are all governed by the endocrine system.
    Of course these “wise elders” as described by the previous comment are going to come riding I on a white horse and tell us that they can cure AIDS (which they created) and other cancers and we should listen to them.

  • If the U.S. president Eisenhower had have listened to the Nordics and made a nuclear disarmourment treaty with no need for alien technology stop destroying the earth and raping its resources and return to peace and harmony with our fellow man, we wouldn’t be in this position.
    However, instead, by making a treaty with the “evil” greys who were orbiting the equator at the time and whom he and his Majic 12 group were warned about, we have since been exposed to rapid growth in technology ( in return for human abductees). These poor people were subjected to ridicule and disbelief regarding their experiences and had experiments performed on them, endocrine fluid removed, in vitro fertilisation performed and DNA removed as part of the treaty or agreement with the evil greys.

  • With Japan dumping 3 to 400 tons of radioactive water daily into the Pacific for the last five years (no end in sight) huge dead zones, etc, maybe these beings could start there, before we create our own self annihilation.

  • Another in the long list of slow drip, drip, drip pieces of disclosure information meant to cover the Cabal’s murderous tracks with a warm and fuzzy message about acceptance. This is all while the greater populace it told nothing of value without digging out the truths and lining up the unmatched dots. Nothing new here. However, it’s telling and disturbing that UNICEF is targeting children as they continue to blind their parents and the general public of any real truth. That’s the UN, NATO, world governing bodies, etc.—disturbing. Oh! but you have to have “special” powers to be accepted, don’t forget!

  • Whether the first attempt from a legitimate source (UNICEF) to help Terrans accept hybrids and star people, or just an example of how to understand xenophobia, this is excellent news. The powers that be, and the corrupt MF’ers (Bilderberger, NWO, secret gov’t, the US Military, etc.) need to start releasing similar PR material, because there is too much overwhelming evidence that aliens are here, both as visitors/ explorers, and as guides shaping our evolution. Seems to me that a planet with an advanced civilization was destroyed in our system millions of years ago – possibly through self annihilation – and the star beings don’t want a repeat of that here. So let’s cut the nonsense, accept these truths, and get on with shaping Terrans, removing the greedy polluting selfish leaders, and putting in a counsel of wise elders, to make Earth the paradise it’s meant to be.

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