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    Erin Elizabeth of Healthnut News reports that her cellphone acts like it’s demonically-possessed and it appears to become hijacked, when she is home, as this eerie video shows. She thinks the very blatant interference of her phone could be an intimidation technique.

    Erin is the first person who began reporting on the unexpected and sudden deaths of several leading holistic doctors who were known to be healthy. She is the first to publicly speculate on the possible connection between these tragic deaths.

    Many of these doctors were working on the connection between the high levels of the enzyme, nagalase found in the blood of both autism and cancer patients. Nagalase blocks the human immune system response, as described in depth here. Many of these doctors surmised that nagalase has been artificially introduced into the bodies of their patients through vaccines.

    Erin is the significant other of alternative health powerhouse, Dr. Joseph Mercola, whose website, is perhaps the most important health website there is. His site receives over 2M page views per day (and on there, you can buy the DVD of a film I produced, ‘Heal for Free’).

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    • Hi,
      This sounds like a simple hack.
      The fact that this only occurs in you home implies that you have a wifi router with inactive/misconfigured firewall.
      Also, normally for this to be possible your phone also needs to be running some app that allows remote control.
      You will most likely stop this by fixing your router and resetting your phone.

    • Hello my suggestion is the same I sent MrCati on youtube yesterday who’s been attacked by cell phone pulse frequency because he’s code breaking NWO plans. I’ve sent him your story! Purchase some meters & shielding material from or other stores with sound. I was amazed just from holding one 3-4 feet away from my Wi-Fi modem how they are trying to kill us off.
      We carry a iPhone shield that uses a Tesla coil @

      Good luck.
      Gordon Compson

    • Erin…I hope you are well and in good spirits. I follow your work, and have been aware of the murders of the doctors since the very first reporting of it.
      The fact that you have received threatening info, and that phone of yours has actually told you that you have cancer is beyond coincidence my dear. You are dealing with the cabal here, so please be careful, and keep someone with you for your safely.
      I would be concerned that they may use some sort of RF device to harm you, as they have many weapons at their disposal to cause harm, even heart attacks.
      Take care, and thank you for your work informing your readers of this madness.

    • You should eliminate more probable reasons for the malfunction before jumping to paranoid conclusions. Perhaps contact your cell phone provider before calling in the woo-woo specialists.

    • You should eliminate more probable reasons for the malfunction before jumping to paranoid conclusions, like perhaps contacting your provider first, before contacting the woo-woo specialists

    • It is probably your processor is going bad. My phone did the same thing when ever I was near my work computer or home computer. You can hear the interference when your phone is next to your computer. I replaced my phone and have had no more problems. I

    • Erin,
      Andrew Bartzis can help you. He is the expert on these kinds of situations. please google his contact info and arrange to talk to him!

    • Worse scenario
      Your GPS is being used to transmit microwaves to your house via satellites and high flying drones. Switch off your GPS totally. These micro waves can cause ill health and malaise. the strong waves may be triggering the keyboard. Get a meter to measure the RM waves at your house.
      Good scenario
      Blue tooth has a range of 10 to 30 meters. A bluetooth keyboard may be connected intentially or accidentally if it is visible. Switch off your bluetooth completely to see if the phenomena persists.

    • Erin, scream this all over the internet. Pay attention to anything else that is “different”. I had this done to me and my computer as well about 8 years ago…I didn’t know to go to the internet. The police were constantly over here because the person manipulating the devices continually sent emails to the police. They took my son. Blamed him even while I was the one with the phone in my pocket. I ended up getting him back when he turned 18 but it was living hell. I think we were used as a test case.
      We are praying for you.
      God bless you and DR. Mercola…. he has been a tremendous help with our family.

    • Erin, I just sent you an email regarding my “car experience”. I didn’t listen to this post until after I sent the email. Crazy things are happening and I know there are many trolls out there. I’m not one of them. I’ll probably get into more situations just by contacting you. You don’t need to contact me back I’m just sharing my info. to share my story. I guess I would be considered a conspiracy theorist but I don’t think that’s a bad word anymore. Unless you have family and friends that have lost respect for you because you are trying to discover the truth. I suppose some just don’t want to know. Keep up the the good work and I’ll pray for your safety.

    • Erin, The work you’re doing is important — I am not surprised you are being targeted. Stay as calm and neutral as possible. I think it’s good you’ve gone public with this and wish you strength to persevere through this.

      If you feel like it, check out who the deceased doctors were working for and if they had gotten help, financial or career-helping help, along their careers from institutions, government, corporations etc. What happens usually is they have been sponsored in some innocent looking way but are in fact “owned” by the said benefactors. Concept of being “owned” is one-sided but often the logic behind someone being assassinated instead of someone being only hassled with.

      Therefore, if you have not accepted help form these parties, you should be free to do your research and go public with it. This is of course not an iron-clad rule and I am in no way an expert in these matters, merely an observer.

    • They have taken technologies that could really transform this earth and help all of her inhabitants, yet they choose to weaponize, kill, maim, and destroy instead..

      Thank you for all you do and have done to try and mitigate these psychopaths and their nefarious actions… hang in there-

    • There is little doubt ,given no response from the FBI, that this is a government activity.The FBI and CIA are Murderer Inc.I wouldn’t be surprised if this female reporter is found dead of SUICIDE, the standard murder excuse.Seems like she is on to something .It’s good that she has shown the public the light of day on this .I know as a personal fact that there are GANG STALKERS out there .No question we as citizens ,are being watched .

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