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  • We have chemtrails every day in upstate NY, they had this in the sky the other day # like they were going to play a game. It makes me sick, why is this allowed and how do we get it to stop. The people who do not agree, do your homework it is not contrails, they hang in the sky for way too long to be that and some turn dark in color. We are broke as a Country and they are trying to do what exactly, I can’t get myself to say it.
    Wake up America, this stuff is not healthy for you or your family.

  • Well the “smart guy” stated ,”we are all going to turn into robots.” Because of the heavy metals that are raining on us. But I think that it would be more like we are turning into Batteries more than robots, We are conductors of energy . and only becoming more so…..

  • Barium Blue. I don’t know what the effects are and what they cause just yet. Working on it. But maybe you may or may not notice. Farmers out here in the California valley. Orange crops. Oranges seem to mature to fast and the rotting process is speeding up. When an orange falls from a tree, the natural rotting process of an orange turns a slight brownish red in color. Not anymore. Now they look like, Blue fur balls on the ground. The orange after two days starts to grow a dark blue color mixed with the normal rotting process. Then with in the third day, you have what looks to be hair, all white in color ( Bleached White), then below the white the blue color and the smell is not good. This process is starting to happen to all fruits that have a peel. Soft shinny skinned fruits still rot in there natural way.

  • California chem-trails. Start every morning at 2:30 am and run till 5:30 am then again around 10:00 am till Noon. I wake up every morning around 6am. And go outside and look. Only here in, California, can you really see these massive chem-trails. These are not, Con-trails. Con-trails leave nothing behind. The chem-trails crisscross the sky’s here 7 days a week. Chem-trail are sprayed mostly over opened areas of land where air traffic is less. Then over a days journey , these chemicals travel in the jet stream. You can tell over time by the way the chem-trails look in the sky, when they were sprayed. When you see it, you learn. The Barium Blue spreads out different. You get that rainbow effect and seems to be drawn down more / like a water fall. The aluminum phosphate is a wet powder form, but dries after released and you get the spread out look, It doesn’t have the waterfall look.

  • to sort the faction from fiction re chemtrails may I suggest all interested parties go to for probably the best researched information on the Net. I live in Australia and we are the recounts of the currently failing ‘weather modification’program our Government is allowing However we are not along as if you research countries Globally you will find similar weather modification occurring. Time to get informed! The climate clock is ticking and we all will suffer from experimental weather programs that not only aren’t fixing the problem but more importantly endangering our soil,our water,our air,our humanity

  • Why my comment of this morning regarding Trump was removed? Quality control?
    It’s also says “14 comments”. Where are they? I see only 5 and the “14 comments link” doesn’t open anything!!!

  • If could just get everyone to do this, I would be happier! Just lay down and look the fuck up. It’s not just jet contrails people! Love this! Keep up the good work with the sheep!

  • The media is controlled by the same mega-corporations that are involved in destroying our environment by whatever means is most profitable. These psychopaths have no moral conscience & are not in the habit of announcing their nefarious initiatives to control & ultimately destroy mankind … as we know it!

  • Appears that you have many comments that exude of ignorance to the published studies…believe the trolls above are attempting to do damage control…the entrainment technologies are not working as effectively anymore thanks to FKTV…keep up the good work looks like they are becoming very convinced the people are waking up

  • There have been pictures on the internet of airplanes showing the vats that are used to have the chemicals be spread in the atmosphere. This process is real and where is our press exposing this process.

  • Those two droolers are all of America chained in place in Plato’s Cave…believing the shadows and continuing their pointless vigil waiting for Godot.

  • Condensation trails have been around since WW2. You have to fly high enough for the engine heat to condense the moisture into large enough droplets which form the clouds in the exhaust wake. If someone wanted to poison us there would be someone somewhere who would be willing to stand up with proof. About all you get from the “Chem trails” is carbon from the burnt fuel. Get a life!

  • What “Big Mc” Donald Trump as to say about this? He is trumping up loud and clear about building a wall to protect us against Mexico’s drug cartels and illegal immigrants; close the borders to Muslims… but what about protecting us against our own government (which conduct these Camtrails against its own people) he wants to be part of?

  • Those two guys already are made dum and docile,
    another intended consequence of these beatiful trails!

  • Yassssssssss! Lol. Thanks for the much needed laugh Alex 🙂 Even serious environmental issues can be made light of from time to time to get the message across.

  • This had me laugh so much. I immediately associate with my own self and the numerous times I talk to ‘robots’ (I call them zombies). Talk about mind control or is this an example of the dangerous and contageous rotting mind fungus syndrom?

  • those two on the video are most of society, unfortunate. They will not go away by being ignored. Neither will the effects of them!

  • These guys are absolutely brilliant. Great way to get the message out! What message? I don’t know, I just hope it gets people thinking for themselves


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