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    The Hidden Agenda to Seed the Human Race After a Great Cataclysmic Reset

    by Greg Reese

    The tunnels beneath Chabad headquarters in Brooklyn were immediately filled in with cement insuring that there would be no investigation to conflict with the nonsensical cover-story that they were recently dug in response to the COVID lockdowns. In today’s pop-culture it is speculated that they are related to child sex trafficking, which is indeed a horrific problem with the human race, but there seems to be something more to these tunnels. Tunnels leading underground are one of Earth’s greatest mysteries and can be found all over the world and all throughout history.

    Phil Schneider, a structural engineer who spent seventeen years as a military contractor building deep underground military bases, went on a tour giving lectures and blowing the whistle on what he witnessed. He claimed there were a hundred and twenty-nine deep underground bases in America alone. All of which were the size of a small city. He found that some of these underground bases were connecting to ancient underground tunnels and cave networks that were inhabited by a non-human species which he ran into while building an underground base beneath Dulce New Mexico. Schneider said that the Dulce area was a hub of underground bases all connected by a high-speed underground rail system. Less than a year after blowing the whistle, Schneider died under suspicious circumstances.

    Dulce New Mexico is a hundred and seventy kilometers from the four corners, an area known for the Skinwalkers, who the Hopi tribe describe as a non-human species that live underground. Dulce is two hundred and sixty kilometers from Scientology’s heavily guarded underground Trementina Base. And Dulce is two hundred kilometers from Jeffrey Epstein’s Zorro Ranch, which is known to have an eight thousand square foot underground level, and is rumored to lead even deeper underground. According to several prominent scientists who Jeffrey Epstein had as guests, Epstein hoped to seed the human race after a cataclysm by impregnating twenty women at a time at the Zorro ranch.

    According to researcher, Christopher Jon Bjerknes, the goal of breeding Jewish seed-lines with gentile women is the fulfillment of kabbalistic legends of Samael and Lilith. According to Bjerknes, the kabbalistic teachings include a geocentric model of the Earth with an underworld that extends seven levels beneath the surface where a reptilian species lives. These legends foretell a cleansing of the earth when everyone on the surface will perish, and only those in the underworld will survive.

    High level Freemasons allegedly believe in a hollow Earth where a non-human species rule from an underworld called Agartha. And their most guarded secrets seem to revolve around a cyclical cataclysmic event.

    Phil Schneider also built submarine bases, and said that most were connected to the vast network of deep underground bases. Ghislaine Maxwell had a submarine license and was known to transport people to Epstein Island through an underwater submarine port. The US military built a submarine base on St Thomas island, which is just thirteen kilometers from Epstein Island. And right next to this submarine base is Water Island, owned by Joe Biden’s brother and their business associate.

    In a recent interview on Ickonic, Juliet Bryant, who was kidnapped by Jeffrey Epstein for two years, said that she never witnessed any of the dozens of girls there being trafficked to any men other than Epstein, but she did wake up once paralyzed on a lab table. And witnessed Epstein shapeshift into something else.


    Juliette Bryant: Yeah And I still want to know why exactly I was taken there, because there’s a lot more weird stuff going on. Because, you know, I didn’t see any girls getting trafficked to other men. So there’s something else that they were doing.

    Richard Willet: That’s fascinating in itself. We have a lot of talk and it doesn’t get talked about… spoken about that much, but it is the…the kind of cloning DNA part that he was obviously… transhumanism that he was interested in. Did that come up anywhere? did you see any signs?

    Juliette Bryant: Well, I woke up in a laboratory there one night.

    Richard Willet: Wow.

    Juliette Bryant: These are the things I hadn’t wanted to talk about because it’s frightening. But there were scientists there, and I woke up one night in a laboratory, paralyzed, naked, on a table. I would like to be lie detected on this. You know, there are other weird things that I saw. I saw Epstein shift in front of my eyes. It was very, very frightening. And it’s something that I had to explain to myself because I saw him turn into something.

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    • Unfortunately, there’s no convincing evidence on this claim while it looks too much to fake.
      It’s like Covid symptoms; when they are like hundreds of other possible causes than from (imaginary) virus, may still believe that it’s from virus (even though it’s been debunked many times)
      *That being said, his claim hasn’t been really debunked yet.
      I suspect that it’s more likely inter dimensional stuff, which some people have ability to see things in spirit while most of our physical body can’t see.

    • The guardian angelic human bloodline females are targeted by the soulless reptilian fallen angel hybrid races to breed a strain of half angel half demon for a path to gain entry into heaven and conquer the upper astral heavenly realm to make everyone’s life a living hell this pissed GOD off and he decided to stop the satanic shitshow with a forever light age . The Melchizedek Yeshuah bloodline , yes he did have a wife and children and some are here now acting in our best interest as the ” nacho savior this time program ” and she is taking out the trash left over from the past ET attempts to stop the terminator asshole in charge but the effort is running underfunded and unmanned — pun intended . The elite helper assholes who profited from the enslavement of humanity see themselves as chosen ones but their god is the POS we needed to get rid of first and he is gone long gone …MIA… toast . We are just left with some delusional riffraff hybrid humans who can’t phone home to wake up and smell the roses or actually a real flower of life that blossomed for the first time in our seventh try to stick the landing in the 3B year human history . Please be patient while the new operating system loads the new version promises to make the wait worthwhile . One of our new superpowers is running faster than the speed limit . So cool and I didn’t get a speeding ticket either .

      • well thanks for sharing the inside story of what is really going on. You must be such a high ranking insider to know of such amazing details and objectives of the grand plan and some of the mission programs even though they are experiencing a period of under funding as you mentioned, i can only imagine just how much wealth of knowledge that must come with being privy to specific programs involving the descendants and family members of Yeshuah himself, and with a program name like Nacho Savior This Time Program……… wow !!! what a incredibly amazing opportunity it is to stumble upon such a comment of this level of clarity and real truth, as it is clear you are speaking from a position of true confidence , and inner knowing authority. thanks for setting the record straight and now after reading this super secret insiderperpective on things i know who the delusional are and ill keep that in mind if i find myself engaging with the delusional riffraff that you mentioned. again thank you so much, what a amazing life you must live being in such a selective position of Earthly importance……………………………………………………us plebs had it all so wrong before you cleared things up !!!!

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