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by Elana Freeland

The unfinished third documentary ‘UNconventional Grey’ by Michael J. Murphy has been missing in action since 2016, the year Murphy had planned to release it. It is his third film of truth-telling about Geoengineering, the other two being ‘What in the World Are They Spraying?’ (2010) and ‘Why in the World Are They Spraying?’ (2012).

Michael’s targeting began in 2012 just after ‘Why in the World’ debuted in Los Angeles at the Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails Conference—just as he began organizing for a third film that, unlike his first two films, would not just wake the public up but rally activists around the Aerosol Collection Project while filling in their grasp of how geoengineering entails crimes against humanity because of an operating agenda for global political power.

The objective of the character assassination Michael was subjected to by the usual federally protected perpetrators and “insider” trusted colleagues was about preventing the production of his third documentary ‘UNconventional Grey’. Michael managed to rally from the post-2012 assault and to all but complete ‘UNconventional Grey’ before yet another, even more brutal assault began at the same time that a remarkably similar assault began on the great Canadian activist Suzanne Maher who was spreading chemtrails awareness billboards across Ontario.

And here we are, seven years late and minus a final edit and public debut. ‘UNconventional Grey’ is now available. We can now hear the thoughtful testimony of Michael Murphy, Marvin Herndon, Patrick Wood, Scott Stevens, Allan Buckmann, Max Bliss, David Lewis, Ed Griffin, Princess Basma Saud of Saudi Arabia, Rosa Koire, Cynthia McKinney, myself, etc. Rosa Koire is now dead (May 31, 2021), as is Michael Murphy (July 22, 2020). Both Michael and Rosa were critics of globalism; both died young.

It is imperative to emphasize that the classified Geoengineering program entailing weather engineering, chemical / electromagnetic engineering, geophysical engineering, directed energy weapons, surveillance and neural engineering, nanotechnology and digital synthetic biology, and hiding and detecting exotic propulsion craft and plasma lifeforms has been run by the CIA under various names since Bernard Eastlund, PhD, was building the powerful ionospheric heater HAARP in Alaska in the 1990s—back when Rosalind Peterson was a California USDA crop inspector and raising her voice against U.S. Navy sonar and the chemical jet trails making a murky cloud cover.

In September 2007, Rosalind spoke at the UN 60th Annual DPI/NGO Conference on “Climate Change: How It Impacts Us All.” She died of cancer on February 4, 2018.

The public is mostly unaware of the danger surrounding classified programs like Geoengineering. Kidnapping, homelessness, accusations of “drug addiction,” internet defamation, murder and mayhem sound decidedly unscientific. Had ‘UNconventional Grey’ come out in 2016—just four years before the global CV-19 medical / Big Pharma psyop run by the United Nations (UN), World Economic Forum (WEF), and World Health Organization (WHO)—would people have been awake enough to realize what it meant?

‘UNconventional Grey’ builds a picture of how Geoengineering—not the “climate change” cover story—leads straight to the UN “sustainable development” / carbons / Agenda 21 / 2030 master plan. In fact, Geoengineering with all of its political muscle is the price of admission to world government as well as the biggest transfer of wealth to the rich ever.

Gratitude to the anonymous person who stumbled upon Michael’s third film, thus flinging his vision upon the waters of chance so that we might take courage from it.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Hard to know how to comment? UNconventional grey helped validate some things. Further exploration of the forbidden knowledge channel has now exposed an entire different level of thought on horrible potential outcomes revolving around the agenda of death to all. Frequency controlled triggers? If true, is any work being done for testing of individuals? Any answers to reversing or counteracting effects of any of this? I can not convince people the chemtrails and geoengineering are not normal. There is no way I am approaching anyone about this topic. I am tired……

  • The only way to stop all of this is so simple. I would call it the 100,000 Mirrors Plan. Any time you see a plane active in chemtrailing you go outside with your 1 foot square mirror and reflect the sun onto the plane cockpit. Imagine 100,000 mirrors reflecting on all those planes. Even if some reflected on regular planes it is a small price to pay and it will hit the news and put it way out in the public if chemtrails want to fly, no one will fly. Very simple, very low tech, very potent and soon enough pilots will not want to fly those planes anymore. Problem solved with a simple mirror. The great thing about it is if you get caught you can simply say “No I was only reflecting the sun back up into space to help reduce climate change just like those chemtrail planes are doing”.

  • Time to rethink your “Standing” – all these entities are commercially registered incorporated entities residing in a strictly limited jurisdiction – commercial entities require a contract to gain jurisdiction…no contract – no jurisdiction! Law of Kinds: Both parties must be the same “kind” to conduct commerce with each other. Last time I checked I never registered a corporation in my birth name, so where is all this legal presumption coming from? The “Birth Registration”…all of us were trafficked unlawfully and illegally into the jurisdiction of commerce as a U.S. Citizen franchise the moment we came through the birth portal. It would behoove you to get a grip on knowing the difference between being American and U.S. Citizen…they are not the same “Political Status”! Time to stop registering our babies to a foreign corporation and start recording (publishing) baby deeds at the county recording office (land jurisdiction). Next step is to start filing commercial liens against these out of control corporations masquerading as our lawful government. Make the money move and they will listen!
    8 Elements of Contract:
    Parties Competent to Contract
    Free and Genuine Consent
    Full and Honest Disclosure
    Valuable Consideration
    Certainty of Terms
    Meeting of the Minds
    Autographs or Signatures
    Privity of Contract

  • Thanks for alerting us Alexandra. We went to watch it on Rumble (because we cannot get your embeds to go full screen, sorry) and interestingly, but not surprising, if you ‘like’ it and refresh, the ‘like’ disappears. Ettu Rumble?

  • Thanks and appreciation for all the pertinent videos and info lately, Alexandra. With it, I was able to solve the “mystery” of the Lahaina “Wildfire”. (Remember the strange “fog” mentioned 72 hours before the Airstrike? I believe that it was a Chemtrailed powdered & aerosolized accelerant to maximize the Microwave effect and make the fire burn hotter, a metal like aluminum or even magnesium. Nobody has mentioned it lately.)
    Know why the black fabric fence around Lahaina is there? I believe that the area is being “Sanitized” to remove all trace of DEW evidence, especially cars, which they will then ship to China for discrete disposal like the 9/11 debris.
    One other thing, Alexandra: Remember the late good Doctor Buttar’s theory about the 5G frequency activation of Marburg & 2 other diseases implanted within “The Vaccinated”?
    I believe that this “Ultimate Timebomb” might be utilized as the upcoming Election Virus.
    That could easily effect hundreds of millions to Die Suddenly and horrifically. Pray that I’m wrong.

  • None of this would have been possible before the ancient foundations were destroyed by Darwinism, Secularism, relativism and humanistic positivism in which man himself became central and science made into a false god animated by men and women who have rejected the idea of a divine creator.

    A Divine Creator who has appeared occasionally in history to instruct mankind with knowledge of himself, the world and Himself. Among other things he has revealed his benevolent love for all of his creation, not just certain parts of it. Fundamental to these instructions is for men and women to also love one another as He has benevolently loved us. even when we were undeserving.

    This kind of love does not harm others for some supposed benefit of a greater good because once that genie is out of the bottle there will be for certain ripple effects of disharmony among the families of the world. The “Golden Rule” for life is to love our Maker with all of our heart, all of our mind and all of our strength, and to love our neighbor as our own selves.

    This kind of love does not take liberty with other’s liberties to breathe clean air, consume unadulterated food and water!

    These self appointed gods have crossed the Creator’s property lines and moved the property markers to advance their ambitions for rule. If the magistrates refuse to protect the people, then the people will have no recourse other than a strong appeal to heavenly courts for redress of grievances.

    Praying to that court that lawless mischief makers be caught in the nets and snares of their own making so that all may come to the the knowledge of the One who sets in His Heaven and laughs at their folly.

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