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This is the most thorough and insightful video I’ve seen thus far about the manifold implications of the global government takeover via the International Health Regulations (IHR) of the World Health Organization that are being voted on in Geneva Switzerland this May 22-28th.

Pete Santilli breaks it down for Alex Jones, saying, “Here we are, two weeks prior to this meeting on the 22nd, that they’re going to give Tedros, who was placed by the Chinese Communists in power, giving him total authority.

“Once he declares a PHEIC [Public Health Emergency of International Concern], they will even sanction countries for not complying with the WHO mandates.”

A PHEIC is extremely ill-defined and could be declared about obesity or anything they want.

Given that the COVID pandemic was a mild flu and that they crashed global economies and destroyed the social contract of every government around the world with it, there is absolutely no reason to jump into an agreement that would allow these bogus crises to be unendingly declared into eternity, stripping you of everything that you are.

“Now let’s talk about Bill Gates,” Pete says, “Bill Gates and GAVI are the biggest funders of the WHO. Do you think that Bill Gates has a dog in the fight for Tedros to be the leader of the government that’s gonna allow him to profit –”

Alex interjects, “Tedros is his minion!”

Pete agrees, “It’s his minion! Absolutely! I mean, we ought to start targeting Bill Gates as the culprit of all of this, the ‘Global Predator’, per se,” he holds up the book, ‘COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey’ by Peter Breggin.

“I had a conversation with Dr Peter Breggin after I did the research with James Roguski…Dr Breggin is publishing a report today and he identifies documents – it’s well-documented – that the ChiComs are behind this thing.

“The Chinese government are using Tedros as a Trojan Horse to bring in their global dominance.”

Alex agrees, “Yes, that’s how you bring a coup in through the medical system…Yale did a study on ‘How do we get people to bow down? We use a bioweapon, we use fear, we use a virus.’ This is how they’re doing it.”

The two talk about the CDC’s National Water Surveillance System and how global surveillance has now moved into sewage.

Tedros Adhanom could declare a public health emergency and lock down a swathe of area codes, based on whether SARS or some other bioweapon is discovered in the local sewage (which is what happens in China every day).

Alex says, “It’s digital martial law, to force us onto cellphones that tell us where to go, what to do – and they admit all this.”

Tedros is already facing charges of genocide in the International Criminal Court, for his role in the starvation and torture of his fellow Ethiopian citizens, while he was the country’s foreign minister until 2016, during the time his communist Tigray People’s Liberation Front party was in power.

You just have to step back and get what this New World Order truly is: Severely compromised criminals, like Tedros and Joe Biden, who are dead men walking, basically and who are put up as the “President”, while Satanic plutocrats tell them what to do.

As all users of social media are aware, if you disagree with the diktats of the WHO and the CDC, you would get strikes against your account and ultimately be de-platformed. This is the social credit dictatorship already in action in the West today and a foreshadowing of their imposition of the China Model worldwide.

The O’Biden administration delegates will be traveling to Geneva in two weeks to ratify this ceremony that would cede the national sovereignty of every nation to the UN.

All nations of the world must immediately issue no-fly orders for any and all such delegations and must rescind all treaties with the WHO and UN.

Citizens of the world must defund and dismantle the entire United Nations complex.

We are living in the Communist Utopia that our Democrat friends voted for. Tell them to stop it and to never do it again.

Let’s end all of this nonsense now.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Only 6 months to think about, huh? I guess this is their way of cock-blocking the mid-terms.

  • All who listen to this and think they will fail, remember, many in this administration of usurpers, the UN and the WHO have stated that guns are currently the greatest “Public Health Crisis” in the USA, ergo, the WHO, as the almighty health dictator, will have each nation confiscate guns, the end result, NONE can fight them!
    Likewise, the USA and the UN are again reawakening Hillary’s “Small Arms Treaty”, wherein the UN has jurisdiction over gun ownership!
    They intend to have full, absolute control by 2030, they are now going full speed to meet their goal, which is what the release of the WuFlu was all about!

    • The only way they will succeed “full power” is by killing us, that is why they are chem-trailing us to our death. We live inside a Terrarium setting/Snow globe, they know what they are doing, but the people do not. That is why they will succeed, we are being evicted, perhaps we deserve it, considering our complacency and ignorance (in more ways than one). Ask yourself “Who is Worthy?”

  • The police, national guard and military go along an enforce all this shit we are in big big trouble. They have to turn on their orders and fight for we the people. I read once where when totalitarian attempts where overthrown the police sided with the people instead of the government.

  • These demons are scared to death
    This is a sign that we are actually winning in spiritual war

  • United Nations, World Health Organizations & Center Disease Control
    Neither of these organizations have authority here in the United States of America.
    Plain & Simple, Stop Complying. Act with Courage & Stand up for your individual Rights.

  • WEF UN WHO sounds like KIM JUNG IL

    This is evil. ✝️ Jesus gave mercy. Maybe it’s God’s payback for slavery, 1st black president sells 🇺🇸 US out ….hmmm.

    • You must mean The Irish Slaves, African slave trade ended in 1808 under Thomas Jefferson and replaced with White Cargo!

  • I’m going to share with My Fellow Americans the ultimate Solution:
    Any fools dense enough to put the UN, WHO, or any other flag over our Old Glory had better make it out of flameproof material.
    I just hope that the rest of you Americans learned from the folly of “COVID-19” Plandemic not to follow Government instructions, edicts, mandates, or any other show of oppression, and not to be a Lemming.
    If a Pandemic breaks out in our America, respond with countermeasures. Fire is the ultimate purifier. Cleanse your country and watch how any Pandemic immediately recedes. Pandemics are best cured by fire. It will be interesting to note Ron DeSantis’ response.
    Any alleged “Crisis” can be immediately defeated by a bigger Crisis.

  • God forbid if this happens!
    ..but are we NOT already taken over by these scumbags of WEF UN WHO?
    ..i guess you can call it a ‘softkill’!..
    ..the next step will probably be ‘the jugular’!..

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