I had lost track of Dave Cullen of Computing Forever after he stopped posting his anti-establishment posts to YouTube and I’m so glad I just found him over at Bitchute.

In his inimitable Irish style, he asks how the brain implants extolled by the World Economic Forum and Elon Musk ever became a “thing”.

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  • We are heading towards the Age of Aquarius, not long now… about 7 years +.
    Besides if we want to change we must stop listening to the media, literally divorce oneself from this horrible future.
    But there is hope for humanity when they start looking within themselves and realising that they are a spiritual being created by creation not by some imaginary god or some pshycopathic ideas.
    Visit figu.org
    read theyflyblog to awaken one’s senses…

    • I like your comment, it rings truth, but the website theyflyblog is offensive to my people the Germans. There is no reason to continue this hate and blame game on a people who were forced to protect their fatherland. If you believe otherwise, you are not fully awakened.


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