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    With nations across the world rejecting the UN’s global pandemic power grab, 2 new viruses have appeared to get them across the finish line.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • If anyone still believes there are such a thing as contagious airborne viruses (and their are many) then they deserve to have a needle stuck in their arm by the cabal. END OF STORY

    • They seem to have forgotten that they got rid of the military draft cuz they figured that “you can’t lead an army where they KNOW they don’t want to go”. We gave TPTB “the benefit of the doubt” last time, we saw where they want to take us, and most people don’t wa to go there again. Watch for mass protests, “mask burning parties”, and the occasional “fragging”.

      Everybody needs to inform the places where they spend money that they “will be going somewhere else if the store (or clinic or whatever) requires its employees to wear those unhealthy mask thingys”. And then make sure you don’t patronize any place that requires masks for even their employees.

      Give me that old time herd immunity,
      It’s good enough for me!

      (If anyone wants to hear the verses, “you have to ask me nicely”)

    • WHO announced recently that it was monitoring a respiratory infection in China and gave details which are not germane to my commentary.

      I have maintained communication with the local medical mafia and know the USG has not given up on the Faucian protocols! They have been quietly reinforcing their ideology. There are now apparently no doctors in my city who are not on board!!!! They sold out to the USG whose tentacles are secured around their necks. Personally I believe so is Trump, only RFK Jr is clearly not on board with what I believe is really the CCP way with which both central parties are on board.

      This is way bigger and more advanced than people realize! The same masterminds behind this are also behind all the wars of aggression and the wars against cultures and against nationhoods, neighborhoods and families! The evidences are inescapable and they expose – “the destroyer”!

      All people can do is to determine to get on the right side of history, stay there and say no thank you to the destroyer and his imps, in whomever they manifest. Clean up our act and our health and stop looking for George to do it for them. Thats our core problem, irresponsible self care and false expectations of far away central government artificial life care.

      We must relearn the rules for how to care for ourselves again, because VIRUSES MUTATE ALL THE TIME and creating antivirus vaccines is a crap shoot!!

    • Scare jacker AJ rubbing his crystal balls at warp speed misses the spot where everybody just says no more clot shot reruns from the death cult and now get the f*ck off my planet assholes . Anyone pretending to be sleep at this point gets to join them in a new episode of lost in space when Musktard launches his new spacex garbage truck rocket ship .

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    *** Medical Emergency Kit *** Use Promo Code “KNOW” for 10% Off!


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