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    🚨 New York Covid Quarantine Camps are Back on the Table

    Appellate Court Reinstates Governor Kathy Hochul’s Power to Enforce Quarantine Camps

    What does this Mean?

    “What that means is that the Department of Health and Governor Hochul are open to reissuing that regulation, which means they reinstitute their isolation and Quarantine procedures regulation, which a judge struck down last year.

    So if they can reissue that now, that means it’s going to be a valid regulation that’s enforceable by the Dept of Health, the Governor, Attorney General…

    In addition, It allows the Dept of Health to pick and choose which New Yorkers they can lockup or lockdown without any proof that you’re sick, without any proof you’ve been exposed to a communicable disease…

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Anyone who patronizes minions will deserve what they get. It will be up to the people with weapons to decide who is the actual government: whoever can “make and enforce their decisions regarding the allocation of resources”. Grab yer popcorn!

    • Hell’s kitchen is open for round 2 of free second servings of the ebola and rabies refactored clot shot. This time using force feeding under color of law the refuse-nics get to visit camp swampy for a sit down and some reeducation on the simple choice of do as we say or else . NY led the nation in granny killers the focus is now for full on compliance , we axed you nicely now reap the whorlywind . Will the migrants show up for their fair share of the soup hope not somebody has to show some balls maybe they can teach us how it works since we forgot where they are or what they are good for .

    • “NO STANDING” is a political device used to insulate a rogue government against citizens who seek justice.

      It is no coincidence the government/pharma complex are getting ready for a replay of 2020 in 2024. My family physician has plastered the walls of his offices with fresh new covid propaganda posters. Also making special note of any who refuse to get the jab, so the USG will know exactly who they are.

      I tried to warn the staff, but they acted like they were under some kind of spell. Weird! Not normal!

      Get ready fer it!

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