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This mashup features people I can identify, like Elon Musk discussing his Neuralink brain implants on the Joe Rogan show, as well as people I can’t identify who are guests of George Noory on Coast to Coast, discussing bio-coded directed energy weapons that can be fine-tuned using a DNA sample to target a specific person.

“This technology; bio-coded directed energy, all they have to do is go to your garbage that you put out on the street whatever your garbage day is and take that garbage and in that garbage they will get your DNA.

“Once they have your DNA, they can bio-code the DNA so that it’s integrated into an algorithm and then this algorithm can be transmitted from cell towers. It can be transmitted from aircraft. It can be transmitted from satellites, just like a cellphone, in the sense that when the proper code comes through the network – and your cellphone, as an example sees that code, it comes alive, transmits back to the cell tower, “I’m over here!” and then, the cell tower puts the call through.

“Not that different a technology but instead of calling a phone instrument, you’re actually calling the bio-resonance of an individual. So that three people can be standing right next to you and nobody’s gonna feel the harassment except you because these signals are bio-coded to your body’s tuning, only. Then, they can send down P2K, they can send down any symptom they want, because they’re in full control of the bio-resonance of your bio-energy…

“And so the resonant frequency of the DNA is what they use to fine tune the technology to take total control of your entire body, spirit, soul, being and mind. It’s total – not only mind control – it’s total human being control.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Have a hard time completely believing all this. So everything goes along like clockwork, like grooves in an LP record, or books already written? Everyone is controlled to the nth degree without ever doing anything spontaneous? This would hint at Musk’s thinking the world is just a simulation. Sorry, I don’t believe that.

    • The timeline we are on has changed to positive based on our free will and intentions , divine intervention and by the time travelers seeing their future destroyed by letting the evil persist and taking us all to zero . The creator “source” who controls the hologram he creates learns and lives through our lives. Helping the creator and becoming an extension of the creator by becoming creators ourselves is us doing GOD’s work that’s why it looks so imperfect as we try to follow his will . The life lessons we came here for became a little too unfair when the darkside gods tried to take control here without balance. The great reset freed us and puts us back in alignment with our soul development journey. The future for us is bright white and light. Being dense is not fun.

  • Amen daniel and danse, remember what 4th army psyops said “the whole world is a stage” also the maj general snidey butler usmc that turned in herbert walker bush and g.e. general motors,kraft,it@t and more to congress during ww2 stated war is a racket,conducted for the benefit of a few at the expense of the masses. Kinda like what the blackrock recruter said “war is f***ing good for buisness”. Thats probably why the army calls deploymemts “theaters of war”,cause the devil is putting on a show and the whole world is a stage.(fun fact a group of actors is called a troop,like the nco’s in the army would call some soldiers,troopers. Ignore wars and rumors of wars,forgive as much as possible and love everyone,the best the devil can do is try to get us to pay attention to his world of flesh instead of the Creators spirit of truth. America and rome,the two beasts of revelations.(all popes fit the biblical description of the antichrist,fhere will be many) 6 represents man,so 666 is me myself and i aka selfishness and look at that,the anti teaching of christ happens to be selfishness and greed,”there is no greater commandment that you love the lord our GOD with all your heart and all your might and that you love your neighbor as you love yourself,pure selflessness,the Seal of GOD. The mark of the beast and the Seal of GOD will be what your mind dwells on and the fruits of your works,like whats most prominent in your forhead at the time(remember,jesus knew what was in the pharisees hearts so the sons of GOD already know what our minds dwell on, esp) and the works of our hands,what fruits of labour have we produced in life,are our works of inequities?or have we done enough good with the body GOD gave us? GOD knows i need to repent,sloth is a sin,6 days shall we work,and on the sabbath day we rest,im already at fault(fun fact,jesus kept the sabbath on saturday,and the roman catholic church changed it,tisk tisk roman church,the only commandment GOD says to remember,keep the sabbath day holy)faith is a beautiful gift from the Almighty Wise Lord GOD,Dr masuro emoto shows us through scientific evidence how your thoughts words and intentions seriously affect the world around us.we decide with free will, another amazing gift from GOD,helping others to understand is the way,the truth and the light.

  • The mind f*ckers get off on sending us into depressed states of despair and hopelessness. We see the destructive misuse of technology on helpless and defenseless humans done by soulless hybrid human demon infected drones. The matrix has been taken down but the alien agenda is still there pressing for us to voluntarily comply with submission to the fake reality to remove us from our divinity. We have the power that they need to survive, the parasites cannot live under the universes terms which are necessary to thrive so they feed off of us. Without your permission to enslave you they will perish so starve the beast. This video is a advertisement of their will to put you under mind control , just say no I do not comply and invoke the power of GOD for protection.

  • Dear Alexandra,
    We Human beings have the power to modify our frequency resonance.
    We always have more power than our ennemies usually think.
    Most of all, we have far more power than WE usually believe.

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