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Before he ran for the presidency, Volodymyr Zelenskyy was a comedian. Here’s a video from 8 years ago that was wiped from YouTube but which was resurrected on BitChute’s Plazma channel.

Zelenskyy starred in the hit television series Servant of the People, where he played the role of a high-school history teacher in his 30s who won the presidential election after a viral video showed him ranting against government corruption in Ukraine. The series, which ran from October 2015 – March 2019 will soon be airing on British Channel 4.

The political party, Servant of the People, named after the show was founded in March 2018 by Zelenskyy and members of his production company.

In March 2019, Zelenskyy told Der Spiegel magazine that he went into politics to restore trust in politicians and that he wanted “to bring professional, decent people to power”, which sounds like it came straight out of the World Economic Forum, of which Zelensky is an acolyte.

In July 2019, Zelenskyy tweeted a picture of himself with Justin Trudeau and credited the Canadian Prime Minister for inspiring him to get into politics. His credibility hit the gutter for me when I saw that.

That tweet was posted after Zelenskyy had led an incredibly brief and successful presidential campaign, mostly on social media to decisively unseat incumbent Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. He was sworn in on May 2, 2019.

Zelenskyy is backed by the CIA, the Globalist banking cartel, numerous Ukrainian oligarchs and the Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion.

Like Zelenskyy, the Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion’s key backer is the infamous Ukrainian oligarch, Ihor Kolomoyskyi. This is so, despite the fact that both Zelenskyy and Kolomoyskyi are Jewish.

Zelenskyy’s and Kolomoyskyi’s names appeared prominently in both the Panama Papers and the Pandora Papers.

On February 23rd, Ilia Kyva, a member of the Ukrainian parliament from the Opposition Platform For Life (OPPL) party, posted on Telegram that Zelenskyy has accumulated more than $1.2 billion US dollars during the first two and half years of his presidency, stored in multiple accounts at Dresdner Bank Lateinamerika in Costa Rica, saying:

“Regular replenishment in ragged tranches of $12 to $35 million comes through various channels, such as from Rinat Akhmetov and Viktor Pinchuk through First Union Bank and Deutsche Bank, as well as Ihor Kolomoyskyi from his Geneva accounts at Banque Nationale de Paris,” Kyva posted on his Telegram channel, saying:

“Every president and his team, after his tenure, walked away as dollar billionaires, and Zelenskyy, for all his inferiority, was no exception, just in his case, no one will let him just walk away.”

Kyva says that the movement of such funds would be impossible without the assent of the German and French authorities and he vows to prosecute Zelenskyy.

Kyva also claims that Zelenskyy bought a villa in Miami for $34 million, as well as several sets of jewelry for $5.6 million.

George Webb, reporting from Miami is following this trail, saying he visited Zelenskyy’s Miami property, near the Kazakh Consulate there.

So, all of this connects to the Biolabs in Ukraine, Peter Strzok, the fake impeachment and the Iran deal – and the role of Hunter Biden in all of this.

People think Hunter is just a crackhead but George says he was monumentally involved in the Iran nuclear deal and in laundering the oil that was stolen by the US from Libya and Syria and given to ISIS.

On Jeff Prather’s podcast on Tuesday, George told Jeff that he had confirmed with the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) that they have been working with Ukraine at 11 different biolabs.

He told Jeff, “There’s a big, active bioweapons program in Ukraine. We’ve got documents called ‘UPA” (Ukraine Program Aid),” relating to the hemorrhagic fever bioweapon that we’ve been hearing rumors about.

George says there appears to be a go-between to Kazakhstan. They label their pathogens ‘KZ1’, ‘KZ2’, ‘KZ3’, ‘KZ4’, referring to batches from Kazakhstan.

He describes it as a program of 4,000 people, soldiers and sailors in Ukraine, one for each corner of Ukraine; one from Lviv, one from Kharkiv in the north, one from the Lugansk area and then one from the Odessa area, that were all given this hemorrhagic fever bioweapon.

George says, that a company called Black&Veatch is the contractor and that he has the Black&Veatch contracts, the signatures and name and that’s where he currently is in the investigation.

Lev Parnas, as some may recall was the star witness of Adam Schiff’s fake impeachment of Donald Trump. George has been following his trail for a couple of years, along with Igor Fruman, who were convicted last December of campaign violations.

George claims that Parnas was trained at the Afghanistan-Pakistan Center of Excellence (called “AfPak COE”, for short) which is located at CENTCOM in Tampa.

George has previously revealed how AfPak COE became a key recruiter of Defense Intelligence Agency informants who were used politically. This includes Henry Oknyansky [aka Hank Greenberg], the person who lured Roger stone with Hillary Clinton’s alleged “hacked” emails and Hina Alvi, the main contact for encrypted communications for former DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Hina Alvi was the key sidekick to Imran Awan, who was the key IT person in Congress over a 16-year period. George says it was the encrypted communications established for the AfPak COE on the Blackberry platform that were repurposed and diverted for the spy ring in Congress.

George says he has an intelligence source who has obtained Parnas’ Blackberry communications, which show that he shared IP numbers with Peter Strzok, the key architect of the Crossfire Hurricane takedown of Trump and the attempt to take down Mike Flynn and the attempt to take down George Papadapoulos, as well as orchestrating the Mueller Investigation, etc.

He says Lev Parnas’ communications IP addresses also traced back to Fort Huachuca, which is a key Special Forces training base in Arizona and also to the Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama.

George has also described being contacted by a Biden whistleblower who did IT work on Biden’s staff at the Senate and a self-described “30-year friend” of Joe Biden’s, who configured encrypted Blackberrys for Biden and his staff.

When Hunter Biden and former CIA official Cofer Black went to work for the board of Burisma, Hunter Biden suddenly became the oldest ensign in the United States Navy, at the age of 42, before he was soon kicked out for failing a drug test.

George believes Hunter had to join the military because otherwise, he would not have been legally allowed to carry an encrypted Blackberry with military-grade communications.

George said, “If they used these same encrypted Blackberrys to do the Iran nuclear deal – and part of that nuclear deal was missiles, this becomes very important…If somebody is using encrypted communications, the NSA cannot see…the NSA is blind to that traffic. That means you could negotiate Iran nuclear deal outside of the US Senate. The US Senate is supposed to do all treaties, right? It means that you could effect an agreement outside of the law.”

So, when Rudy Giuliani went to Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden’s corrupt dealings with Burisma, he was taken by Fruman and Parnas to see Kolomoyskyi, their crime boss…

George says, “They used encrypted communications for Libya. They used encrypted communications for the weapons-dealing; to move the weapons after Libya to Syria. They moved the weapons after that to Sudan and they moved the weapons after that to Yemen. And they paid for it all with the Iran nuclear deal…

He says, “We believe now…basically, these private CENTCOM Blackberrys, the private network began in 2002. The Iran nuclear deal and missile placement was actually done before the Iraq war and that Qasem Soleimani, who was ordered killed by Trump actually helped the US in the invasion of Iraq, with the initial barrage of the Eastern targets by pre-positioning and purchasing Russian missiles on the border of Iran…”

He says, “This private network of Blackberrys was put together [in 2002] by P-Tech, which is Jack Lew and Denis McDonough‘s little private network to effect all this.”

He says, “Hunter Biden used the illegal encrypted communications. That’s why they made him an ensign in 2014 when he went over to Burisma, laundered Kolomoyskiyi company, laundered the money from Libya and Syria, the conflict energy that was stolen from Libya and Syria – and…who else did we say was the kingpin behind all this?

“Kissinger and Petraeus (KKR)…established the AfPak Center at MacDill Air Force Base, that Colonel Harvey, Derek Harvey, who’s the handler of Lev Parnas, guess who established that? You guessed it – David Petraeus.”


George told Jeff Prather, it’s a program of 4,000 people, soldiers and sailors in Ukraine, 11 labs that were all given this hemorrhagic-type fever late last year and he says it also points to this UP Aid program.

He says he confirmed with people at DTRA, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, who acknowledged that they have been working with Ukraine at these 11 different biolabs.

He says a company called Black&Veatch is the contractor and he has copies of the contracts, the signatures and names, etc. and that’s where we are in the investigative process.

Jeff asked George if any of this ties into Peter Strzok in Ohio and Florida and George replied, that Yes, Battelle Labs on 16th street and Jefferson in Columbus manage the bioweapons labs, including Fort Detrick in the United States and the Top Secret clearances given to criminal billionaire Kolomoyskyi agents, Fruman and Parnas came from Battelle, with Defense Intelligence information Supply Center (DISC).

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I find that video really disgusting, degenerate, and antichrist,
    but then, I don’t worship satan.
    It is quite apparent Zelensky does.
    To each his own. We will all be judged by God at the end.
    Which is obviously soon coming.
    War has always been a set up charade,
    One side plays the evil side, and one will be proclaimed in great lies, about the evil of the loser.
    So that the other false/fake side, the winner magically becomes ‘the good side’ for its victory.
    An easy trick, so the devil get people to commit abundant atrocities on both sides, and then allow the victor to be blameless.
    The more they demonize the loser, the more power the devil (both sides) gets after the war.
    It then gives power to the ‘so called’ victims to take total control, as they did after ww2.
    Now we see that has power led to our complete and total destruction.
    The only power the devil has is to destroy life.
    The winner is always planned in advance, to push and advance the agenda of Satan
    War after War until he controls the entire world.
    He could not do it with out gulible people willing to believe his lies and do his bloodthirsty dirty work. The sin of false pride, always works to take souls from people.
    This was obvious in ww2, it gave the devil the power, that has led us to this catsatrophe.
    This will be the final war, that gives Lucifer his prize, total world control.

    • JB:

      This is JB.
      Please stop and think about the ‘words’ you use. “Words are not “things.”
      ‘”Words’ remain ‘symbols of symbols,’ twice removed from ‘reality’.” (J)
      “Satan” does not exist. The “Ego” exists (in our/your mind.)
      The Ego does EVERYTHING that you attribute to “Satan.”
      People project their “ego” onto others (seemingly separate people) who they call “Satan.” People “blame “Satan” for everything their own ‘personal’ “egos” think and do.
      Find yourself a copy of A Course in Miracles, read it (if you can w/o going unconscious) and take personal responsibility for everything for which you blame “Satan” and FORGIVE everything and everyone.
      Everything you see “out there” in this “world” remains an “outer projection of an inner condition.” You do everything to yourself. Stop! Forgive! Go take a nap.
      There is no world. Everything you see “out there” comes from “within you.” Forgive yourself for dreaming all this up and do whatever you have to do to find ‘inner peace.’
      A Course in Miracles can be found in 4 or 5 different published formats: The UrText; the Foundation for Inner Peace version; The Original Edition Course from the Course in Miracle Society (which has 45,000 more words that were edited OUT of the FIP version; the Edgar Cayce Edition; and maybe one or two others. I recommend one of the editions that has ALL the words, with nothing edited out, like the Urtext or the Original Edition. Yeshua (Jesus) gave us ACIM to learn/to experience our “reality,” “The Son of God.”


      Steven Joshua Blue (JB)

  • I don’t see an actual citation for the claim ” If that sounds like it came straight out of the World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders program, it did. Zelenskyy is a graduate.” The page, like many others on the WEF website has a bio for a world leader…

    • I’d thought I’d arrived at that page after typing his name into the search field on the Young Global Leaders website but now, I can’t find it anymore.

      I saw dozens of tweets that the WEF has been deleting tons of data from its sites. I saw firsthand how they removed everything relating to Putin.

      I’ll correct that statement but the point is that Zelenskyy is a Globalist agent, who addressed the WEF in 2020: and who says he was inspired to get into politics by the likes of Justin Trudeau, who is a total exponent of the YGL/WEF.


  • George Webb’s rat-like ability to penetrate the maze of intrigue and deception that surrounds us all is unsurpassed. His obsession with the seemingly incidental detail of a comms system, a cellphone which is for most of us only of historical interest, has led him to the ichor which flowed, and flows, through the arteries of the major architects of our woes.
    I am glad he persists – the myriad details which he has revealed in the past now begin to make sense to me in terms of the credible intentions of those he has spotlighted, and their place in a scheme which goes beyond the merely egregious.
    The final stage in inducing hopeless demoralisation is when it is revealed that you and I have been fooled all along. When the clowning and capering becomes obvious even to a fool – when our leaders of all kinds openly display the comedy of irrationality that we ourselves have been induced to join, then some kind of end-game is approaching. We have had world wars, but this is the first and only truly global war, waged upon us by the powers whose licence is about to expire. We are in territory charted only by God, and those who think they know what is coming are just another part of the theatre of fools.

  • Zekelensky’s wealth comes as no surprise when we have a peek into the wealth of Putin:

    After watching those two, my intrigue to find out more about him took me to this one:
    “The Man Putin Fears The Most” –

    In my opinion, the exposure this plandemic/scandemic has brought to my attention is the fact that money is the idol creating an arrogance in leadership that will soon be their destruction. (Proverbs 16:18) God’s got this. We just have to be patient.

      • Nope, it’s propaganda at it’s ‘ finest ‘…Get informed and after that, post some intelligent ideas/info…please…

    • Brenda, no offense, but you are either a product/victim of the corporate mass-media, either a troll. I was born in N-E side of Romania, about 35 miles from the border with Ukraine ( former USSR ). It’s called Bucovina/Bukovina ( Romanian side, because the North side was ‘ incorporated ‘ in Ucraina ( Romanian name ) and I had in high-school as colleagues, Polish, Ukrainians, Germans and other nationalities ). I know very well our history, mostly from our ancestors, who lived those times. Most of you, born Americans/Westerners, have no clue what’s going on in Eastern-Europe ( and the rest of the World ); only what the propaganda machine is feeding you 24/7…Do you really believe the BS that Putin is a billionaire ?!…Ha-ha-ha…Did you hear about the House of Rothschild’s ?! Does Putin & Co. controls the so-called ‘ federal reserve ‘ ( not federal and fractional – private, with no financial reserves ), the ECB. or BIS ?! Get informed, woman, and stop spreading lies and absurd claims ! BTW, most of you not only cannot show on the map where Ukraine is, but where USA is…Mark Twain — ‘God created war so that Americans would learn geography.’

      • Yes, I agree with you. I know nothing about your history. We only know what we are allowed by mainstream and mostly lies. I know how you feel. I was born in South Africa and for many years I had to listen to lies upon lies. Today, my country is a mess and the world is happy.

        • Hello, Sally…I live in Central Wisconsin, half hour driving from Dells. How can I contact you ? How far are you from Dells ? People who think alike should stick together. Bad time is upon us…and not many people can see the writing on the wall…

  • Master sleuth George has uncovered a mountain of weapons-grade evidence enough to keep a team of FBI coverup artists busy for a lifetime , yet not one peep out of the DOJ special prosecutor Bull Durham. Battelle is HQ for the super secret bio-hacking black arts crowd with the hidden hand on all of the weapons labs. They want to export this technology to the cosmos to whack the other planets they have in their grip seems like the quarantine has been a big failure as have most of the efforts to keep the lid on the demon pot from boiling over. Our enemies are mighty and our friends are fickle.



  • When I first saw the dancing video of him I thought it was fake. Seeing the full version makes me think otherwise. Now let’s talk about how ridiculous he looks. I can’t believe he qualified for president. He must of went to Klaus Schwab School. And people thought he would be an honest man.

    • Who ever said one has to qualify to be the president when the behind-the-scene operatives are forcing those they want via fraudulent elections? It was my understanding that it was our corrupt deep state that put this guy in office to protect their interests.

      Ever wonder why they pick celebs to do their dirty work? Actors know how to play their audience. Who’s their audience? The citizenry of that country. And with the amount of brainwashing that’s been going on, We The People have certainly been played. Klaus Schwab himself boasts of how he’s been able to infiltrate for a successful global reset:

      • You right…Stalin knew a thing, or two…about (S)elections…: “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.” And: Mark Twain: “If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.”

    • Did you take a look on ‘ our back yard ‘…lately…?! SOTU speech…the puppet show…the three stooges in front of the clowns, I mean…congress…Joe and the Hoe, and Pancy…While ( not so much anymore ) our Country is burning down, most of the sheeple, I mean people pretend to care about a Country/Region which they can’t even localize on the map… ” The table is tilted, folks, the game is rigged and nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care. ” George Carlin on the real owners of America.

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