Documents leaked anonymously out of the Panamanian law firm, Mossack-Fonseca have revealed the previously untraceable financial transactions of some of the world’s most powerful people.

The Guardian’s infographic explains exactly how these transactions managed to remain untraceable until now.

The source of this “Biggest Leak in History” remains anonymous. It has been the subject of an investigative effort by 400 journalists for the past year and it just went public on Sunday afternoon, April 3, 2016.

As Luke Rudkowski of astutely points out, the politicians exposed in this leak are largely those who are “thorns in the side” of the Western elite, including political leaders, Vladimir Putin and Bashar al-Assad, leading him to speculate that this leak was engineered by a Western intelligence organization.

Dr. Henning Witte, a German-Swedish lawyer is now alleging that Hans Leyendcker, the Senior Editor of Suddeutsche Zeitung, the German newspaper, which originally received the leaked documents has been “a CIA agent [for] a very long time.”

Witte continues, “The fact that the Panama Papers first went to the CIA agent, Leyendecker and no American politician, bank or company is accused, but Putin, in spite of the fact that he personally had no account…prove clearly that the leak of the Panama Papers is a smear campaign from the CIA against Putin.

“They had one year…to put away the evidence against American players. Only those being not convenient to American interests are blamed.” 

Don’t expect to find anything about the Afghan heroin money in here!

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  • Sick of this smoke screen…whenever there is a “red herring” (HAHA) divert the attention towards the East. (Tried and tested Cold War tactic reverting to Reagan times and beyond.
    Czech the cronies of Bush, Cameron and their acolytes…do not have to dig to deep!!

  • The truth WILL out. Good people will be called by their own convictions, ethics, and spiritual morality, to fight this growing evil darkening our planet. Greed and megalomania are killing Terra/ Earth, and unless we make the effort, our children are doomed to extinction. So follow your heart and get involved, knowing you do it for the benefit of our progeny, and the health of our planet. The stupidity and greed of lustful, obsessive, and addicted souls must NOT determine our fate. Good MUST triumph over evil, but in order for that to occur, we must work together. Look for the local causes that move you, and participate; keep your eyes and your mind open; do your own research and make your own conclusions; keep educating yourself, remain informed, and don’t succumb to entropy, mass hysteria or coercion; be a LIGHT WARRIOR, and together, in harmonic resonance, we can synchronize, synergize, and vitalize our efforts, with the goal of making Earth the Heaven most of us want it to be!

  • Don’t know if this is a true aeticle but I was in Panama a week ago and was amazed at all the skyscrapers and know that there is no way a 3rd world country could have the wherewithal to do all that building, the money has to be coming from somewhere else?:


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