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    We are in the midst of a worldwide operation. Disinformation is necessary. Almost nobody knows what’s really going on.

    The daily coronavirus briefings are surreal. Everybody’s speaking in code. Does “coronavirus” really mean coronavirus? Does “ventilators” really mean ventilators? Is the USNS Comfort really for hospital patients? Or is it for taking prisoners to Gitmo?

    James Comey is tweeting bizarre pictures of himself.

    People are going to their local hospitals all over the world and filming tranquil scenes of nothing happening. Except, that is, for in Brooklyn, where one shocking video taken outside a hospital shows dead bodies being forklifted into a refrigerated truck.

    Soylent Green is people.

    40% of New Yorkers won’t be able to pay rent this month. Then the landlords will go broke. Some cities/counties are threatening jail time if you leave your home while prisoners convicted of serious crimes are being released. New York, Los Angeles, Houston, ICE, and more are releasing inmates to “stop the spread” of the coronavirus.

    Engineered chaos.

    I was starting to feel panicky and I was looking for the best meditation music video for you. Then I found this and I burst out laughing, completely diffusing my anxiety.


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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • I was curious about that forklift vid–I’d heard it mentioned elsewhere.
      I am no longer in NYC but I know Brooklyn hospital deals with dead bodies every day, so I’m not surprised to see one. And if the person is extraordinarily large or heavy, a forklift sounds reasonable, too.
      But it’s a convenient activity to get on video.

    • World War III brought to you by the three sisters of the United Nations Security Council

      1) Engineer global chaos with a flu that spreads fast. Normal deaths rates will spike the numbers in urban areas. Test for future smart city depopulation steps.

      2) Simultaneous step to create chaos to be run through entirety of war: Engineered Weather Warfare to include tornadoes, strong hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunami and volcanoes. Create zones of massive damage requiring relocation of communities.

      3) Middle East Conflict between agitation partners of Iran, Israel and others. Will lead to a greater conflict staged by the 3 sisters.

      4) Destruction of catholicism and Christianity by Pope Francis revelations, leads to the destruction of the vatican and spreads to Rome itself.

      5) Implant the people with chips and roll out 5g.

      6) Struggle within USA between gun owners and government. Civil War.

      Who will win?

    • Morning, Alexandra ( from the woods in Central Wisconsin ), and YES, I like it…Thank you very much. Today I ‘ celebrate ‘ exactly 2 weeks of ‘ vacation ‘…just me and Teddy ( my wife still working ). Not stressed at all…at least not because of the virus, but of the political spectrum/Feds actions…Like someone posted yesterday ” we are burning the entire house, because the panic of a spider “…Having a little from almost everything, I really enjoy every day: coffee, walking Teddy, cleaning/ cutting some branches/trees, feeding the birds…Have to fix the garden fence…the three ( two separated ) car garage is a mess…a beer/shot here and there…Watching the deer, turkey, some big birds…hope never being forced to hunt them…Since we moved here from Chicago Land ( summer of ’15 ), we feel that we are connected ( back ) with our Mother Gaia…We are blessed and wish everyone to be blessed…Love you, stay healthy…

      • Sounds like Heaven! I spent my grammar school years in the City of Chicago and got to go to Wisconsin a few times (Lake Geneva, Baraboo, Appleton and other places). It’s really beautiful.

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