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  • Is she back again? Did she get her hair dyed again? Like to see her in Playboy. Other than that she’s just political trash like the rest of them

  • Seeing the twisted narrative, my guess is that she (the ex CFR/WEF) is just buzzing around in order to get more attention rather than actually trying to fix a thing.
    Tulsi, you are hot, but hell no, shoo.

  • our nearly deceased basket case suicidal country can only support so many of these fakirs who line up to fill their war mongering pick pocketing hands . we don’t need a single sane leader exploring our outrage and contempt we need a high power steam pressure washington sized enema , to save the thing it first must be cleansed of all parasites and perversions a near death experience and reborn in our image updated with real penalties to save it from the scum of the earth who seek immunity to run it like its an ATM machine that belongs to them .

  • India and Hindu stooge Tulsi forgot to mention the Washington elite are complicit with America’s IT industry being hijacked by aggressive and racist Indian population who have displaced countless citizens from their jobs, and it’s getting worse. She forgot to mention how she helps India get their people into high positions within the Dem party (repubs doing their part with ramaswampy and nimrata “war hungry” Haley) so they can help the migrant horde cheat their way into US and engage in host of crimes.
    I guess she would never mention how her india financiers have done the same thing in UK Canada Australia, where these people are mocking the locals and saying it’s their turn to colonise white countries, and spreading the same corruption they’re known for back home in India. Her high caste friends so often look as white as she does, so blend in well.
    Another pathetic fake opposition. Those hindus are gunning for power in US in both parties.

      • You too?! No way you don’t even post about India’s growing corruption in the West which imo is just as bad as China’s. I heard people talking about being banned and isolated by Indian tech teams but surprised they targeted you. TPTB in Silicon valley were enormously stupid to let these people control the industry. Lots of them sneaking into politics too. I still can’t figure out how conservatives voted in warmongering Haley for a rep in the first place?

    • How many democrats snap out of their satanic funk..??
      Give Tulsi all the credit in the world, representing a
      (D) blue state, finally recognizing the horns and hooves on Obama.

      • Are you senile like Biden or trying to derail these rarely known facts? Tulsi is corrupt and deserves no credit for being just as slimy. That has zero to do with Obama whose corruption is talked about all over. How often is it mentioned that Tulsi is a hindu extremist stooge and is leading the takeover of the tech industry and their sneak into US politics? Go away.

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