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    by Wall Street Apes

    Is it finally happening? This post is blowing up with hundreds of thousands of likes, saying, “Stop paying taxes because we’re being replaced with illegal immigrants!”




    “There’s a lot of people out there that agree with not paying their taxes this year. My strongest And there’s a lot of people that like to comment, you’re just gonna go to jail. Let’s see how that works out for you. The IRS is gonna come get you. That’s true.

    “You know, our government is breaking the law every day. Constitutional law exists just the same as political law. And as long as the government is taking our tax paying dollars, and they’re using it to give to illegal immigration, giving them the right to vote, giving them driver’s license, allowing them to buy land, allowing them to buy homes, uh, giving them prepaid credit cards for those who live in hotels in New York where veterans used to live in those hotels. Now they’ve kicked out the veterans and moved in the illegal immigrants. States like California and Illinois are allowing them to become police officers and carry a weapon while they’re on duty.

    “That’s illegal. And you’re not gonna use my tax paying dollars to pay for your criminal activity in this country. In order for this movement to work, everyone needs to get involved. Oh, well, they’ll arrest you. No.

    “They won’t because they won’t have the money to arrest you. They can’t come after all of us because we have the numbers. But when are the American people gonna stop being afraid? Stop being scared. Stop being controlled.

    “Stop being sheep. We have a right to exist in this country. And with Bidenomics kicking everybody, uh, while they’re down, making it almost impossible to survive, you need to keep your money to take care of your family. Put a roof over their head. Put food on the table.

    “Make sure you don’t lose your car. Keep your cell phones turned on, keep your internet, your cable. Be responsible, but don’t be reckless. Paying your taxes right now to this corrupt, treasonous government is reckless and illegal. And it can be proved in a court of law that what they’re doing goes against the constitutional law of this land.

    “You won’t get in as much trouble as you think you will. Stand up. Do the right thing. As for me and my family, we’ll lead the charge. We are not paying our taxes this year.

    “We are not giving into the government’s control. We will not be sheep. Because you are my And we will not stand by idle and let them tell us what to do for being in the land of the free. I will be free.”

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Ha! Ha! Ha! This guy thinks he has rights?!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Sorry, my friend…you don’t have sh*t. You’ve been enslaved. And your abject moron brain dead neighbors helped make it happen.

    • until their face mask falls off we will be getting our daily dose of face down in the mud bent over democratically applied spelunktitudinal foreplay when you decide to get serious about your GOD given rights to resist the overthrown fake ass .gov tyranny well they’re not going to play nice like they have been to us so far . they don’t need your money , they don’t need your permission they don’t need you at all . are you getting the “or else” message yet not believing them yet still waiting for someone to give a shit about your miserable f*cking lives . prove you care first then maybe you will find out if you are worth saving . the frog in the pot boiled dry , years gone by and you don’t complain about a thing .
      why ?? are you french or are we missing something like the will to live ??

    • yes, unite everybody in not supporting crimes any more, unite in becoming great citizens TOGETHER, all against the few! Covid19 crimes should have started that, but people were TOO AFRAID! Never repeat the mistakes, learn from history.

    • Unfortunately, those that are W2ed really can’t do this. They get their checks and taxes are already out. This would fall on all of the business owners across the country. Great idea, but only if everyone does it.

    • Maybe before you put up an antagonizing articles such as this, you can verify who this man is and whether he is a gov facilitator or just one of us. He could be instigating trouble for people who feel the same way. As you know, the gov is just waiting to fck with you any way it can.

      Please verify whether this guy is authentic. This could do more harm than good if this guy is an “insider”.

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