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    Pastor Artur Pawlowski joins Jeffrey Prather around the 15 minute mark in this video – and he’s as riveting as ever.

    Artur emerged as an electrifying leader for the truckers’ Freedom Convoy during the standoff with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) last February at the remote border crossing station of Coutts, Alberta. He was arrested and jailed soon after this powerful speech that he made there.

    Artur briefly describes the history of 20th century Poland, which was first overtaken by Hitler’s Nazis during World War II and then enslaved by the Stalin’s Soviet Communists. Both regimes were financed by the same demonic fraudsters behind the genocidal UN Agenda 2030 and the Death Shot today.

    Artur and his family have been fighting this same tyranny their whole lives. His wife was literally born in a Communist Polish prison. He was also lucky enough to see how the Solidarność movement in Poland was able to throw off Communism in that country, once and for all.

    In the past two years, Artur has been arrested by the World Economic Forum (WEF) criminals in the Canadian government several dozen times and he’s spent several weeks in jail. He has profound insights into the totalitarian tactics of the Communist agenda, which he calls “identical” to those of the WEF.

    He recently scored a legal victory, when a three-judge panel unanimously overruled a previous decision to hold him and his brother, Dawid in contempt for holding a public gathering during the fake pandemic. The ruling also ordered Alberta Health Services to pay him and his brother $15,733.59.

    Artur remains under house arrest while he awaits trial for the charges stemming from that speech he gave in Coutts but he believes that those charges will be similarly overturned.

    Artur is a great role model for all of us during this shocking eruption of tyranny in our times. He embodies the power and the authority that comes from the truth, which is of God.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Artur walks alongside CHRIST in exactly the same way that Paul walked through life ..what an inspiration he is to the body of CHRIST [all around the world] I’m unable to find the words that could even begin to express the gratitude I have to our GOD for such a brother.
      Those of us who KNOW Him in whom we believe need to rest assured in the FACT that in Christ we are INVINCIBLE ..our reading the last pages of the Bible always remind this. I praise God for coming down to earth to live and walk among us as a man in order to both shame and defeat the powers of darkness by subjecting Himself [temporarily] to their evil power and authority in order to then put the powers of darkness under His [eternal] power and authority – to then share His blood-bought victory with all those who believe.

    • If God is your thing as to motivate you to do well, I’d say go for it.
      That said, there are many kinds of people, not limited to specific religion, are trying to fight against corruption.
      And Truth is what we believe as it is, and always differentiate one another and nobody is perfect.

    • Don’t assume turning airplane mode turns tracking off, Apple can track you even with your phone off.
      So if you aren’t techie wanting to have real privacy, don’t carry your phone, or put it in faraday bag.

    • Without the Poles, there would have Never been a WW2.
      Poland should have shared the Danzig Corridor instead of Terrorizing the Germans that were living there & in Bromberg.

    • Even an atheist recognizes there exists light and dark – good and evil. This man is fighting and sacrificing for Good in our lives. He deserves your respect and support.

      Thank you Alexandra for YOUR courage in presenting this interview to us.
      Speaking for myself – I’m inspired to move from being a sheep to a lion in many areas of my life.

    • Tyranny is as tyranny does, there is nothing new under the sun, but because we have forgotten our heritage, we have forgotten who we are.

      I have observed pastoral operations for decades and long ago concluded some are ministers because they like the trappings, some like the perks and some being truly called, then have their heads screwed on backwards by perverse seminaries of which there are many.

      Nothing has exposed them more than the recents events in which they were tested. Pastor Pawlowski is one of the few pastors who passed because he understands the gospel of the kingdom at it’s most basic level, the historic level! The very level the majority of pastors have no clue – else they would not have chosen to opt out the most recent test. For that cowardly act they deserve a big fat ‘F’.

    • Wonderful eastern European minister. Speaking of uncircumcised? Mr. Minister, I love everything you say except the circumcision!! Dude, if God doesn’t like foreskin, why did he create us with one? Also, it appears that God doesn’t like hair too?

      • He is speaking of circumcision of the heart, not the foreskin of flesh. What has your pastor been teaching?

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