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    We’ve all seen the glorious trucker’s blockade in Ottawa, where a family-style lovefest with people of all colors and creeds has assembled in front of Canadian Parliament.

    These protesters were called “violent” and “hateful” by Communist Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly, who appears most concerned about the members of his own ranks who are in obvious support of the truckers.

    Sloly declared that his department is targeting the truckers and their supporters for prosecution, collecting their vehicle registration numbers, phone and financial records, as well as those of anyone donating to their cause.

    On Friday afternoon, a phalanx of farmers’ tractors rolled into Toronto and parked in front of the Ontario Legislature, taking local law enforcement by surprise.

    Also on Friday afternoon, GoFundMe seized nearly $10 million in funds raised for the truckers, after a call from Justin Trudeau.

    Recall that GoFundMe froze the donations made to Kyle Rittenhouse and to Nick Sandmann, both of whom were also maliciously smeared by the Communist Fake News and both of whom were later vindicated in court.

    In 2020, GoFundMe supported and allowed fundraising for the Leftist “CHAZ-CHOP” occupations of Seattle and Portland. They allowed the “PDX Protest Bail Fund” to raise nearly $1.4 million for violent criminal suspects in Portland during their months-long siege of of the Federal Court House.

    The GoFundMe accounts of several violent Leftist groups remain active, including one raising funds for the perpetrator of the Waukesha Massacre, in which 6 people were killed and 67 grievously injured when multiple-convicted-felon, Darrell Brooks mowed them down with his SUV, days after being released on $1,000 bail. This slaughter was memory holed at breakneck speed by the Communist Fake News.

    Freedom Convoy 2022 organizers Chris Barber and Brigitte Belton had this to say about their de-banking by GoFundMe. They have five lawyers and two accountants who were associated with the account and they actually welcome this Fascist action, because the publicity will wake up all that many more people to the vicious tyranny of the Left.

    GoFundMe at first had said that it would not automatically refund donations made to the truckers. Those who wanted a refund would have to make a laborious request by February 19th, 2022, otherwise, they were told, their funds would be redirected to “approved charities” like BLM, who in 2020 caused over $2 billion in damage and over a dozen deaths across the US.

    But because of Chris Barber’s lawyers and because of those on social media telling donors to initiate chargebacks with their credit card companies, which would have cost GoFundMe $15 for every person that did this, GoFundMe relented late on Friday, saying, “Due to donor feedback, we are simplifying the process. We will automatically refund all contributions directly – donors do not need to submit a request.”

    The Freedom Convoy 2022 has now moved to the Christian fundraising platform, GiveSendGo. Nobody should EVER use GoFundMe again!

    The truckers’ protest is already making great headway, with the premiers of Alberta and Saskatchewan now competing for which province will be able to fully remove all of their pandemic policies first.

    Coutts, Alberta has become another important front in the Canadian Revolution – or what the truckers, themselves are calling “Operation Bear Hug”.

    Pastor Artur Pawlowski has emerged as an electrifying leader for the Canadian truckers who are in a standoff with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) at the remote border crossing station of Coutts, Alberta with Sweet Grass, Montana.

    Seen here at the Smuggler’s Saloon in Coutts on Thursday night, Artur tells the truckers how the Solidarność movement was able to throw off Communism in Poland once and for all:

    “In my country, in 1980, finally, they said, ‘Our children are worth fighting for.’ And they did it! and they took it to the streets and they paralyzed the entire system!

    “Yes, thousands were arrested. Yes, people were tortured and beaten. Yes, there is a price attached to freedom. How do you think the Second [World] War ended?…

    “The world is watching you. Will you give in? Will you stop fighting? Will you stop defending the rights of the free Canadians?…

    “We have some, for whatever reason, who just before we are about to get our freedom, are telling you to give up. Right before thousands of people are willing to come to support you – now, you’re going to abandon them? What are you going to say? ‘Oh, we changed our plans’?…

    “Every single minute, I get thousands of messages. Thousands. I mean, this thing [cellphone] never stops. People saying, ‘We’re coming to Coutts. We’re coming to Milk River. We’re coming to support..What do you need? We’re coming!’ Thousands upon thousands of people are coming.

    “They don’t have enough RCMP officers to deal with that. They don’t have enough Army to deal with that. Remember, you have the power, now. Do not give it away, just because it feels right. 

    “And yes, some of you might be arrested. Yes, some of you might pay the price. I’m not going to kid you, that it’s pleasant and beautiful, on concrete in jail, facing the biggest guns in the country. It’s not…

    “These people don’t play fair…they’re telling you they represent the law? No! They represent lawlessness! They are gangsters for the biggest mafia that there is!…

    “And it’s up to you, now, for the first time in two years, to rise up, to stand up and to hold the forts. And if this is our Alamo, so be it.”

    Artur’s family have been fighting this same tyranny their whole lives. His wife was literally born in a Communist Polish prison. They were eventually able to flee the nightmare of the Iron Curtain for Calgary, Alberta, where he is a pastor of the Cave of Adullam congregation and of the Street Church Ministries.

    Artur’s words and the stand being made by the truckers are as vital to all of us, everywhere facing COVID tyranny as they are to the Canadian people. Everyone must watch and learn!

    The Holy Spirit is palpable, here.

    If the Deep State uses force against these righteous Canadians, their weak hand will be revealed. When you have to use force, you show that you don’t have any real power.

    Artur, the truckers and the Canadian patriots demonstrate the power and the authority that comes from the truth, which is of God.

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    • Does anyone else come to the very real thought I do each day, which is, why don’t people here in the U.S. have the courage to do this?! Nothing even remotely close to the Canadian protest has been done.
      It must be. It must be but with planning and yes, with guns and plenty of ammo.
      Men don’t act like men anymore and women are weak minded, aiding in the shit show we live in.
      America has fallen and that is fact.
      But courage can retake it. Boycott all leftist companies that advertise on all leftist platforms. Those platforms are what blocks you from speaking, planning, rallying, organizing, mustering the COURAGE to even realize everything I just wrote is factual.
      Boycott and muster up the courage to contact attorneys who have a pair between their legs, to sue the congressman that take money from Social Media companies for endangering our lives. Sue the msm for endangering our lives with the constant lies. They don’t get to be protected for lies!
      Sue the doctors, hospitals, nurses, and Fauci and all the others for endangering our lives and misinformation that led to deaths by the thousands.
      Courage is being so obviously demanded by spirits but sadly ignored.

    • Hi Alexandra, just wondering why the givesendgo link has strikethrough formatting? I thought it may have been meant for the gofundme in the same sentence. My concern is that seeing this will deter folks from donating.
      Thank you for all you do.

    • This chief of police must think Canadians are morons. The Canadian citizens just outsmarted him and Justin Castro. Everyone, please stop using GoFundMe. Please. It has a proven track record of collusion with Deep State operatives.

    • yes, it is amazing feeling to fight for freedom, when somebody like KGB shines light in your eyes and tries to force you to LIE! There is nothing worse then LIES and CRIMES and Poland was the start of the doubt in the communistic regime. The current ‘freedom in chains’ needs to break and the only way out of the current crime is to continue speaking out the TRUTH

    • About 11:50AM here in the SW US, and just got this breaking news: GoFundMe Says All Donations to Trucker Convoy Will Be Automatically Refunded; Florida to Investigate”. This was from The Epoch Times: In its update on Saturday, GoFundMe, which hasn’t responded to requests for comment, claimed it had already enabled donors to get a refund and only the remaining funds would have been distributed to charities.

      “However, due to donor feedback, we are simplifying the process. We will automatically refund all contributions directly—donors do not need to submit a request. You can expect to see your refund within 7–10 business days,” the company said.

      GoFundMe’s actions have drawn scrutiny, particularly in light of the platform allowing campaigns for people linked to violence before.

      Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican, said it was “a fraud” for GoFundMe “to commandeer $9 [million] in donations sent to support truckers and give it to causes of their own choosing.”

      DeSantis said he will work with Florida’s attorney general, Ashley Moody, “to investigate these deceptive practices—these donors should be given a refund.”

      Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, also indicated the panel may probe what unfolded.

      “GoFundMe promoted the ANTIFA-occupied CHOP zone in Seattle. But they shut down fundraisers for truckers protesting #COVID mandates. We’ve got questions,” he wrote on Twitter, referring to the autonomous zone, known as the Capitol Hill Organized Protect, that was shut down in Washington state in 2020 after several shootings.

      Convoy organizers have recently turned to GiveSendGo, a GoFundMe competitor, to raise funds. GiveSendGo was down Saturday due to “bot cyber-attacks,” a spokeswoman told The Epoch Times via email. She said the company was “working as fast/hard as we can” to restore the website.”

      This feels like a victory for Freedom defenders everywhere, but I still think and feel that the radical left still has not learned a lesson here. I fear they will continue to double down, triple down, quadruple down, etc., upon We The People. Why? Because doubling down and more on the insanity is all all the left has to offer and history shows once psychopath criminals and tyrannical despots are in Power, they don’t go without a fight even if it means taking the whole of the populace down with them. So we must continue to do all we can to support these good Truckers standing up against an extremist and diabolically evil and violent leftist regime that have infected most all of Western Nations. US, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, new Zealand, European nations one and all must muster our strength and resources to stand united and exercise our Inalienable Rights until a full victory is obtained and justice and balance restored. I hope US Truckers will do the same here. Be prepared folks and lets continue this momentum is my deepest hope for us all.

    • Yep, leave it to a Pole to know about oppression. This man is one tough guy and needs to be listened to. Excellent. Don’t back down Canadians!

    • I jus watchd a vid from who had a clip of kids n Canada organizin’ a peaceful protest against mask mand8s n their schools…

      They walkd n2 their school ,sans masks, and were told they cudn’t nter class, but they had 2 go 2 the gym isolatiion…

      They walkd back out of their schools, and went home…


    • Thank you so much for your important support

      Please know that yesterday – -Friday February 4th, 2022 Keith Wilson issued a plea to spread the information that the Cheif of the Ottawa police will take action – it sounds terrible –

      Keith Wilson is a Canadian Constitutional Lawyer – – leading a legal battle to stop the taking away of Canadian Constitutional rights –

      The truckers abd farmers are so brave, as are the millions of people who have both taken and not taken the procedure but KNOW their rights are taken from them – New Brunswick Premier Higgs has had citizens locked down in their homes except for food, medical – – often no church allowed for the last year – – – Premier Higgs and his “medical” person have l”legally” opened the door to allowing all food stores to stop selling FOOD to the Un medically treated – – vicious language is tearing families and communities apart blaming ALL illness including the tripple med procedure on the “unclean” – – family members and neighbors are spying on each other and reporting behaviors of freedom that are citizens rights

      Further – the Doctors of fNew Brunswick Canada who are for freedom have had their licenses suspended and cannot serve their patients in a province that is horribly lacking in doctors

      and the INJURED from the med procedure are NOT reported – – doctors and nurses are too afraid – – the head nurse of a group of medical people for freedom was arrested while standing in a demonstration in Fredericton – – other key doctors who have given speeches have been arrested and held having who knows what done to them

      HOrrible things are being done across the provinces – – travel lhas been difficult between the provinces – – no air, bus, or train travel allowed without a medical passport – -and Trudeau has threatened all interprovincial travel by vehicle – – during certain times permission even for the Tripple medical have had to have each province’s permission to travel through – – AND people who have had their loved ones die have not been granted “compassionate” exemptions

      Many people with REAL medical exemptions have not been given them as the doctors fear gov reprisal

      So Constitutional Lawyer – Keith Wilson’s plea from yesterday re the actions about to be taken – -in Ottawa – – but one imagines in the big protests in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, etc and at the Alberta border will be bad after Trudeau had the Go Fund Me Canceled

      Please note that Trudeau’s half brother has called him out and wants him to resign for his globalist elite work to enslave Canada

      Here is the plea – please help spread it

    • Yes, we have been paying a lot for useless things. Now it is time to be prepared to pay for FREEDOM! I would love to join you, courageous people, but I live on the other side of the world. Deep-deep gratitude for all your adversities, being in the cold, being misrepresented, being threatened…. I send you my love and blessings!

    • I just edited this video to 22 seconds starting at about the 5 minute mark or so, and posted it on the AB Coutts Convoy page. This is the main page for the blockade, now rally/protest in Coutts, Alberta. The admins Declined to post it.

      After learning much from the mistakes made in New York State with the Safe Act, and with currently, the mask thing; the nicey, nicey and lawsuits do not succeed. It just draws people into a false sense of resolution and energy is lost.

      Pastor Artur is probably the most powerful inspiring force we can have. On that Coutts page, this is not even being promoted. Canadians believe the nicey, nicey is going to win their Freedom. They will not like the results until they too learn from their mistakes. Link to Coutts –

      • Call your credit card company and initiate a chargeback, which will cost GoFundMe $15 for every person that does this.

        They are not issuing chargebacks through their system because they want to keep their fee.

        They’re making donors fill out a laborious form, instead.

        If you do nothing, they will give your donation to BLM or similar.

    • The eyes of the unclottified are upon you , most of the the brainwashed clotters are not in this fight so like the american revolutionary war it’s up to the 3% who stood up to give the country it’s freedom. The Canadian patriots have the advantage here, will the Justine Castro regime use violence against a mostly peaceful protest with multiple worlds watching they wouldn’t dare it would prove this whole thing is not about saving the public from a seasonal flu health scare. The lies they have told so far should be enough to convince the people that the governments are done it’s over. The morally and financially bankrupt authorities have lost the support of the people if the cops and military line up behind Castro they will out themselves as the enemy of the people..


      are you a free american, or a 14th amendment SLAVE; we have been complying all our lives; Lord help us break these chains

      these POLICY OFFICERS need to remove their police costumes and put on their man-suits and stand with mankind

    • The Christian tradition ,like many faiths,like many political traditions values the process of bearing witness.
      The true witness is personal experience….the individual being heard.
      There is the power of spirit,physical ,psychological and divine. Strength that comes through being morally right….His observation on early covid lockdown…..grab the pastor’s and preachers runs through history. A basic method from Poland to today……prevent people meeting and discussing. As the Bible and Koran clearly state ……we are ALL children of the book. Jesus said…we are of one body . The prophet Mohammed said the same in the ‘ battle of the trench: when he was defending a town from barbarians , a town with Christians and Jews in it . One advisor recommended throwing the Jews n gentiles out of the town to save resources for the seige. The prophet admonished him ,explaining we are all children of Abrahmn , Stand together.

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