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    Australian YouTuber, Brendon O’Connell states that the psychological operations being inflicted on our society, from the Drag Queen Story Hour to the fake pandemic and death shot, while these may be dangerous and even lethal, they are all distractions from the global realignment into the Multipolar World Order.

    He says, “This is not a war between Russia and NATO – otherwise known as The United States. This is a war between the United States and ultimately Germany, looking to make itself what Adolf Hitler came so close to achieving – ruling the Eurasian landmass and therefore, ruling the world. WWII is not over, it did not end, it started in 1914 and has been ongoing ever since.”

    The US, which has been the capital of the banksters’ (Rothschild, City of London, East India Trading Company, Khazarian Mafia) global financial empire for much of the past century is now being replaced by the Multipolar World Order of the pan-Eurasian superstate trading block of Russia and China, with Israel at the center of it.

    O’Connell claims that China is not leading the Belt and Road Initiative, Israel is; Israel is supplying China with the technology, much of which it has been systematically stolen from the US. Israel is to have a central role as the data collection point for the fiber optic cables that will cross from Europe, North and South Asia and Africa, which will be vital for the future of Artificial Intelligence – as in, the autonomous Boston Dynamics robots and armed drones that, in ten years’ time, will be deployed to exterminate survivors of the biowarfare and economic collapse – unless we stop these plans.

    He says, “The plan was always, always under Donald Trump – Kissinger & Associates got him in…He gets in what was his job? Pull back out of NATO, bring the United States out of Eurasia, out of Afghanistan and the Middle East and bring it back home, redevelop the United States, build critical infrastructure, allow Israel in, as they’re still doing right now.

    “That was the plan and they would build North America, South America with the North American Union – and it’s already being talked about, right now…

    “Remember, turn the United States into a welfare state, use its energy to set up the international banking cartel central bank, smash the place up…then, reintroduce this rebuilding program, under a Roosevelt-style rule-building program and of course, introduce Communitarian Law, the UN Smart Cities program, lock people up…

    “These are going to be very nice, well-coifed, well-dressed men and women with perfectly reasonable, rational arguments, showing you all the beautiful technology.

    “It’s unfolding now, just like I said in previous videos. They’re unleashing the technology. They’re just in the beginning phases. They’re talking new power sources, they say fusion is not that far away. It’s not all talk, it’s not all fake rhetoric, it isn’t a crowdfunding exercise, it’s all going to be coming.

    “So, after they’ve stewed people enough, two to three years of high inflation, worry, anxiety, then the goodies come out, then the candy comes out, then they show an example city. ‘Wow! Look what they’ve done to New Detroit! Detroit looks magnificent!’ They’re going to have all these cars, all this stuff there’s going to be hope…

    “Trump was going to be like a Roosevelt, handled by the same people – anti-Communists are actually Communists – that’s the big joke. Kissinger’s the biggest Commie of them all…

    “But Trump is unhandled. It’s chaos. He just wouldn’t be handled and they had to get rid of him and they put him out and like I said – in fact, Jason Furnes said – Operation Crossfire Hurricane, which was the investigation into Trump and that was actually part of a program to actually keep him in and keep him under control; the Russia rhetoric…which was the Russia-Israel rhetoric was to keep Trump under the hammer; to threaten him that’s what it was for. Capisce?

    “Comey did the investigation. WikiLeaks – thanks to WikiLeaks – and then, thanks to…finding the laptop from the New York [FBI] office, who was pro-Trump and hated Hillary, you then saw Comey very cleverly should have indicted Hillary Clinton – she was literally breaking every rule in the book and…I think it was pretty obvious what she knew exactly what she was doing and did her staff.

    “But what they wanted to do was keep her in, because Bernie Sanders had a chance of winning. They kept Hillary in, they got Donald Trump in, Donald Trump wouldn’t play ball, they got rid of Donald Trump.

    “Now, they’re seeing if Donald Trump will play ball. Donald will come back in 2024. Let’s wait and see but that’s the build-up…

    “It doesn’t matter whether Trump is real or not real. What matters is is he going to do the job or not? And enough of the little dog whistles rhetoric, we want to hear about bankers, international banking cartels. We want to hear about the 1913 Federal Reserve Act, we want some rhetoric – nudge, nudge, wink, wink – on bankers and what’s going to be done about the 2008 crime that took place, that left abject misery and saw the transfer of 5 trillion US dollars overseas to probably fund the Belt and Road project.

    “The United States could, tomorrow end the technology transfer and all of the enemies or economic competitors would fall flat on their face. Fact. No one can touch the United States’ technology, not even close. No one has the industrial base. Germany doesn’t have it. Denmark doesn’t have it, even though they’re making ASML machines, the most advanced in the world to make the most advanced chips.

    “Well, guess what? That’s all US intellectual property, probably stolen off everyone else – but no, the US also has an indigenous, incredibly powerful economic base, industrial base, high-tech industrial base. No one comes close. China is a joke. Russia’s a worse joke. They’ve got to keep handing them technology to make the manufactured enemy to keep us under the War Powers Act.

    ‘Major Jordan’s Diaries’ and all the technology transfers, ‘The Report from Iron Mountain’ how they would use the threat of war, ecological catastrophe and even reports of alien life forms to keep people busy – and that was way back, in 1967.

    “We still see all the old news. It’s happening right now. It’s still relevant. No one’s talking about it. No one talks about Kay Griggs. No one talks about G Edward Griffin – and I’m being general, here, when I say ‘no one’ – the big plane.

    “That’s all we used to talk about. Now, we’re talking about men who think they’re women and other manufactured, silly, silly, silly crisis-fake issues, because that’s the way the system works. Be very careful of Donald Trump. He’s got all the right enemies, all the right enemies…

    “Now, we’re going to watch this. This is incredibly interesting. This is China Uncensored with Chris Chappell, who deletes my perfectly fine comments. It’s a CIA outlet, that’s what he is, whether he knows it or not.

    “Anti-semitism on the rise in china. I want you to listen to this. What does this mean? I’m asking you, what does it mean? I don’t believe it’s empty rhetoric. I don’t believe it’s acting, I don’t believe it’s a scam. I believe the Israel-Russia-China thing is off…I believe the Anglo-American establishment is fighting back, for good or ill. Skull & Bones boys.

    “Pick your enemy. Pick your organized crime group but there’s clearly – listen, if the international banking cartel and all its network was having its way, the United States would be out of the Middle East, completely and they would be out of Eurasia, completely and they would have had this rebuilding program begun, back in 2017. We haven’t seen that happen. They’re actually expanding back out.”

    Brendon plays parts of a China Uncensored YouTube video about the rise of anti-Semitic rhetoric coming out of CCP mouthpieces.

    He says, “We always criticize the US and…that’s stupid. I think we need to understand the United States still beats everyone, okay? The problem is of course that the United States has been subverted from within. If you’re new to this subject, you have my must-watch playlist. Look at the links, below and you will see everything you need to see how bad it is.

    “Core coding of Windows is done in Israel, not in Seattle, Washington State, with Microsoft – as in Microsoft Azure Cloud Security – it’s all done overseas, in Israel, which is full of what? Russian GRU assets working closely with Israel and China – until recently.

    “Now, we see this backing off. It’s going to be very interesting…so, now you see why so many people would talk about Israel, to try and break off US support for Israel but never tell the whole story – like a Whitney Webb. She only went thus far and no further; wouldn’t tell you about Russia and China on the Belt and Road. She wouldn’t tell you about Iran and Rouhani working at WEF, the world economic forum and Davos. They’re all there.

    “The plan was the Multipolar World Order…and someone effed it up. Donald Trump did not help them. Donald Trump went his own way with Bannon. I’m not saying it’s correct and you’d have to like them but you’re going to have to pick which side you want to go on; which organized crime.

    “There is no beautiful, white-hatted hero coming to save us. You’re going to have to get out of your ivory tower, where you look at everyone, ‘Oh! Look at that! I see what’s going on!’ Yeah, all right, you’ve got to get down in the mud with the rest of us and get your hands dirty, shake hands with dirty people and get busy saving the United States and its Constitution. If that goes down, then it’s the end. That’s it. That’s the end…

    “So, I believe there’s a huge bar fight going on and knowing exactly who’s who is difficult. We’ve seen things like Prince Charles and the releasing of his letter to his mentor, Sir Laurens van der Post. Let’s go over that very quickly, just to add more chaos; more bar fight, more brawling.

    “The House of Windsor, the Fleshly Crown, as opposed to the Crown Corporate and that linkage, way back to Queen Victoria between the House of Rothschild, City of London and Queen Victoria and the British Empire.

    “Let’s briefly go over this post, which is a good summary, a very good summary. I just put this up in my Patreon…I want to explain what the Ukraine is about, once and for all, in the grand context of the Grand Chessboard. We’ll have to flesh out and correct the details together to get it just right or at least marginally right.

    “This is a broad brush rundown. I’m talking, now about the video I’m doing now. So there’s Makinder’s Heartland Theory: ‘Who rules East Europe commands the Heartland.’ Hello? Ukraine. ‘Who rules the Heartland commands the World Island. Who rules the World Island commands the world.’

    “I put you that this is really a war between Germany and America this is my summary: the UK, European private banking cartel and all subsidiaries versus the Anglo-American Establishment, just as I believe there is a giant and ever-growing split between the House of Rothschild and the Windsors’ Fleshly Crown versus the Crown Corporate.

    “There is a giant rift between a strongly nationalist animal in the United States and the City of London. The City of London is not the United Kingdom. MI-6 is not the East India Trading Company, a private intelligence service run by a giant worldwide trading guild.

    “What was WikiLeaks’ first big win? Bank of Julius Baer éxposé all those EU billionaires hiding their money. Who did that? Just who did WikiLeaks work for? Who released the Pandora Papers, the Panama Papers, Jeffrey Epstein?…The best we got out of Epstein was Prince Andrew that should tell you something…

    “Look, if their rhetoric isn’t ‘Bankers! Bankers! Bankers!’ I’m not interested. Who do you think assisted Al Jazeera to penetrate so deeply into the British-Israeli establishment and Jewish Board of Deputies making the brilliant AIPAC and Friends of Israel éxposé in 2016 and ’17?

    “I saw it when I was in Iran and Tehran. Couldn’t believe what I was watching. The link is there, it’s in the links below…

    “Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, let us be very cautious of heroes. This is a war between Germany and the US, at the moment. The head of the European Union, the head of the hydra, the linkage between Israel, the City of London, the European banking tall tales: Germany, Russia and China to eject the United States from Eurasia and dominate the region building the Pan-Eurasian superstate; building that giant trading block and forcing the United States back in to build its trading block in the Western Hemisphere.

    “That’s what they’re doing: they’re building giant trading and military blocks. If the United States is forced out of the Ukraine, if the United States is forced out of Eurasia and the Middle East then that is the end. It’s over. We will see the formation of these giant trading- and military blocks. Eurasia is not at war with East Asia.

    “Remember 1984 and you will then see the standoff: the creation of robots, drones, semi-autonomous kill vehicles, autonomous surveillance vehicles, Skynet and it may well go on behind-the-scenes, all the while, on the surface they’re fighting.

    “Then, when they’re ready they roll up at Bilderberg and over shake hands and turn the robots on us, remember their problem is AI, machine learning. They’ve got to get rid of humans, out of the loop. Humans have families, they have loves, they have loyalties. They can’t rely on the Sabbatean Frankist model of drugs, sex and compromise and bribery, à la Epstein and the dozens of other compromise operations. They can’t rely on it, that’s the big picture.”


    by Brendon O’Connell

    Lets get down to it – what is Ukraine all about? Germany and the United States are at war – via Russia and China. And it’s time to out Berlin.

    Berlin, Moscow, Beijing and ultimately Tel Aviv had it all worked out. One ring to rule them all and The World Island – Eurasia. And it seems, the personal ambition of the Anglo American establishment – to make sure the great Eurasian land mass remained fractured and controllable – continues to this day. At this moment, in the heart of Ukraine.

    This is not a war between Russia and NATO – otherwise known as The United States. This is a war between the United States and ultimately Germany, looking to make itself what Adolf Hitler came so close to achieving – ruling the Eurasian landmass and therefore, ruling the world. WWII is not over, it did not end, it started in 1914 and has been ongoing ever since.

    It was the combination of German technology and innovation, combined with Russian raw resources and Chinese manufacturing capacity that would be the ‘secret sauce’ to remove the United States from the world stage as the Unipolar World Order, into the Multipolar world order, that Putin rages about. And a COVID virus helped too – bringing down the US Dollar and attempting to warn off US attempts to end the Israel, Berlin, Moscow Beijing axis.

    Putin says ‘economic blitzkrieg’ has failed in anti-West rant. Russian President Vladimir Putin has slammed the West, saying the days of a unipolar world led by the United States were over.

    Funnily, he states what the German elites cannot. After all, that would give the game away and we could ask what Germany has been up to behind the scenes for so long. There is a reason the NSA was surveilling Angela Merkel’s phone.

    There is also a reason Germany has been a hangout for “Muslim Extremists” for so long. There they drive taxis and deal drugs. Then when needed, travel over to England or over to Florida where they learn to fly à la Muhammed Atta post 4 years in Hamburg – what was he doing there and why was he traveling with three German friends over the United States doing coke and partying with his stripper girlfriend? Does anyone care to remember?

    Of course Hitler was not greedy man he had stated frequently that England was a much needed civilizing influence. He used to say to his closet friends, “The world needs an England!” That story is recounted by his Adjutant in 1937 after he married an English girl. Fearing a loss of his security clearance he told Hitler what he had done. He said Hitler was ecstatic, “An English girl! Wonderful!” Hitler was a Grade A Anglophile.

    Silk Road Breakthrough: Russia To Begin Construction On The China-Western Europe Transport Corridor…

    This break-up into the Multipolar World Order with each set of princelings ruling their little Banking Cartel area has been in the works a long time.

    With the US bleeding Ukraine out, just keeping them alive, they will get what they want – Ukraine begging for permanent US bases. Putin keeps agitating, demanding Berlin keep to its end of the deal. He will be valuable as a cudgel to keep Europe in line and US bases in the region. A big ‘Growly Bear’, though we can debate whether he is toothless and clawless in comparison to US technology. As long as he growls, thats ok.

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    • it does seem that there are several people out there explaining how the jewish victim narrative is exploited by the international financial criminals

      the jews are the victims of the criminals via very powerful extortion tactics

    • This is all over my head, but clearly a lot of people are looking for patterns in the tea leaves. I have thought about similar things in a purely speculative way. So… the banksters and oligarchs (mostly Jewish, super rich, or aristocrats) had a plan. The problem is their schedules are already too full of cocktail parties and sporting events and they had to delegate the real work to Chinese lab coolies. This bioactive agent (spike protein) that causes microclots and 26 other malicious things ended up in the “vaccine.” The banksters and oligarchs all took the vaccine as did 90% of the Israeli population and 85% of Jews worldwide; while the lab coolies did not. The Germans took the vaccine as did the United States professional class (doctors, lawyers, engineers)… Why am I so confused? We know the CCP will kill their own, but we know that “generally” the Jews do not–remember it’s all about survival. Israel is suppose to be about survival, or maybe it’s a transfer of Israel to central Asia? But central Asia is Muslim, and not sure Muslims like jews… still confused. Microclots, form sheets in the veins, fatigue, disabling fatigue. Still confused–a bamboozle within a bamboozle?


        • @JAY

    • Shouldn’t we be worried about Biden, and not Trump. I believe things were much better two years ago!!

    • I didn’t hear much evidence of Germany’s role. Nice comment on Jordan Peterson’s uselessness and distraction. Agree we need to ignore the drag queen psyop, although it’s not easy to stay calm. Apart from that I was totally confused.

      • The drag queen should Not be ignored, walk those people to the curb. Thats like saying “ignore the guy at the park showing his balls to my 5 year old”.

    • We are living in a very dystopic world. Nations are vying for Power. Some are very greedy wanting to take our Freedoms away and rule over us with a iron fist. May GOD watch over and guide us to find a peaceful loving harmonious humanitarian solution for WE THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD.

    • This bloke couldn’t be more full of shit if he were a port a potty at a Lollapalooza Festival. How many COUP’S has Russia orchestrated compared to even just the likes of even BOLTON. Germ Labs all around Ukraine, yea take the “they are all dirty narrative” to lessen the West ICC CRIMES.

    • some things he got right, some things are wrong. this is a conspiratorial hit piece of reverse propaganda. let’s see how things pan out. i bet he is wrong in his final assessment. keep a keen eye for on these types, weaving a narrative that is not new, rather coming out more and more as elections draws near.

    • Nothing frightens the Anglo-American establishment more than the specter of a union between Russia and Germany! It’s a historic fear dating back to the rise of Papal power after Constantine the Great political organizational genius!

      Most certainly the international central banking cartel is the cunning iron fist inside the religious velvet gloves of these two mighty empires!!

      Them as holds the gold makes the rules.

      Trump is a rogue INSIDER! His life is a demonstration of this truth. He’s used the cartel and the cartel has used him.

      Trump is still useful.

      • “Them as holds the gold makes the rules” Jon, then you are correct also in your opening statement.
        Russia’s Empire & Germany’s Empire Gold was released back to them after 100 year Trust that had ended with the Bank of England.
        That’s really what is going on, negotiations!

    • Hi,
      Brendon O’Connell is Very insightful and Packed with lots of information.
      He’s the type I would enjoy having as a friend or neighbor to share conversations with.
      But 1 thing also to go back and forth in a conversation with Brendon O’Connell you Definitely need to be up to Par and Doing your research also.
      This article Just Reinforced an article I have saved.
      Brendon O’Connell made 2 opposing statements / Points..
      About The Covid-19 Pandemic Was To Destroy The Dollar ,,,
      And 2nd:
      Putin says ‘economic blitzkrieg’ has failed in anti-West rant.

      I’m So Glad I Read and Research !!!!
      Thank you Very Much For This Article.
      Except: The Dollar Didn’t Get Destroyed Just Like Putin Said !!!
      The Dollar in A Few Short Years Is Going To Be Digital Currency / Digital Dollars.
      China and a few other countries are already testing digital Currency.
      The Covid-19 Pandemic Caused 193 Countries To Be In Debt To Loans Made in The Dollar.
      Shortly once the dollar is digital Currency and the United States drained and transferred all it’s Wealth the Prediction of The Bible Takes Over.
      Chapter 18 in The Book of Revelations is the United States.
      This explains the Chemtrails and Geo-Enginerring and Weather Manipulation Modification Military Technology that’s destroying the world.
      Babylon Spread it’s Evilness To The World.
      Loop up Operation Popeye to fully understand weather Manipulation Modification Technology.

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