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Trump Clears the Way for Criminal Prosecution of Clinton

David Hodges reports that President Trump has reportedly given the US House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform the go-ahead to pursue criminal charges against Hillary Clinton.

President Obama did not issue any kind of pre-emptive, all-encompassing pardon of Hillary, as many had feared that he might and last Monday, acting Attorney General Sally Yates, an Obama appointee was fired by Trump, to be replaced by the former Deputy AG, Dana Boente, pending the confirmation of Trump’s appointee for Attorney General, Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL).

It appears that the field will be wide open for the US Department of Justice to pursue all criminal cases brought against Hillary.

US House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Chairman, Jason Chaffetz told members of the Committee that a recent meeting between himself and the President revealed a desire by Trump to ensure that Hillary Clinton “Deserves whatever she deserves”.

News that the President supports a criminal investigation of Hillary came on the heels of the Oversight Committee’s ordering FBI director James Comey to hand over the contents of Hillary Clinton’s email server.

Hodges reminds us, “That if you and I had handled one of those classified emails that Hillary did, out of 33,000 – just one, we would be doing a minimum of five years in a Federal Penitentiary – and yet, she did 33,000 and she was allowed to run for President.”

Hodges also reminds Americans that we can help this process along by writing, emailing or calling our respective Congresspeople and that if we continue to keep the pressure on, we’ll be more likely to finally “See this despot in prison.”

If Hillary gets convicted, there is a greater likelihood that former Obama Attorney General, Eric Holder will also go down for his demented Fast and Furious program, which armed Mexican drug cartels. It will also cause Holder answer for his role in the seditious Calexit movement.

We may also see Obama’s succeeding Attorney General, Loretta Lynch go down for denying the prosecution of HSBC Bank, when they were laundering drug-, child sex trafficking- and gun-running money, as proven by former HSBC Senior Vice President, John Cruz and originally revealed in his 2011 book, ‘World Banking, World Fraud’.

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