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This video is a bootleg of the raw video of the tower exploding before the CGI plane was inserted.

The psychopaths planted liars to say they saw a plane.

The media and government were in the 9/11 scam up to their neck and the virus scam is 9/11 Part 2.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • 3 buildings collapsed at free fall speed that day.
    What can explain that?
    It’s too complicated for me.

  • this is fed by the same people that made it all happened. is food for conspirationists. conspiracies are made by the same people the conspiracies are about. only they exagerate things so normal people will not buy those conspiracies, just like this one. so this is BS, so it means that there are real terorists out there, so it means that wars on terror are justified… and so on…

  • Nonsense, This video starts just as the explosion starts and AFTER the real plane entered the tower.
    There are enough real proofs of the false flag PSYOP without falling for BS like this.

      • Is that so, Mr Wizard? Where’d you get your metallurgy degree, your structural engineering degree, your civil engineering degree or ANY knowledge of aircraft, flying, or just physics in general? That certificate you got from a cereal box really is fake, I swear.

  • Sorry, I don’t buy that cgi plane crap for those towers. Planes evidently didn’t hit the Pentagon or crash in Shanksville, but there were plenty of people who not only saw those planes crash into the towers, but many had film of them from quite a distance away. I refuse to believe ALL those people are working for big gubment. That’s as bad as that Fetzer shill who has that stupid hologram theory. Or Bill Cooper saying Greer the driver shot JFK in front of everyone in Dealey Plaza and no one said a thing (which was a sunlight and shadow effect in the film).

    • I agree Haywood, the CGI nonsense is a disinfo campaign started by the charlatan Simon Shack. I debated him back in the days of Truth & Shadows web site, Shack is utterly ignorant of the way CGI works. i was in special effects professionally for around 20 years.
      -Willy Whitten

  • Btdubbs, whats up with George Bush jr spkn’ at the 9/11 memorial….

    He was nvolvd n that hoax that killd sev thou….

    Pres Trump was there 2 honour the police and firefightrs….he visitd….w8 4 it….precinct 17….

    He loggd n…here it is:

    I hrd 4mr Sec of St8 Rumsfeld was tried and xecutd at GITMO….

    Oh w8…he was on trial and supposdly pulld a pin of cyanide out of his glasses and killd himself—source: The Dark Outpost….


    Did Bush jr roll ovah on every1 else nvolvd n 9/11 2 sav himself?!?!


    • yes, i mention barry jennings to everyone when i reply to 9/11 fraud. Also Danny Jowenko is worth searching and Phillip Marshall too

  • I think I read sumwhere that they bleve the Hindenbrg was also sabotagd…

    And Ive seen footge of that supposd plane hittin’ the twrs…hologram-like 2 me…

    Like the vid I saw of the pope standin’ n the wndow on the balcony and he turnd 2 walk away….


    That was a heluva disaprn’ act…like a Copperfield illusion….hahaha…


    I postd vid sev mos ago from andweknow/LT where he had a clip of Buydun walkin’ thru the WH and the top of his head disapprs…

    Vid was circul8in’ on twittr last dec of Mike Pompeo n Italy, [ he was there 2 visit his home twn ] walkin’ ahead of sum1 n handcuffs…I think it was the US envoy…

    The vatican went drk and shots were hrd…I hrd that there was gold recovahd undrneath the vatican…along with many lost bks of the bible and many docs….

    Btdubbs jus how far bck do these 13 fams Ive been hrn’ abt go?!?!

  • We have a government that has not worked for us since before the first world war, if not longer.
    Why is it no one talks about the maintenance workers that were, “upgrading” the buildings prior to 911? There were food trucks there at night for weeks, then and on the 10th they were gone. And on the eleventh, so were the buildings, and a lot of people.
    Then, the patriot act was put in place, written by none other than china joe.
    To say it was a new Pearl Harbor, and take us back to shipping Poppy Bush’s favorite product, from the fields in Afghanistan, after being dragged out of Cambodia and Vietnam where the other China growing fields were. Then now giving the Taliban and CCP 800 billion dollars worth of our war products, to use against us, by which ever force has it. Open borders on the south letting in a lot of young men, of soldier age. Then, the Taliban being installed across the nation, and given ivermectin instead of the “vaccine”, yeah, we have been invaded, and that army will be used to destroy us. Why are our military forces being forced to take the jab, to destroy them, of course. Sorry about my rambling, but I think we don’t have much time left, in my opinion. What happens when you have graphene oxide in you and 5G is turned up a bit? Or, an EMP is set off? Action, reaction, cooked meat. I’ll stop my paranoid ramblings now.

    • patriot Act brought in Oct 2001, one month after , its clear it was ready to go and written. As for the towers..? Read book The North Tower by David Alden, its unbelievable and explains a lot,

  • This has been going on since 1912, Titanic sunk with all the players opposing Central Bank.
    1913 in comes the Fed
    A few years later they suck the USA into WWI by stuffing the Lusitania full of explosives then sitting it in front of the U-boats.
    They knew Japan was going to attack Pearl Harbour but let it happen to get the USA into WWII.
    It goes on and on and the same people tied to the 13 families get rich selling to both sides and putting countries into debt.

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