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    Attorney Todd Callender joins Seth Holehouse of Man in America after having examined the oaths of office of all of the Biden appointees and finding that they are ALL botched. He says the consequences of this is that every act that they did is void, as if they never happened.

    Are there any acts by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin that you would like to see voided? Such as vaccine mandates for military members? Or illegal wars not approved by Congress?

    How about Attorney General Merrick Garland? Is there anything he’s done that you’d like to see voided?

    Todd has filed a Quo Warranto Writ with the US Attorney of Washington DC to challenge them to prove these bureaucrats’ right to hold public office.

    Todd’s legal team originally stumbled onto this phenomenon while litigating against local school board officials in Colorado for their malfeasance during the COVID Hoax. That’s when they discovered that about half of these officials did not have oaths of office that were valid.

    Under US Code 5 §3331, presidential appointees are required to sign an oath of office, in addition to an affidavit (US Code §3332) that swears that they did not bribe anyone to obtain the post, nor will they sell their office. These documents must be notarized.

    When they FOIA’d the Oath of Office of the Biden Regime’s Secretary of Defense, they were stonewalled. Only 9 months later did they receive a defective one.

    As the FOIA requests of other Brandon appointees began to arrive from the Departments of the Treasury and Transportation, they were told that the requested oaths of office could not be found. In many cases, the departments didn’t even answer them.

    In the case of Pete Buttigieg, they received a letter from the Department of Transportation saying they didn’t have a copy of his oath of office but they included a YouTube link to a video of him swearing his oath.

    The Department of Treasury similarly responded that there was no written oath of office for Janet Yellin.

    Of the the ones they did receive, they were lacking appointment dates and/or they were not notarized, making them void, even if they were signed, which is the case of Merrick Garland’s oath of office. Todd says there’s no notarial stamp, there’s no expiration date of his commission and there’s no appointment date, which tells him that US Attorney General is not officially doing his job.

    Todd says, “It’s statistically impossible for all of them to be defective and yet it is so. What does that tell you about the government that is running our country right now?” Todd believes they received legal counsel to not sign these documents.

    “If you were prosecuting somebody for treason, there are elements to that crime that you would have to prove. One of those is the person you’re prosecuting has a duty. How does one demonstrate that duty? That’s what this oath is about. They are affirming their duty; they’re recognizing it, saying ‘Yes, I agree to it. Here’s my signature. Here’s the notary to prove that this is my affidavit.’…

    “With this being deficient, without it being effective, I think they actually have a defense as to whether their conduct is treasonous.”

    Todd’s law partner, Ken Ferguson says this now becomes an either/or equation. Either this is treason or this is impersonating a federal official. In the case of Merrick Garland, he’s impersonating a law enforcement officer, which is a crime.

    Todd’s Quo Warranto is petitioning the DOJ to terminate all of these appointees, to void all of their official actions and to restore previous office holders whose oaths are in order until competent replacements can be lawfully appointed.

    If these appointees don’t have a fully executed oath of office, then they’re not serving the American People and the question becomes who are they – and the hundreds, if not thousands who were appointed underneath them – who are they serving? This is especially pertinent, as we see the World Health Organization’s International Health Regulations Amendments are usurping control of our public health.

    If they’re not there lawfully, we shouldn’t be following their regulations.

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    • VERY IMPORTANT,,, If The Oath Of Office Is So Important,,, Has Anyone Checked To See If Trump Actually Had A Signed Valid Oath Of Office,,,

    • There are literally hundreds of broken laws, broken constitution, treason, etc, that is connected with this administration, but it seems that corruption is so locked up that nothing will or can be done. The same will be true for this.

      • Sorry but I disagree. This is a war between good and evil. This country can’t afford to let all of this go unchecked and unpunished. It’s a slow moving monster to be sure buy I firmly believe we will see justice this time around. I have faith in the all mighty father that it will all be addressed. Try to put on a happy face and celebrate the little things being done bc soon they will turn into very big things and this time the wicked won’t get away with it.


    • I’m calling these idiots – “Super-Dupers”! Yes, Pleasr, feel free to quote my verbiage : Super-Dupers!!!



      • Consent: Per the past; Be on point & know without a doubt, these players must not go forth, with their plan – They must be accountable and adhere to Our rules of engagement (since killing and imprisoning the Native Americans). Do not stand idly by with hope. Be on the roster, be on the scene and be LOVE!
        These imposters – MUST be put asunder for the sake of – Freedom – Love – Peace


    • “Our Entire Government are ACTORS” <==== "Government" is singular, and "are" is plural. Nice grammar!! 😆 🥹 😅 😂 🤣 🥲

    • Anna von Reitz nails it (see link to PDF below).
      When I was in State Citizen movement in California Republic in 1990s, this missing Oath problem was seen as the smoking gun that might take down the Parasite. But alas, most sheeple don’t have the interest, acumen, or IQ to see, hear, and get it.

      The crooked courts won’t act on the cases since they too are grifters in on the con: go for the Good Life, get a job at the Public Trough …

      The other comment about East India Company is also right on. Seems we have to keep re-discovering facts known by earlier generations, but that were suppressed.

      City of London, EIC, international trader networks, families, going back thousands of years, networks with loyalty to their In-group, bloodline, not to nations. It’s really not surprising once you grok it. An Old…Old Boy’s network: How to succeed in business.

      Why should they care about equal rights for the teeming and clearly stupid masses? I don’t ask my cat to vote on issues. Let’s get real: democracy is the harnessing of mind-controlled children by activating their emotions of wheres-my-piece-of-the-pie. Very few have the education,…much less the idealism,…to serve humanity. People running animal shelters that care for all animals are far better humans than most every pol in office. Not to mention their bosses: Old line international trading banksters.

      Democracy is a fake front for rubes. Like Franklin said: We gave you a REPUBLIC..if you can keep it. We’re too dumbed down.

      So civilizations rise and fall with periodicity, they get old and senescent…stupid. Grifters feed off the carcass.

      Nature will compost this current crop of navel-gazing idiots and the criminal moron sociopaths …humanity is NOT that special. Get over yourself. It was a fun trip, but taken to its conclusion of “rugged individualism” getting as much bling as it can get for satisfying egoic monkeys resisting the inevitable…Death, Their Recycling. . They invent fantasies of living in Heavens undeserved.

      It’s all really OK kids. When the projector light is turned off,..the Movie disappears. Don’t beat yourself up…we were all just Actors playing characters. Did you have FUN? did you plumb the depths of your role and enjoy “fleshing” it out? Literally.

      see you back at the bunkhouse, fellow Spirits. Ciao.

    • So, all these people are deviants and criminals, and lawyers…they know how to deceive.

      So if and when a court Marshall started to try these evil people, they will be able escape the gelatin.

      The covid scam 3 years ago exposed that there is one ruler of the earth? Any intelligent observer can see how every country obeyed the nonsensical masks. The idea that a flue typically infects 7 billion people per year, and almost all of the 7 billion experiences total recovery by their own god given immune system. Nevertheless, the same 7 billion ignored their own life experience, and obeyed the evil governments.

    • I’ve followed Seth and Todd and many others of the truth movement, and appreciate all the perspectives /interviews shared such as this one. I have something to add, a perspective I think very valuable to add to such discussions, vital to these times that is less common but adds the perspective very essential to these conversations. If it’s of interest to you I would greatly appreciate it if you can tell me how I might contact you and Todd? you can contact me and I’ll contact you. Thank you very much

    • It’s hard to find interviewers asking their sources:
      What is the most effective thing for us non-combatants to do to support freedom? Seriously – provide a list – there has got to be more than ‘learn about the bad guys’ and ‘vote’.

      • Chris, Local Governments. Get involve with your Local Municipality. Know what they are voting on. Pay attention to “Special Meeting” when they list “Meeting Agenda’s” on their Village/Municipality website, under “Government.”
        Also, pay attention to your community, report things that do not look right to the department that handles that particular subject, example: many of us in my community noticed gypsies bringing in grills to our local parks and spending Friday-Sunday there. These gypsies were not allowing anyone else from the local residents to enjoy the acres of landscape that encompassed a reservoir & walking path. This was reported by many to the Local Park District of that village & security was sent there due to the fact they cannot bring in grills, it was against “Fire Code.”

    • I did not watch the video so I don’t know if this was covered. WRT the question of “who are they serving?” I think I am correct that Judge Anna von Reitz would say they are serving the private, for-profit corporations that were deceptively created for the specific purpose of pretending to be legally providing federal government services.

      • Richard, Alexandra, and interested FKTV watchers…

        I just wacthed multiple episodes of “Empire” on spotify, by William Dalrymple and Anita Anand.

        History of the EIC, aka East India Company,
        was my primary interest, but also an eye opening series about Indian history in the last 300 or so years.

        A *HUGE* corporation running the sub-continent of India out of an office in Leadenhall Street in London, with
        >>>35 employees.

        Mercenary troops.
        Indians hired to fight other Indians.
        Greed. Contracts. Money. Trade.
        Textiles. Cotton. Eventually Opium.

        It seems unrelated to this posting, but the EIC could arguably be said to have had more money,power, and decision-making potency at its disposal than the British government of the time.

        • Yes, and keep in mind the British government was taken over by the Muslim-Arab Jews who were expelled from Spain in 1492 by Queen Isabella. They snaked over to Amsterdam to complete their takeover of the Dutch government. They had their eye on to return to England from their first expulsion in 1290. They waited for opportunities to exploit religious disputes that came to a Civil War in 1642. This allowed the opportunity for large migration of these Dutch Arab Jews to migrate now to take control of England’s banks & government. On June 30th, 1649, King Charles I was executed after a sham trial. The history of this second migration of the Money Lenders is one long trail of Parchment bonds shackling the Nation in debt.

      • Since most appointees are from the Senior Executive Services, that would be the main, but not only, corporation they are serving.
        Also since fraud vitiates everything that is based on it, Todd provides a solution to this fraud, which is to prosecute the fraudsters and nullify any fraud opinions or orders from them.

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