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Tiff Fitz: The Great Awakening

Screenwriter, Tiffany FitzHenry has been doing such an outstanding service, by revealing how Hollywood has been working hand-in-hand with the CIA and the Pentagon to sell war to the American people and to a global audience.

“Hollywood’s being revealed. Everything is [being revealed]. Our politicians have been in Washington enriching themselves. That’s what’s been going on…There was a diabolical plan to hollow out our economy and they allowed that to happen.

“What has transpired over the last two years is a generation of information…condensed into two years. We’ve literally learned that we haven’t had a country we haven’t had a government. We’ve had a bunch of criminals looting the government looting the people…

“All that mattered for the last seventy years was that Americans were consented to war. That’s our function. That’s what we have been: the standing army of the global elite…We were just the military arm of a global power nexus that we did not know existed…and we have to reconcile that.”

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