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    Hi. This is Dr. Pieczenik and I hope you’ve all had a good Thanksgiving. I want to talk about the bloated bureaucracy on the State Department. There’s 70,000 people there. 30% to 40% can be cut automatically because those are usually the political appointments that come in every new administration.

    Let’s talk about some of the people who showed up at the impeachment hearing. Phillip Reeker is the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs. There’s all kinds of fancy titles but the reality is that Mr. Reeker went to Yale. Surprised? Bolton went to Yale, Bush went to Yale, Clintons went there. Are you getting my drift? Kerry went to Yale.

    So, right away, we’re gonna say this guy is not a foreign service officer and to make it very clear that it’s not a foreign service officer, guess where he got his MBA? At Arizona State University. Now, you don’t go from Yale to Arizona State University unless you want to be one thing and that’s to be a CIA operative…

    Let’s go to another lady, Mina Chang, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Conflict and Stability. Who ever heard of it? That’s for the State Department. Guess what? Mia Chang has no background. No history. Totally made-up résumé. Thanks to the American media, they exposed it right away and guess what happened? The FBI and the CIA really messed up on this one because she was a non-existent individual.

    Let’s get to Dr. Fiona Hill, who is from Britain and puts herself as a doctor. When you’re PhD, you’re not a doctor and if you’re at the Brookings Institute, it means you’ve been compromised already by Strobe Talbott from Yale.

    Basically, her PhD is from Harvard. The Government School. Not the most impressive credentials I’ve ever seen and she’s a Russian expert who wrote a book on Putin 500 pages long. I wrote an article in the Intelligence Daily about 30 years ago on Putin. Took me only three pages to explain it. So, there must be a lot of material I didn’t know about Putin. Furthermore, Trump really likes Putin, so that’s not the issue at hand.

    We have an absurd impeachment going on. You want impeach somebody? Impeach Bush Jr and Cheney for 9/11 and impeach Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State for Libya and the disaster she created in Libya. Impeach Powell for lying to the Committees and the Congress and to the American public that he had anthrax in a bottle. So on and so forth.

    So, the impeachment is a total waste of time implemented by Democrats from the State of California. Isn’t it amazing? The State of California now has 85,000 homeless in San Francisco, 85,000 homeless in Los Angeles. It’s rife with destruction from fire, rife with destruction from water and earthquakes and they don’t care at all.

    Nancy Pelosi has to go. Schiff has to go. All of these people from California have to go.

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    • To many, doing to little , for to much. Can you imagine? I can and it is a total waste of taxpayer
      money. Disdain in perpetuity for all who are GOV, what a waste. These are the Terrorists IMO.

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