It’s Black History Month and it’s time that everybody knows the story of Thomas Sowell, a former Marxist who woke up, in the face of a political establishment that has now become openly Communist.

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  • Thanks for posting this video.

    Thomas Sowell’s analysis and logic is a treasure trove of intellectual objectivity and realism that pierces through the current fog of “progressive” academia groupthink.

  • This has just been reported as the next line-up to guide America to be Great Again:
    President – Donald Trump
    Vice President – General Michael Flynn
    Secretary of State – Mike Pompeo
    Secretary of Defense – Christopher Miller

    Attorney General – Lin Wood
    Labor Secretary – Mike Lindell

    Director of National Intelligence – John Ratcliffe.

    FBI Director – Sidney Powell
    CIA Director – Kash Patel
    NSA Director – Devin Nunes

    That goes with this report that my Higher Conscience confirms is legitimate:

    The official announcement of martial law and legitimate military government, in place since 12 a.m. on January 20, 2021, was made on Friday, January 29 at 6 p.m. EST (11 p.m. GMT). The official announcement of the arrest of Biden as well as 355 Congressmen and 109 Senators (or 464 elected) on January 24 and 25 was made on Sunday, January 31 at 4:35 p.m. EST (10:35 p.m. GMT).

    These announcements were communicated on the above dates and times to all American media (television, radio and national newspapers) as well as to all world press agencies. As expected by the legitimate military government governing America as well as Trump and Qforce this official news has been 100% censored by all of the world’s official media.

    The US military government knew it and wanted it. As with Biden’s and his party’s coup, the legitimate US government allows the US media to commit the act of high treason of censoring official communications from the legitimate government regarding measures of national security and immediate danger to the nation. American nation.

    The Illuminati media of the 4th Reich all fell into the trap.

    From now on the legitimate military government can take (provisional) control of all these media guilty of terrorism whenever it wishes, as provided for by the laws and the American constitution.

    The US military government will take control (by force) of ALL of the official media (radio, television, newspapers) on Friday, February 5 at 6.30 p.m. EST (11 p.m. GMT or midnight in France) exactly on all American territory.

    This includes taking control of all American channels on direct broadcast satellites broadcasting in France and Europe. This also means that all French and Europeans with a satellite reception antenna receiving American channels can no longer be censored and will therefore learn the truth from Friday evening.

    Among other things, the American army will broadcast by force on all these American mass media the revelations on Biden’s coup d’état, on his arrest with elected officials on Sunday, January 24 and Monday, January 25 …

    Finally, on February 12, the government American military will officially publish (evidence submitted to all world governments and the international press) all the evidence of the plot perpetrated by the French government and China to create a false global epidemic to overthrow the American government. This by ruining its economy by destroying the entire world economy. It is an act of war which gives among other things the legitimate right to the American government to overthrow the Macron government.

    Phi Beta Iota: The above is not verified. We are waiting to hear from Juan O. Savin (P) and have inquired of two other sources. This feels plausible as well as necessary if America is to survive and prosper. We note with interest that 15 February is Presidents’ Day, an epic day on which to announce plans for the re-inauguration of our rightful lawfully elected President Donald Trump on 4 March 2021 at midnight.

    Now we know how the ‘sh*ster’ Bankster midget and his paedophile wife, managed to get elected against the populist Marine Le Pen!

    And why it seemed that only 18m UK citizens majority voted to leave the EU, when the real Vote was circa 30m!

    • Hillary’s been in Guantanamo in an ankle bracelet since 2016 and W Bush since 2018 and HW was shot by a firing squad. AOC led the way.

      My greater consciousness is having a beer with me at 5pm, I’ll ask him about yours, but I must warn you, he burps excessively…

      He did tell me last month that there would be a secret camp of dueling presidents located at camp David rehearsing and actually auditioning with the FBI for permission to replace President Biden on day 96.

      Van Morrison once said, “politics, religion and superstition go hand in hand.”

      • I must assume that is your sense of humour?

        The day is coming when you will not make light of my Higher Conscience.

        But in the meantime, by all means, have your little joke and smirk if it amuses you.

  • The most terrifying words in the English language, comes to mind.
    “I’m from the government, I’m here to help.”
    Thank you, for all you bring us, hope you found fewer restrictions at your new residence.
    God Bless.


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